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Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Ensure Your Survival

IGG.COM’s Doomsday: Last Survivors takes the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested, base-building strategy RPG genre to the next level, providing neophytes as well as veterans in the genre loads of adventures and challenges to dive into and overcome. Although, there certainly are an abundance of strategy games and zombie-themed titles on iOS and Android, there is neither a shortage of the two combined. While it is fairly easy to think that Doomsday: Last Survivors is just like any other zombie-themed, base-building game you might have played before, a few minutes of your dive into it will prove otherwise.

doomsday last survivors intro

Doomsday: Last Survivors is primarily, but not entirely, a base-building strategy game. There is certainly a shelter to discover as part of the introductory phase of the adventure and your main task is to rebuild and strengthen it to withstand the onslaught of zombies that litter the surrounding areas. Heroes in your employ do not just lead your armies in combat. There will also be various adventures and challenges in store for them. To some extent, choosing how to build each of the heroes you recruit and teaming them up together into squads also form part of the many responsibilities that rest on your shoulders.

doomsday last survivors vehicle

With the amount of content Doomsday: Last Survivors offers and the diversity of quests, game modes, and challenges players must engage in order to move forward with their adventure, the initial salvo of information and gameplay mechanics that greet you can seem overwhelming, especially for complete beginners. Doomsday: Last Survivors, however, provides a simple and user-friendly interface as well as sufficient in-game guides to make the initial experience relatively easy although you can expect some challenges that even veterans of the genre will find quite testing yet engaging.

doomsday last survivors zombie alert

Doomsday: Last Survivors, just like any other base-building strategy game certainly requires some time and patience and will most likely be not suitable for people with very limited free time to invest in games. A lot of time may not necessarily mean continuous hours of gameplay but rather frequent yet quick visits to your virtual camp. In any case, if you are a fan of the genre and have started diving into the game or at least plan to, our Doomsday: Last Survivors Beginner’s Guide has a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to jumpstart your camp’s development and insure your long-term survival!

1. Follow The Main Missions

Doomsday: Last Survivors gives players an abundance of activities to engage in and the availability of tasks to accomplish can make it a challenge to prioritize one over the others. In essence, there are no right or wrong choices considering every action you take contributes to the growth and development of your shelter. However, with so many ways to go about taking care of your camp comes a way of ensuring you go about it as efficiently as you can. In this sense, the best way to take on Doomsday: Last Survivors’ plethora of objectives is to follow the main missions.

doomsday last survivors main mission

There is no argument that several icons and even structures will catch your attention especially as a beginner and some of these icons and structures house activities that can go on longer than you might anticipate. It is an understatement to say that you will never run out of things to do in Doomsday: Last Survivors but each of these activities actually fall within the many tasks that form part of your missions.

You can readily see the list of main and sub missions you have at the left side of your screen. Accomplished ones can be closed after clicking on them and claiming the respective rewards. For a better view of all available missions, though, you can click on the Notepad icon just above the missions. This will enable you to see better the main mission as well as the seemingly endless list of side missions available for you to accomplish.

Main missions typically grant you more rewards and more important ones that you will actually need to progress across the increasing difficulty of challenges that lie ahead. Side missions are important as well and each one you accomplish also comes with its own set of resources as rewards.

obtaining food in doomsday last survivors

In addition to seeing the missions feature as a guide for you to follow in order to progress fast and efficiently in Doomsday: Last Survivors, you also rely on them as your main source of extra resources to finance the costs attributable to your shelter’s growth as well as your heroes’ development. What we recommend is to focus on the main mission at hand and only consider the side missions when it becomes temporarily impossible to pursue the main quest.

Keep in mind that the main missions in Doomsday: Last Survivors is not at all limited to matters relating to camp expansion and development as it will involve all features and game modes available to you. For the most part, simply remaining active and engaging in various activities simultaneously will lead to the accomplishment of most missions, most especially the side ones.

doomsday last survivors missions list

However, if you find yourself unable to push through with the main mission and have difficulty accomplishing the side missions, check for requisites as some progression steps in Doomsday: Last Survivors have simple requisites you can see by looking at them more closely.

