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Double Cube (iOS) Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Are you looking for a game to tease your senses and challenge your brain? Do you think you have mad reflexes and split second response? If so, then look no further because the ultimate endless challenge awaits you in Double Cube. The endless puzzler reaction challenging game is developed by GameOver Studio and marketed by the gaming powerhouse Nanovation. Double Cube is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store.

The game is regularly updated by its developers with the most recent update occurring on 16 October 2016. Therefore you can be sure to always have a never ending supply of new features and levels as the developers continue to expand on this puzzler masterpiece. Double Cube comes in a nifty size of 108MB and offers amazing eye catching colors and graphics with a dynamically changing environment. So if you don’t have space on your smartphone, free it up, because this is on game you would not want to miss on.

Double Cube is similar in concept to games like Tube Run and Pipe Runner and basically you have to navigate your way through the cabin of a space shuttle dodging obstacles and earning powerups along the way. The unique feature of this game however is the presence of not one but two cubes that you have to control simultaneously during your run through the space shuttle. This alone makes the game ten times more difficult than any other endless runner puzzler on the market and an absolute treat for gamers who like to be challenged.

As if being asked to control two cubes at once wasn’t a task big enough, the game takes the level up a notch by rapidly increasing the speed and frequency of obstacles as you progress through checkpoint after checkpoint. Not only do you have to dodge incoming blocks or smaller shuttles, there are also gaps that if any of your two cubes fall into you will start all over again. This penalty might seem a bit harsh when you are at a high score of say something like close to a 1000 but it is also the feature which makes you hold your breath in anticipation while playing this game.

Double Cube is a fun and interactive way to spend your free time and improve your reflexes while you are at it. However, even though the game may seem easy to you at first sight, the learning curve is so sharp that you will soon find yourself seeking some help to get you a higher score. Make no mistake, there is no end to this game and therefore no score is the highest you can get. What you can do is, get as a high score as possible to become a legend and enter your name into the global hall of fame.

To achieve this phenomenal feat, have a look at the tips mentioned in this guide and try to apply them as best as you can to your gameplay. It will not be long before you will be able to notice a marked improvement in the time you manage to stay alive in Double Cube. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your smartphone and follow the tips as you read them below.

1. Master Your Reflexes

This cannot be stressed enough and is the main concept behind Double Cube. Chances are, if you are already a gamer, you will have respectable hand eye coordination especially if you have had experience with online FPS Shooters like CS go and the Call of Duty Series. In this case you will only have to practice to adapt to the gameplay of Double Cube and soon you will start scoring quite high. On the other hand, if you are a smartphone gamer only and have only played games like Farmville and Candy Crush, you will immediately notice how hard it is for you to even go past a 100 in this game.

In order to combat this extreme rise in difficulty as you progress throughout the game, you will also have to improve your reflexes at a comparable rate. The first and most important tip to marginally improve your reflexes is to practice with one cube at first. Yes it sounds insane but once you get the hang of how the first cube moves around in the space shuttle, you can easily apply the same principle and master the movement of the second cube.

The key tip here is to practice, practice and practice until the obstacles that come for the first 5 minutes start to become a familiar routine and you are not caught off guard by any new obstacle that suddenly appears in front of you. The more you practice the more refined your response time will become until you will reach a stage where you can split-second react without even thinking about it. Continue practicing until you reach this stage and because Double Cube is so much fun to play you will never get bored even though you know you are just practicing.

2. One Eye For Each Cube

If you have got two eyes like most people do and both of them are working properly you can try this simple yet effective tip to greatly enhance your mastery over the gameplay of Double Cube. The essence of this trick is to divide your vision in order to increase your overall awareness of the movement of the cubes individually as well as when they are moving together.

In order to begin practicing, it is best if you have a one eye patch lying around or you can just put a bandage over one of your eyes. Once you have restricted one eyed vision, start the game and try to control both of the cubes while seeing from your one free eye. It will be extremely difficult at first and you might not be able to go beyond even 20 to 50 scores but bear with this technique and you will steadily see improvement. Keep at this until you are able to score beyond or close to a 100 with one eye closed. Once you have achieved this target, free the restricted eye and begin practicing by closing the other eye.

After you are done with the procedure for both eyes you will notice the difference yourself as soon as you play with both of your eyes on the screen. Your hand eye coordination will have improved drastically and you will sense even the tiniest of changes in your environment. This heightened responsiveness will give you a decided advantage during the later levels of Double Cube where obstacles jump out at you at a moment’s notice. Remember, practice is the key to master this trick and you will have to free up some time to try doing this so plan accordingly.

3. Learn About Obstacles

Double Cube like so many other puzzlers out there tries to confuse you by throwing random obstacles at you out of the blue. This means you always have to be on your guard for any inadvertent blocks that might be heading your way while you are busy chatting with a friend or looking at your high score maybe. You can only be prepared if and only if you know about all the different types of obstacles present in the game. A small review of each obstacle and how to deal with it during the game is given below for your guidance. It will be much easier for you to beat the game when you know what’s coming your way.

