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Bid Wars Storage Auction Game Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate the Storage Auction Scene

Self-storages or self-service storages may not be a thing in every country and few people then did not even know of the industry’s existence. For people in the US and the UK, the idea of renting storage space is common especially for people who do not have basements or garages that can hold stuff they do not immediately need but at the same time do not want to let go.

As a result, individuals or even small businesses rely on self-storages as supposedly temporary places to keep their extra belongings. These typically cost monthly payments and missing these payments up to a certain point leads the storage owner no other choice but to auction off the contents of the storages.

winning auctions in bid wars storage auction game

With popular television programs like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters creating more awareness and interest on the storage auction scene, more and more people feel excitement even just bearing witness to how these auctions go. If you crave partaking in storage auctions in real life, Bid Wars Storage Auction Game lets you experience the next best thing, which is to feel the thrills and excitement of engaging in virtual storage auctions as a bidder. Bid Wars Storage Auction Game may have been around already for 7 years and its sequel, Bid Wars: Pawn Empire launched 5 years ago as well, but it is never too late to get into the bidding adventure.

While some members of the general public may engage in such activities purely for fun and without regard for resale values and profits, Bid Wars Storage Auction Game lets you take the role of an investor dwelling more on the latter. At the same time, however, you can still revel in the excitement and risks involved in every session you partake in. Bid Wars Storage Auction Game is not like conventional business sim games where profiting is the only possible outcome as you will easily discover that some bidding sessions can yield losses for you as well as your contenders.

bid wars storage auction game cover

As simple as it sounds and as straightforward as Bid Wars Storage Auction Game’s gameplay is, it is still a very challenging game. Having a good idea of how to value items may have some semblance to reality but you will still need to have more exposure on how they are valued in the game to make more precise assessments. Some opponents can be very tricky to deal with as well and while you have special tools to tilt advantage to your side, those can be rather expensive and should be saved for dire needs.

The initial tutorial session that greets you in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game takes you through all the basic gameplay mechanics and concepts you need to know to progress in your bidding career. Considering everything there is to know, this is a title that is easy to learn yet hard to master.

bid wars storage auction game alice

If you have just started your career or about to do so and want a great head start, you came to the right place as our Bid Wars Storage Auction Game Guide not just covers all the basics extensively but also has all the tips and strategies you need to dominate every auction challenge!

1. Master The Basics of Storage Bidding

If you have seen an actual storage auction even just on the television, or if you have actively participated in one yourself, then you should know that partaking in these auctions do not necessarily lead to earning profits. What happens in a storage auction is that bidders will only be allowed to look at the open storage outside the storage entrance.

While some of the items inside can be readily visible, bidders will also not be allowed to inspect each of the item they see. It follows that there are no guarantees in case one, some, or even all of the items are broken, fake, or have hidden defects. These considerations form part of the risks involved in tandem with items behind other items as well as items in boxes or packages.

bid wars storage auction game auction start

Bid Wars Storage Auction Game makes it a little simpler and easier in assessing values of items you can see inside the storage. For one, you can expect that the items you will see and discover inside every self-storage are much more limited compared with their real life counterparts with practically just one kind of item per type. Likewise, there are neither broken nor defective items as well so you can assume a standard prize across similar items you see in different storages.

Seeing the entirety of what each storage holds would make it too easy, though, so expect more and more boxes or rather, mystery boxes, the further you progress in your bidding career. These boxes increase the risks involved in the bidding process as crates or boxes can contain a variety of items from expensive antiques to complete trash. Do not let the box sizes fool you as well as you will quickly learn that some of the most expensive items comes from smaller packages.

bid wars storage auction game auction session

Auction sessions are constrained by time and rather fast-paced. You have only a few seconds to make an initial assessment of the storage contents and once the bidding starts, you need to think fast and act faster. Of course, the auction cannot happen with only you as a bidder so expect some competitive bidders to join you each time. Your bidding opponents can be tough and tricky as well so keeping your wits about at all times is highly recommended.