2. Keep Processes Running

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a strategy game that apparently requires strategic and planning skills along with time and commitment. In addition to these, however, it is very important to employ multitasking skills at all times. For the uninitiated, base-building strategy games are known to provide players with numerous tasks that are not necessarily meant to be taken one at a time. Instead, given completion times or cooldowns associated with most tasks, it becomes necessary to initiate actions across multiple activities.

Since developing and strengthening your camp is at the center of your goals in Doomsday: Last Survivors, construction of new buildings as well as upgrading existing ones is a continuous process. By default, you will only have 1 builder available but you can have an extra one if you reach VIP level 6 or spend gems to temporarily hire one for half a day. The initial hours of your adventure within the world of Doomsday: Last Survivors is the most important and growing your shelter and its people as much as you can is a top priority even at the cost of extra expenditures.

doomsday last survivors builder management

By extra expenses, we do not necessarily mean paying for premium content or items. It simply means expending all resources available to you to boost your camp’s growth and development and ensure you stay ahead of the pack. Construction and building upgrades have completion times that grow longer the higher the building’s level goes so expect the initial set of minutes to complete an upgrade turn to hours as your camp reaches higher levels.

doomsday last survivors construction completion time

The Headquarters stands as the main structure within the shelter and its level basically represents the entire shelter’s level, making it the most important building within camp. More importantly, the Headquarters determines the maximum upgrade level of all other upgradable structures within the camp.

Each new level it reaches not only extends the level cap of every other structure but also unlocks new features or extra copies of existing structures like the farm, the lumberyard, the steel workshop, and even the hospital. What you would naturally want is to unlock as many of the structures as soon as possible so they can start production or provide services you need sooner.

doomsday last survivors headquarters

The farms, lumberyards, steel workshop, and the oil factory all continuously produce basic resources you need for training troops as well as upgrading buildings. These structures have a cap or limit wherein you would have to claim the generated resources for them to be able to produce more. As such, it becomes important to keep them at peak level as much as possible.

doomsday last survivors farm

Beyond the production of basic resources, Doomsday: Last Survivors also provides you means to continuously grow your army. The Infantry Barracks, Ranged Barracks, Rider Barracks, and Engine Barracks produce different types of units for your heroes to command in the field. Note that while troops in general are designed for combat, venturing outside of your shelter is not exclusively for purposes of engaging in combat. There are rescue missions as well as gathering activities you will have to engage in to sustain your camp’s many needs.

doomsday last survivors rider barracks

Training troops across all 4 different barracks should be a continuous process. Just like construction and upgrades, training troops take time and the higher the barracks’ level, the more troops it can generate at a time. This will, however, require more time to complete. Upgrading each barracks will not necessarily unlock higher tier troops for training as these can be unlocked through research only.

The Research Lab is equally an important structure within your camp that should remain active as much as possible. This is where research can be conducted to improve your camp’s performance in a variety of ways. Research items are basically divided between Economic Technology and Military Technology with a node system requiring the currently available nodes to reach a certain level before the next one becomes accessible.

doomsday last survivors research lab

Research can only be conducted one at a time and just like the barracks you have, the Research Lab cannot function while it is being upgraded. There are no ways for you to be able to conduct 2 researches consecutively, making it even more critical for you to plan research prioritization well ahead of time.

While the dichotomy of choices between both sets of technology can be difficult to decide on, we recommend prioritizing Economic Technology first. As much as you will have an overabundance of basic resources early on, thanks to Doomsday: Last Survivors’ plethora of special events, your abundant supply will eventually run dry if you do not keep amassing resources as early as possible.

doomsday last survivors economic technology

Note that you do not necessarily to max out each node you research, even if they seem more valuable than the rest. What we recommend is to reach the required level for you to unlock and start researching on the next node and move forward with subsequent nodes as soon as possible. Of course, prioritizing Economic Technology does not absolutely mean forgetting about Military upgrades as the time it would eventually take for you to complete latter researches will suffice to cover more of the earlier nodes to make the latter more than worth it.

3. Progress Through The Campaign

Earlier base-building strategy games or even conventional ones today may offer almost little to no other game modes other than the core gameplay mechanics that can be expected from the genre. Constructing buildings, producing troops, gathering resources, and even conducting research all fall within what players can expect from games within the genre. Doomsday: Last Survivors, however, immerses players a lot more into the world they try to survive in and gives more depth to the lore and its characters thru campaign content centered around the heroes you start with along with ones you recruit.