Purple Spikes

These are the most recurring obstacles that you will have to face while playing the game. They are small and easily dodged when you begin at the early levels but they will surely become a pain to deal with as you progress beyond a score of 100. After you are able to get a hundred, the frequency of these purple spikes will increase exponentially and you will find yourself struggling to tap the screen fast enough to dodge these spikes.

The best way to tackle these spikes is to keep either fingers or thumbs whichever you prefer on each side (left and right) of the screen of your smartphone at all times. This positioning will allow you to instantly react whenever the spikes appear on the screen. In addition to the importance of your positioning while playing, you can also recognize a specific pattern in the appearance of the purple spikes. This pattern is very clearly alternating during the early minutes which means that you will get 1 purple spike on the left side followed by the next on the right side. Remembering this pattern makes it very easy for you to respond and quickly get close to 100 points.

The order gets much more complicated after you cross the hundred mark but one property does remain constant. This is fixed in the game that you will never get purple spikes on both sides successively which would of course have made it impossible for you to react unless you were a robot. Remembering this property can actually help you a lot during the later stages when the gameplay is too fast and you tend to tap immediately after dodging a purple spike which leads to game over for you.

Trap Blocks With Gaps

Another common category of obstacles in the game, these trap blocks occur less frequently as compared to the purple spikes. These will almost always require you to tap both sides of the screen at the same time in order to make both cubes jump over the empty space. If you fall then it’s game over. These are relatively easy to avoid at the beginning as you can see the gaps approaching from quite far. However during the fast gameplay as you progress through the game, it can be very hard to respond with both fingers immediately after dodging a purple spike.

A simple trick to master these trap blocks with gaps is to wait until the very last moment before you tap on both sides of the screen. This will make sure that you do not fall into the empty space and land safely on the other side. It will require significant practice before you are able to perfect the timing of your jumps before the trap blocks become a lower priority for you.

Also during the faster gameplay phase, you might be faced with two consecutive trap blocks in quick succession. Do not panic in this case as a hasty tap will definitely lead you to a tumble into the nothingness of space. Instead try to view these trap blocks as nothing but two consecutive purple spikes. This thinking will allow you to effectively time your taps so as to avoid falling into one of the trap blocks with empty spaces. Just like before, always remember that practice is the only thing which can help you become a master of this game so work on your timing as much as you can and you will find the game will start becoming much less of a challenge for your advanced capabilities.

Trap Blocks With Purple Spikes

This is the second type of trap blocks and you will see them less often than the previous two obstacles. This is probably due to the fact that these trap blocks are much harder to get past. They are composed of a rotating trap block with purple spikes attached to each of its four faces. This leaves only the edges as the safe spots where you can cross and get to the other side of the platform.

To master your way around these trap blocks with purple spikes, you will first need to practice with the movement of your fingers on the screen. The appearance of these trap blocks is usually followed by a long stretch of plain platform so you only need to worry about making the jump and not what follows after. This advantage gives you some time to plan ahead and make sure that you execute your jump as near to perfect as you can.

To perform an almost perfect jump you will need to position both the tips of your index fingers onto the left and right sides of the screen of your smartphone respectively. Once you see the trap block with purple spikes approaching, prepare yourself and focus on it while only jumping to avoid the purple spikes that hinder your path before it. Observe the movement of the trap block and unlike the strategy used with the simple trap block, here you must jump whenever you see that a safe edge is visible. Never wait for the last moment to jump because that might lead to one of your cubes being impaled on the rotating purple spikes. Just like all the other techniques mentioned in this guide always remember that with practice comes skill and in order for your timing to be perfect you need to play as much as you can while focusing on this technique.

Moving Corridors

These are perhaps the most annoying and destructive obstacles because they technically do nothing to harm your block but they restrict your vision of other obstacles which can seriously impact your response time. You will first notice these full screen blue Corridors of light, moving to and fro after you’ve crossed 50 points. The first interaction is not very annoying, but as you move further, the back and forth motion of these Corridors becomes much more rapid and it can cause massive confusion especially when they appear while you are trying to jump over a trap block or a rotating trap block with purple spikes.

There is no tip to avoid these blue corridors of light simply because the game is designed in such a way as to pose the maximum level of difficulty for you the more rapidly you progress further. Therefore the only way is to accustom yourself to the movement of these corridors and ignore them completely whenever you see a major obstacle approaching. Just treat them as they do not exist and you are playing normally as you were earlier. Training yourself for this would require some practice and great focus but in the end you will be able to score much higher without being confused by the annoying blue corridors of light.

4. Invincibility Is Not Forever

If you have advanced beyond a score of 20 you must have noticed a brief period of time which starts when lightning flashes in the background and renders the two cubes being controlled by you invulnerable for the duration that the lightning keeps on flashing. This is the invincibility zone and it repeats roughly after every 50 points that you score. Most players tend to get super excited when this zone starts and stop jumping altogether. When the invincibility period suddenly comes to an end they get surprised and are unable to respond to an obstacle that has suddenly become harmful again.

In order to avoid placing yourself in such a situation, you need to keep playing normally as you would when the cubes were not invulnerable. Granted this seems like an idiotic thing to do especially while no harm can be caused but if you follow this technique there is no possibility of ever crashing when the period ends.

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