It is not always about winning the bid as doing so means shelling out the most cash for that particular auction and the selling price of the items you get from the storage may not necessarily cover your expenses. Winning in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game means making the most profit out of the auction or, in some cases, losing the least amount of money. This can become more challenging as most auction sessions take you through more than one storage space.

facility cleared in bid wars storage auction game

2. Push Forward Through Each Facility

Progression in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game is somewhat designed like an RPG campaign where you take on one storage facility at a time just like adventure stages with each new city to venture through being the campaign’s chapters. While you can quickly pass through the first trio of facilities in line with the introductory tutorial that greets you, you can certainly expect it to become more and more challenging as you move to the next higher facilities.

Winning a session will hardly be enough to meet the requirements to pass most facilities or levels. The goal in each storage facility is to amass a specific amount of earnings. What counts are only earnings made during the biddings so earnings made through sale from your shop as well as other levels and special events do not count. Fortunately enough, losses incurred do not count against your winnings so in a way it is still relatively easy to accomplish so long as you keep participating in auctions.

bid wars storage auction game houston

Moving forward from one storage facility to another does not just give you better challenges to take on as each new facility also provides opportunities to earn more cash as well as reputation. Cash is naturally a very important resource in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game as what you would want to avoid is actually not having enough funds to participate in an auction or fall short of it within a bidding session.

bid wars storage auction game partial result

Reputation level, on the other hand, is your key towards unlocking numerous perks that can aid you in your quest towards becoming the king of storage auctions. Particularly, milestones relative to your reputation level helps boost your store’s performance and also allow you to sell and stock more items. There will hardly be any moment when some extra cash will be taken for granted, especially when you are on the early part of your venture so giving your personal store some improvements is an indispensable requisite to succeeding as a storage bidder.

leveling up in bid wars storage auction game

Upgrades on your personal shop costs cash and higher level upgrades become available as well for once you unlocked earlier. Upgrades are permanent and the boosts they provide all lead to you being able to earn more moving forward so once an upgrade becomes available, consider each on as a priority in terms of where to spend your cash on.

bid wars storage auction game shop upgrades

3. Frequently Tend To Your Store

As a storage bidder, you do not necessarily earn profits just because you won an auction. In fact, in some cases, you can win an auction but at the same time incur a net loss if the total estimated value of the items you obtained is less than what you paid for them. On the other hand, if you netted an income instead, you will still need to sell the items to get back the money you invested as well as earn instant income.

After a bidding session, you can immediately sell off all the auctioned items you purchased. You can, however, choose up to 3 items to take back with you to sell in your very own shop. There is a limited number of items you can squeeze into your car, which is just a little more than the ones you can put up on the shelf for sale. It is best to ensure that you have at least 3 empty spaces in storage before engaging in your next auction unless you are ready to sell every new item you acquire instantly.

taking items to shop in bid wars storage auction game

Selling shelved items take time as well but this is where you can earn some extra cash for all the effort you put into the auctions you participate in. Note that even if you lose money in some auctions as a result of your item yields garnering a lower estimated price than your winning bid does, you can still recover lost profit if you manage to sell some of the items you obtained at a higher price.

Sales are guaranteed following the countdown period provided but selling price, which has a percentage increase over the item’s estimated value are random. Once an offer for your shelved items has been casted, you have the option to take it or wait for another offer, requiring another cool down period for it to complete. You can also completely cut down the waiting period to 0 and take on another offer but it costs gold so we do not recommend it unless you have an overabundant supply of this premium currency.

bid wars storage auction game items for sale

We recommend peeking into your personal shop after every auction session you engage in. If you can take note of the time for each item to secure an offer, it is recommended to do so. Sometimes, you can opt to wait out the time to take an offer and sell an item as well as restock your shelf before leaving the shop. Note that more expensive items for sale tend to take more time before getting an offer. However, more expensive items are typically rarer, which means that they will net a higher markup.