Although what we have covered in the previous discussion will very much keep players busy and occupied for hours within each gaming session, it is still but a fraction of the content that Doomsday: Last Survivors has in store for everyone. Choosing which from among your available roster of heroes are the best ones to lead your troops out in the world is relatively an easier feat, especially in comparison with the campaign sessions where each hero you take as a member of the team has more crucial value.

doomsday last survivors campaign modes

You can access the campaign game modes in Doomsday: Last Survivors through its icon at the lower right side of the screen. There are currently 3 distinct game modes to revel in, with each one largely dependent on your top heroes’ overall strength. There is Adventure Mode, Memory Trip, and Arena of Doom, unlocked following certain milestones you reach following the main missions and progression within each one will also occasionally form part of the main missions themselves.

The Adventure Mode or the Z-Virus Adventure plays very much like an RPG where you select a trio of heroes to eliminate zombies one stage at a time. It is not all zombie hordes one after another as there are items to grab along the way much like the introductory story you go through at the start of your journey. It is worth taking note of the recommended hero level as well as your success chances under the “Go” button on the pre-battle screen. Seeing at least an “Evenly Matched” status should assure that you can accomplish the stage in question.

doomsday last survivors adventure level

There is an Adventure Level on the lower left side of the Adventure Map that increases with each victory. This level determines the quality and rate of idle rewards you earn over time. As such, and even with the idea of having progression here lined up along the main mission objectives, we recommend making an effort to go as far as you can so you can enjoy better rewards earlier.

doomsday last survivors stage

Some of the stages in Adventure Mode will have a Challenge Mode that offers very attractive rewards. Not only are these stages more difficult than their regular counterparts because of the recommended levels as each one also has attached restrictions that may force you to shift your strategy or even your team’s roster. In Adventure Mode, you can use a fellow guild member’s hero as a support character once each day.

doomsday last survivors squad

The Memory Trip Adventure also sets you on a progression road from one stage to the next. However, This particular game mode lets you take on stages repeatedly and provides star ratings with each completion. Naturally, a maximum of 3 stars as ratings can be earned, reaping you the best rewards. It is okay to not secure the max star ratings on your first attempt. Know that you can always come back to any stage at a later time and unlocking more squads available will surely make it easier for you by then.

doomsday last survivors memory trip adventure

Finally, the Arena of Doom looks and plays much like the Memory Trip Adventure except that you will be pitted against heroes of other players instead of mobs of zombies. There will most certainly be a lot of PvP aspect attributable to encounters with other survivors outside of camp but the Arena of Doom plays a little differently.

Each battle you engage in earns you Doom Coins, which can be exchanged for various items at the Arena Store. Additionally, more rewards can be earned at the end of each season based on your final ranking at the end of it. Regardless of your team’s power in comparison with that of your opponents’ be sure to expend every attempt you have to partake in the Arena of Doom.

doomsday last survivors arena of doom

Relative to Campaign Missions, Doomsday: Last Survivors also holds a rather unique but quite challenging mission-based quest line called Zombie Resistance, which basically serves as part of the main campaign. A Countdown timer at the lower right side of your screen will be highly visible, indicating the deadline for the zombie attack and before you can initiate defending the camp’s entrance, there are 4 objectives you need to accomplish first to put up and strengthen your camp’s defenses before doing so.

doomsday last survivors zombie resistance

The objectives you need to accomplish also comes with its own set of rewards and are likewise well in line with the main and side missions. As for the gameplay, it is similar to the adventure mode, which means that you will need to choose your best trio of heroes as well. The only difference is that you will consistently be situated at the gates of your base camp. In latter battles, you can expect there to be more zombies than what you would encounter in the adventure stages you are currently taking on.

