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Dragon Blaze Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Gamevil describes its brand new mobile title, Dragon Blaze, as a “playable fable,” though it can be best filed under the RPG genre. In the game, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, you get to choose whether you want to be a Knight, Archer, Priestess, Rogue, or Mage, and form alliances with hundreds of playable characters. All in all, you can control a party of five as you go off and fight Deathcrown, the unrivaled dragon king of the living and the dead. That’s just about it as far as a quick summary of the game’s description is concerned, so we won’t take up much more of your time with the intro –instead, we’ll be going straight to some useful Dragon Blaze cheats, tips and strategies to help you in your ultimate quest to kill the dragon king.

1. Make Sure Your Team Is Balanced

We told you above about the five classes you can choose from, but when you’re gathering allies, you should do your best to make your team as balanced as possible. We suggest that you have one tank-type member, one healer, and two characters specializing in DPS (damage per second). That leaves you with one more slot, which you can use as a wild card – fill that fifth slot with anyone whom you feel would be helpful at the moment.

2. Get Passive Bonuses Through Party Effects

Active bonuses are fine, but wouldn’t it be cool if you’ve got some passive bonuses working for you as well? You can get them by activating party effects – those are passive bonuses where everyone in your team benefits. How do you do this? Simply by having specific allies as part of your team; tap the party effects button on the bottom left to find out more about the effects and the types of bonuses, not to mention the allies you need to recruit to make them work.

3. Sacrifice Allies For The Greater Good

You can sacrifice any extra allies that you don’t intend to use anymore, and this will be to enhance existing heroes on your team. Always choose your most reliable, most skilled ally for enhancement, and don’t worry about sacrificing someone – as you move through the levels, you’ll find yourself meeting new allies in the process.

4. Equip Your Allies

You’re not the only one in Dragon Blaze who can be equipped – your allies, too, can be equipped, though there’s one big catch here. The catch is that you cannot remove the equipment once it’s equipped on an ally, and you can’t replace it with old equipment either.

5. Join A Top-Flight Guild

A guild is similar to a “clan” in other strategy games, as they’re also big groups of players. Choose a guild that’s already at a high level – completing a guild level will give you a specific number of points. And once you’ve got those points, you can use them for exclusive guild upgrades – again, these are passive skills that can improve your stats a bit.