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Dragon Hills Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Make Your Escape and Take Revenge

Dragon Hills is a new game for Android and iOS devices from Rebel Twins, and it puts you in control of a “very dangerous Dragon” as you help the “furious” Princess take revenge. The game play is fast, yet a lot of fun, and you can have your dragon destroy the “fully destructible” terrain below you. There are weapons, pieces of armor, and power-ups for you to unlock, and boss battles that could give you a challenge at some points in the game. Rebel Twins also promises simple one-touch controls, further adding to what makes this game so good – it may be an adventure game, but it’s simple to play, and easy to learn. But what will it take for you to master the game?

We’re going to answer that question for you below, as we have some Dragon Hills tips and tricks that will allow you to enjoy great success in this game without having to waste so much time with the old trial and error approach.

1. Destroy All Objects

There are many types of objects that you will see from above while flying your dragon. And it doesn’t matter if you see some houses, trees, or any other kind of object that’s strewn around in the in-game world. Just keep destroying things, and if you’re able to destroy a specific number of items in a few seconds, you’ll get a destruction bonus. But that’s not the only big bonus you can look forward to when destroying objects.

2. You Can Earn Coins By Destroying Objects

Building on what we told you above in the first tip, there are other things that make it worth the while for you to destroy anything and everything you see. Some of the objects you destroy may yield you some coins, but better than that, those objects may end up spewing chests. When those chests hit the ground, you’ll be showered with tons of coins, so keep bashing, keep destroying, keep wreaking havoc while you’re controlling your dragon.

3. Make Perfect Jumps To Get More Coins

One of the first things you’ll notice in Dragon Hills is how the coins are arranged. They seem to form a perfect arch, but for you to get all those coins, you’ll have to make sure you are timing your jump perfectly, allowing you to create a perfect, or almost-perfect arch and to get most, if not all of the coins. Then again, you will want to go for perfect jumps by getting all of the coins. A perfect jump is worth five additional coins, and while that might not sound like a lot of in-game currency, you could watch those perfect jump bonuses add up as you keep playing the game and keep getting better at it.

4. Prioritize Armor When Upgrading

Yes, it’s another case of the best offense being a good defense. You might want to upgrade those stats that would allow you to kill more enemies with longer health bars. But before all that, your best option would be to focus your upgrades on your armor. And that’s not just important in the context of dealing with enemies. Conventional weapons such as arrows won’t be the only thing to consider, as spikes may also help do a number on your health. Remember that you only start the game with one heart, which may force you to play it safe for the meantime. But that won’t be the case when you’ve upgraded your armor at least twice, as two armor upgrades result in one bonus heart per upgrade.

5. Gather More Power-Ups

Now, that we’ve stressed the importance of upgrading your armor, you may have followed our advice and done just that. After that, you can buy some power-ups, which can be very useful to you in the game. For example, your introductory power-up is the Freeze Blast, which works by freezing all nearby enemies temporarily. And the Freeze Blast can also take care of those pools of lava, which would allow you to cross safely across the pools.

6. Avoid The Lava

Just as you may think, lava will kill you instantly. You’ll recognize it as the red pools that appear on the hills, and if you see that red lava, you should try to avoid those pools immediately. Regardless of how many hearts you have remaining, lava will kill you right then and there, but the good thing is that the lava pools are usually small. Take your dragon to the air or underground for best chances of dodging the substance.

These would be our tips and tricks for Rebel Twins’ new mobile game, Dragon Hills. If you’ve enjoyed this set of hints or know some more tricks, that we haven’t included in the guide, let us know by commenting below!