However, objectives you clear will enable you to add more and more defense structures over time, like barricades, traps and even turrets that help you slay the hordes of zombies that try to come at you.

doomsday last survivors objectives

In some cases, one or a couple of the objectives you need to accomplish in relation to the Zombie Resistance may be too challenging for you to fulfill within the limited period of time provided. In any case, be sure to still push through with whichever objectives you can accomplish and ensure that the defenses you have will suffice to give you camp a “Safe” rating on the upper right side of the Shelter Defense Screen.

doomsday last survivors shelter defense

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

One of the first structures you will get to visit once you reach your settlement in Doomsday: Last Survivors is the Police Station. The Police Station serves as your primary means of recruiting more heroes to join your fold. Although you will have Liam and Peggy to begin with, there are 31 more characters you can recruit. Heroes have rarity grades and the more difficult ones to recruit also stand as the stronger ones. Like strategy RPGs, however, when it comes to heroes, having each one with unique sets of traits and skills render each one valuable given the right position and function.

searching for heroes in doomsday last survivors

For one, higher grade heroes may be stronger and have more potential, but they are certainly more challenging to enhance as well given the rarity of materials needed to do so. Likewise, simply lumping together a trio of legendary heroes may not necessarily lead to having the best team, as each one has their own specialization, which should synergize with one another per given task or function.

doomsday last survivors hero grade

Although there are some battles that award EXP to heroes when you use them, Battle Manuals can instantly grant your chosen hero EXP. With each hero starting at 1-star, the initial level cap for each of them is level 10. Although we are open to consuming resources as much as you can early on, we recommend exhibiting a little prudence when it comes to hero manuals. Given the number of special events and accomplishments you can achieve in the early part of your adventure, you are likely to visit the Police Station more often and be able to recruit heroes that appeal more to you than the older ones.

leveling up hero in doomsday last survivors

Investing resources in any hero is not really a waste of it but you would still want to focus your limited resources on some heroes rather than scatter them equally across. There will hardly be any instance when you can use all your heroes at once so, for the most part, at least focus first on a trio of them.

Once a hero has reached his or her level cap, you should promote them to the next star grade. Each hero can be upgraded to a maximum of 6 stars, with each succeeding one expectedly more difficult than the current. You need Hero Badges to promote a hero and the hero badge you need should have the same rarity as the hero in question, making it more challenging to promote higher grade heroes.

ranking up in doomsday last survivors

Each new level your hero reaches also earns them Talent Points. Now this is the part where each hero can be built uniquely and the same hero for you will most likely work differently for the same hero used by another survivor.

Hero Talents work much like skill tress in other games and are basically divided into 3 distinct branches attributable to the hero’s 3 specializations. What is good is that investing in one does not prevent you from investing in the others later on. However, we recommend focusing on one branch per hero to have them excel in a specific undertaking.

doomsday last survivors hero talents

A unique mechanic that applies to promotion is that each medal you use adds a percentage probability to successfully take the hero to the next star grade. It is not necessary to only consider ranking up when the probability is 100% but we recommend avoiding risks as a beginner. In some cases, promotion probability can be excessive in that a hero can be promoted to the next star grade as well.

Sometimes, instead of actually recruiting a hero from the Police Station Searches, you will instead obtain hero relics. These relics can be used to recruit specific heroes and can likewise be used to upgrade their skills. Naturally, this is yet again another enhancement feature that makes it a lot more challenging to strengthen legendary heroes. Given the probability of netting legendary heroes themselves, you should expect to have a lot of luck in securing extra relics for the legendary heroes in your roster.

doomsday last survivors hero relics

Doomsday: Last Survivors, however, provides an abundance of ways and means for you to earn generic Hero Relics. These relics can be exchanged for specific hero relics that you need. More than Battle Manuals, be sure to use these wisely and ascertain first that the hero you are spending them on will be a useful member of your team for a long time. Each hero has 4 skills to upgrade to a max level of 5 and maxing out all of them enable you to awaken the hero and unlock a powerful awakened skill.

doomsday last survivors hero skills

5. Remember To Keep Venturing Into The World Outside

With a lot of construction, training, and even research going on inside your camp along with multiple campaign adventures to progress in with your favorite heroes, it can sometimes be easy to forget that the world within Doomsday: Last Survivors is not limited to what you can visit within the confines of your settlement. Again, it is an understatement to say that Doomsday: Last Survivors has a plethora of content for players to partake and revel in and if you still thirst for more after what we have discussed so far, then you are in for a huge treat!

