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640 Words Answers for All Levels

640 Words is a word puzzle game by Emillia Lapina for Android and iOS with a predictably simple premise – you get two words per photo, 32 words per level, and as total of 640 words to guess. That’s all there is to it, but as developer says, the challenge would come when you have to think out of the box, and not go for the obvious answer all the time. As such, this is more than just a simple word game; it’s also one that could help you improve your critical thinking and tease your brain in the process. Are you up for the challenge, and can you guess all 640 words?

Such games start out easy and progressively get harder as they go along. And that means there may be some puzzles that will throw you off, puzzles where the non-obvious answer will be harder to come up with than usual. If you’re having trouble with any of the puzzles in this game, feel free to refer to this list of 640 Words answers and solutions. We’ve included all the words in this game, so check this out if you’re stumped for an answer. Just don’t read it straight away or you’ll end up spoiling the whole game!

640 Words Answers All Levels and Words

640 Words Answers Level 1

#1: Dreadlocks
#2: beads
#3: carnival
#4: venice
#5: india
#6: palace
#7: circus
#8: acrobat
#9: Arachis
#10: Squirrel

#11: green
#12: broccoli
#13: wave
#14: surfing
#15: peace
#16: pigeon
#17: rain
#18: puddle
#19: sushi
#20: ginger

#21: camping
#22: tent
#23: bonfire
#24: soup
#25: splash
#26: wet
#27: mask
#28: cucumber
#29: redhead
#30: ash
#31: Moscow
#32: Tokyo

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