doomsday last survivors exploration

The world map in Doomsday: Last Survivors is humongous in that no one can fully explore it within days of continuous activity. Your surroundings, however, are initially covered with the proverbial “Fog of War” hiding other survivor camps, structures, zombies, and resource spots under it. As yet another addition to your usual tasks, make it a habit to uncover hidden areas one after another.

doomsday last survivors scout camp

The Scout Camp inside your shelter is among the most basic structures you may easily forget about as a beginner. This structure houses Scouts that you can send across the map to clear fogs and explore the outside world. The number of scouts you can deploy simultaneously depends on the camp’s level so be sure to remember upgrading it regularly as well. Scouting has no costs at all and can reap additional rewards on top of clearing fogs around you. Naturally, scouts will journey farther and farther from your base camp and will take more time to return home.

doomsday last survivors exploration level

After clicking on the Scout Camp, be sure to hit the Storybook. This details the different points of interests uncovered by your scouts and will have rewards for you to claim once investigated. An icon atop the Scout Camp often indicates rewards waiting to be claimed. Scouts, just like squads deployed outside of camp can be seen at the right side of your screen. Be sure to keep sending them out as often as possible as you would want to uncover the globe sooner than later and reap extra rewards.

doomsday last survivors storybook

One of the structures that will constantly lead you to venture outside of the shelter is the Radar Station. This is one of the few structures within the base camp that cannot be upgraded through construction. However, taking care of “Events” that it picks up can increase the Exploration Level and allow you to take on more challenging events that offer better rewards.

doomsday last survivors radar station

Events can be a mix of missions relating to Pick Up Airdrops, Transport Supplies, Rescue Survivors, Eliminate Zombies, or engage in Biochemical Battles. Pick Up Airdrops are basically free resources. Transport Supplies Missions lets you earn speedups and other valuable resources in exchange for basic materials. Rescue Survivors can net you additional troops. The rest involve taking on enemies and will require you to deploy troops lead by a hero or team of heroes.

increasing exploration level in doomsday last survivors

Taking care of these events consume stamina, which you will have an abundant supply of and replenishes over time. In case you run out of stamina and still have plenty of adventures outside the camp that requires it, you can always make use of Stamina Recovery Items you earn from missions and special event rewards.

In case the Radar does not pick up anything at the moment, you can always just head outside and use the magnifying glass to search for specific needs to expend some stamina on. In any case, it is best to consume your supply of stamina by actively engaging in missions outside of the shelter. Actions involving stamina basically convert it to resources that you will never stop needing in the course of your adventure.

defeating zombies for rewards in doomsday last survivors

6. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Save for MMORPGs, there is perhaps no other game genre that would require players to band together to achieve a common goal. As even games outside of the usual multiplayer types employ guild or alliance systems, as well as other player groups that are named differently but work the same way, you can expect an alliance system to be at the very core of every base-building strategy game. Doomsday: Last Survivors can still be enjoyable for players who revel in single player games but the idea of it being a survival strategy game makes it all the more crucial for every player to be a member of an alliance.

doomsday last survivors alliance

Doomsday: Last Survivors may be a set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where the undead seem like the main antagonists to your survivor’s story. If you have watched zombie flicks, especially more recent ones, however, will tell you that other survivors are to be feared more than any of the zombies you will ever find. The very same concept applies to Doomsday: Last Survivors as each player, representing each set of survivors with their own base camp, would be willing to take down every other camp just to acquire more resources and ensure their survival.

Without an alliance, you should consider every base camp around you, near or far, as your enemies. Although players start off with a Peace Shield that protects them from attacks, it is only temporary. Likewise, any actions against any other camp will automatically dissipate your camp’s shield.

With a limit of 3 days for the beginner shields, it becomes important to make full use of it as much as you can which is why you should follow what we have discussed so far in terms of maximizing productivity and at the same time find an alliance to belong to.

Naturally, there will be an abundance of alliance you can apply with when it becomes available. You can always choose to put up your own but we recommend simply joining an existing one especially if you are a beginner. Beyond numbers, in terms of members, it is crucial that you become part of an active alliance, where the leader is equally active in directing the alliance’s plans and activities as well as removing inactive members.

doomsday last survivors alliance fort

Simply being a member of an alliance, even without contributions, provides you huge benefits. For starters, alliance members can aid you in construction and research and every bit of help you get cuts down completion time of pending projects. Once a construction or research is initiated, you will automatically be prompted to ask for assistance from your alliance. In the same manner, you will see the hand icon atop the Alliance Center or somewhere at the lower right side of your screen when your fellow alliance members require assistance.

doomsday last survivors alliance help points

Upgrading the Alliance Center may form part of some main missions you will have. Beyond that, however, it is important to consider the structure as among the priorities for you to keep fully upgraded. Each new level reached by the Alliance Center adds more help that can be sent to you by the alliance. Likewise, this will also increase its reinforcement capacity or troops your alliance can send to your camp as support.

doomsday last survivors alliance center

Once you have joined an alliance, access it frequently through its icon at the lower right side of the screen. There are indicators on some alliance menus indicating required action but be sure to check on each one as well to have a better understanding of the many features that an alliance has.

One important part of being a helpful alliance member means donating consistently to Technology. The alliance leader will mark the current priority and it is recommended that you donate as much wood as you can to complete the project. You have a maximum donation cap of 30 at a time but the attempts will replenish over time. Each donation earns points for the alliance as well as for yourself with Alliance Points being a special currency you can use to exchange for resources in the Alliance Store.

doomsday last survivors technology

We mentioned earlier that the Adventure Campaign is a game mode where you can utilize heroes from fellow alliance members. Be sure to set up one of your top heroes as the Alliance Support Hero that your fellow alliance members can use. Know that you can also earn points if an alliance member chooses your hero as their support character.

doomsday last survivors alliance support hero

Rally invitations will pop up as well within the Warfare section of the alliance. If you can afford to, join invites here so you can help take on enemies that may be too strong for any individual member to take on. Oftentimes, these rallies are the top indicators of just how active your current alliance is. More active members tend to initiate rallies with confidence that their fellow alliance members who are online will join up with them for a co-op battle of sorts.

A very important strategy that comes very basic to alliances but seems to be skipped in the early tutorial session you will have is keeping close to your alliance. Naturally players start out at random locations on the map and considering the sheer size of the world in Doomsday: Last Survivors, chances are that every member of your alliance will start out from different corners of the world.

As soon as you have been accepted into an alliance and feel that you will be with them for a long time, you should open your bag, click the “Other” tab, and use an Alliance Relocator. Using this rare item will instantly transport your base camp to a random area near the alliance leader. Naturally, doing this adds a very important layer of protection for your base camp as survivors outside the alliance will think twice if not completely avoid making any untoward actions against your camp.

doomsday last survivors alliance relocator

By relocating your base camp close to where your alliance is, it also means that you are ready to stay as active as you possible can and avoid doing anything that can get you kicked out of the alliance. Keep in mind that if this happens, chances are that your former friends will be the first ones at your door step to try and take over your resource supplies.

7. A Clean Layout Can Boost Efficiency

Despite being set in a plague-torn world with chaos and desolation all around, the zombie-infested world around you should not prevent you from putting order to things within your control, like your base camp for starters. Your camp may hardly increase in size all throughout your adventure, but the number of structures it houses along with the quality of each building it holds will be an indicator of your overall progress in your journey.

Your camp does expand following the accomplishment of certain HQ level milestones and cleanliness certainly may not be among the top priorities to think of given the circumstances and bulk loads of tasks at hand. Keeping your camp tidy certainly has its intangible perks, though.

doomsday last survivors expansion

What will typically happen in the early part of your immersion in Doomsday: Last Survivors is that buildings you will construct will be place wherever the A.I. points to. To some extent, the indicators will tell you that you can choose a different spot to start building construction but the spur of the moment will likely drive you to place it wherever it fits.

Sooner or later the hodge-podge of random structures that make up your base camp will have its adverse effects like taking some time before you find the structure you are looking for or going around camp just to collect the basic resources from your production buildings.

In this regard, it is best to keep things tidy and maintain its orderliness as new structures become available. A basic strategy you can apply on how to design your camp for a more efficient run is to group loosely similar structures with one another. For example, you can place all 4 barracks in one quadrant of the camp, which may include all structures associated with war like the hospital, the radar station, the battle center, and even the equipment workshop.

doomsday last survivors pine tree

Grouping the production structures like the farm, steel workshop, lumberyard, and oil factory close to one another makes it a lot easier to claim their products in one go as well. There are no solid one-for-all layout design to follow as your preferences should be taken into consideration as well. As far as trees and other decorations are concerned, you can even keep them in storage if you prefer more open spaces in between your many structures.

8. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

With a mindset of the world outside your camp being a battlefield for the sake of survival, it can happen that you will itch to take on other camps once you feel that you have amassed enough military power and are ready to do so. As much as military might can be a determinant on whether or not you will succeed in your initial attacks against another player’s camp, such actions entail consequences that can put you and your alliance at risk.

doomsday last survivors attack

As Doomsday: Last Survivors is a strategy game as much as it is a survival game, it is best to be well-prepared before even attempting an attack on another camp and all the construction, fighting, and farming you have done at this point should be aimed towards this important stage in your career as a survivor.

We already mentioned that you will have a beginner peace shield active in the first 3 days of your dive into the world of Doomsday: Last Survivors. As much as possible, you would want to make full use of it and avoid cutting it down prematurely. In this sense, you should not make an attack or even scout any other camp within that period.

doomsday last survivors decision

Despite the abundance of tasks and activities on your hands, it is important to spend a little time to explore your immediate surroundings once you have settled in a location, preferably close to your alliance leader as we mentioned earlier. Even before launching your first attack, you can already check on potential targets, like seemingly inactive camps that have much lower power than yourself and at the same time unaffiliated or without any alliance.

Even camps with lower overall power than yours can prove to be a challenge and taking on a camp belonging to any other alliance is almost as good as declaring war on the alliance itself. Only partake in battles involving another alliance with the blessing of your alliance leader. Even as a retaliation for a previous attack on your camp, a war between 2 alliances will be a big challenge for both parties and all their members.

With this consideration in mind, and a limitation of only setting your sights on unaffiliated camps, there are still preparations to make before launching an attack. For starters, always scout first before actually sending troops to attack another camp. Scouting will reveal more information that can help you gauge whether or not the camp is worth attacking.

doomsday last survivors scout report

In some instances, a camp with a lower level than yours can still have much more power, based on their research prioritizations or activities they focused on in contrast with yours. This, however, should not readily discourage you to hold off on an attack as rallying with fellow alliance members is also a choice open to you before launching an attack. Just ensure that other alliance members are willing to join beforehand.

Once you scout or launch an attack, be ready for potential counterattacks in case the camp you attack belongs to an active player. One preparation to make relative to receiving attacks. For starters, be sure to garrison heroes who specialize in it considering that their talent point allocations are aligned to it as well. Keeping the Barricade’s level up to par with your HQ also increases its durability. Keep in mind that garrisoned heroes will not be usable as deployable leaders of gathering squads outside of camp and vice versa.

doomsday last survivors barricade

Your warehouse plays a vital role once the peace shields come off. The warehouse safeguards basic resources from being plundered in case your camp loses to an attack from another camp. Increasing the warehouse’s level increases its storage protection capacity so always take note of what it can protect and keep your resource supplies within the limit.

At this point in your journey, you should already be consistently sending out squads to farm for extra resources near your camp. You can use the search function to search for resource spots but in addition to ensuring you have ample supply of every basic resource, you should also maintain it just enough to not lose anything if you lose an attack.

doomsday last survivors warehouse

On the other hand, your bag holds an abundance of items that can readily give you resources at an instant. As much as possible, you should only use them for emergencies like unexpected shortages or if you are rushing constructions and upgrades as recommended early in your adventure. Resources kept in the bag are also safe from plundering so keeping them there is much better than consuming everything to pump up your ready supply of basic needs.

No survivor is expected to be in his virtual base camp 24/7 and this once again reinforces the concept of why you need to be in an active alliance as soon as possible. Alliance members will serve as protectors of your home just like next door neighbors in the event that other players decide to invade your camp while you are offline and away from the game. Establishing a good rapport with fellow alliance members in tandem with remaining active will increase the chances of your camp being protected even if you are away.

9. Check Your Bag For Consumables

With everything we have discussed so far, it would seem that we covered everything Doomsday: Last Survivors has to offer for now. There are still some little things worth-mentioning, though, and these things can further boost your progression rate if acted upon. One of these is the bag or your inventory, which holds every item you obtain from gathering and completing missions and quests.

Although Doomsday: Last Survivors makes it fairly easy to use the needed resources where you need them, like when upgrading buildings, speeding up production, or enhancing heroes, some items are designed to not be as readily usable or are contained in a package that needs to be opened up first to reveal the real rewards. These are the main reasons for you to occasionally look inside your bag as there are plenty of items in it that are best used sooner than later.

doomsday last survivors inventory

With regard to basic resource packages that contain food, wood, metal, or even oil, we mentioned earlier that keeping them in the bag is recommended. However, some of the consumable items in your bag can grant you instant gems, VIP points, or other important resources that will not be impacted by plundering and can propel your progression if you use or at least unpack them.

More often than not, there may be other items in your bag that are unfamiliar to you such as relocators or enhancement items you initially thought never existed. Peeking into the contents of your bag especially when there is an indicator on it will help you familiarize yourself with every item in the game.

doomsday last survivors resources

Relative to consumables, we recommend that you do not hold off too much on consuming speed ups. Speed ups used for hastening constructions, upgrades, trainings, and researches are much better used earlier than later. It can happen that other survivors in your world will start ahead of you and freely consuming speed ups will help you catch up to everyone.

Of course, it is best to use these items not to instantly finish an ongoing project. Rather, use them just to cut down completion time to when you can freely finish the project for free or at least cut it down to make waiting time more manageable.

doomsday last survivors research speed up

10 Accomplish Daily Tasks And Special Event Targets

The abundance of main and side missions available in Doomsday: Last Survivors, in combination with the campaign game modes and numerous activities we mentioned should definitely be more than enough to fill your need to sustain your shelter’s continuous growth and expansion. Practically every action you take leads to the procurement of resources immediately but your stronghold’s growing needs may still lead to shortages of some resources sooner or later.

Thankfully, Doomsday: Last Survivors provides even more ways and means for you to earn extra rewards and resources and considering everything we have discussed so far, these features will hardly or not at all entail any extra work or effort. Additional rewards can be earned from accomplishing daily missions as well as clearing objectives set as part of Doomsday: Last Survivors’ special events and it is in your best interest to take advantage of them as much as you possibly can.

Just like how you are likely to accomplish main and side missions without even knowing the specifics, the same applies, and even more likely, to daily missions. Daily tasks can be accessed via the missions icon on the left side of the screen but are on a separate tab from the main and side missions. Each of the listed targets you accomplish earns you resources as well as activity points or AP and accumulated AP within the day unlocks extra rewards at the top of the page.

doomsday last survivors daily tasks

Daily tasks are very easy to accomplish and should become part of your daily routine. You do not actually need to accomplish all targets to claim the top chest rewards but we recommend going for as many as you can for the extra resources.

An events banner will be highly visible at the top right corner of the screen and it houses all the currently running special events in Doomsday: Last Survivors. Considering the abundance of events that take place in Doomsday: Last Survivors consecutively and how most of them are only available for a limited period of time, we will not delve into each one specifically. What is important to know is that most, if not all, special event objectives are well in line with the missions and tasks we have mentioned and continuously progressing across every aspect of your adventure practically promises fulfilment of most special event targets.

doomsday last survivors doomsday utopia

While special event objectives provide you its own set of missions, the typical rewards in these events can include some valuable resources that are difficult to obtain outside of them. As such it is highly recommended to peek into all available events and take note of objectives especially ones that lead to the acquisition of resources and items you need the most.

The top tab of the special events section will always be the event calendar. Be sure to spend some time looking into it as it may lead you to make priority changes based on the availability of current events in line with all other activities you are currently engaged in.

doomsday last survivors event calendar

It was certainly a run full of activities and content but we feel that Doomsday: Last Survivors still holds plenty more content and features we have still to uncover. For ow, though, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide and we hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will more than suffice to ensure your shelter’s sustainable growth. If you happen to come across some scenarios that elicit the formulation or use of other strategies beyond what we presented, do not hesitate to share them with us and your fellow readers through the comment section below!