Once you reach Reputation Level 9, you will unlock the other half of your store’s feature, which is the Pawnshop. In here, clients will offer to sell you random items and it can lead to either profits or losses. The preset offer will always be at the maximum amount but you can always opt to lower your offer through the sliding bar. Instead of offering, you can also consider passing up on an item.

buying item in bid wars storage auction game

The Pawnshop can be a good avenue for extra income provided that you have a fair good idea of item prices and rarities. Clients come in every hour but will primarily never be more than 3 at a time. You can also play a short ad here to get an extra client.

bid wars storage auction game pawn shop

4. Partake In Daily, Weekly and Special Auctions

Following the bidding campaign and moving from one storage to another as well as one state to another is among your most basic objective. As we mentioned earlier, some stages will require you to reach a certain amount of profits before you can proceed to the next stage and continuously grinding for profits, especially within the same location, can sometimes feel to monotonous to endure.

There is a collections feature in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game that fuels your excitement to nab collectible items and complete each set for a huge sum of cash. Beyond replaying certain storage sites just to amass the needed total earnings to move forward in your career, pursuing rare collectibles is comparable to a side quest of sorts that will keep you engaged in partaking in auctions.

bid wars storage auction game rare item

While the collections feature can boost your drive to keep replaying previously beaten levels, collectible items are not as easy to come by from regular stages. Fortunately for those who prefer a change in scenario every once in a while, Bid Wars Storage Auction Game provides plenty of unique auctions to take you off of the regular campaigns. Beyond breaking the routine, these special auctions provide more opportunities for you to earn more cash or even complete collection sets at a much faster rate. These special auctions are not free from risks, though, and typically come with higher stakes and tougher opponents.

auctions in houston in bid wars storage auction game

The Daily Auctions are typically the easiest of the bunch but comes with the lowest chance of securing a rare item. The probability of obtaining a rare item is still higher than that of regular stages. A Weekly Auction is about as difficult but grants a higher chance for you to obtain a rare item. Finally, Special Auctions guarantee a rare item in 1 of the 3 storages that you get to bid on. It is not necessarily more challenging than the other auctions in the group as well.

bid wars storage auction game special auction

There are also Rare Facilities and Underground Auctions you can participate in. These extra special bidding sessions have much higher stakes but almost always ensure exemplary returns on your investment. To participate in these auctions, you need to spend gold bars, which is a premium currency you may want to save for something else.

bid wars storage auction game rare facility

5. Use Your Power Ups Wisely

Even for an experienced bidder, it can still be a challenge to maintain a win streak across the different storage facilities and states in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game. It certainly takes some time and patience to have a good enough memory of the value of items you encountered before and stuff in boxes or other packages are certainly a gamble. Top all that off with opponents who sometimes make you feel that they are ganging up on you and you will have a lot in your hands to deal with in even just one storage auction.

There is wits and strategy to help you decide better on whether to push with a higher bid or not, depending on the scenario. Beyond all that, though, there are power up items you can use to tilt the competition to your advantage. These special tools will be demonstrated to you through the introductory part of your adventure but knowing how to use each one is just half of what you actually need to know.

bid wars storage auction game appraisal power up

Special power ups are limited and expensive for obvious reasons. Using any of the 3 power ups can almost guarantee winning over your opponent on a per storage consideration. Given that power ups cost gold bars to obtain, other than free ones you can acquire from league performances and ad boosts, it is best to spend each of them prudently and wisely.

The Appraisal Power Up is what we consider as the weapon of choice from early to late game. The term “estimated value” may sound vague at first but that is the actual total price of the items within the storage if you sell them directly after winning the bid. Suppose you use this tool and see the total amount to be $1,470, then you know that your soft limit for bidding is at $1,400 if you want to earn clean profits or beat your opponents.

bid wars storage auction game x-ray glasses

The X-ray Glasses come in handy especially on storages that have numerous items in boxes or other packages. You will not be able to assess the values of boxed items and even similar ones will randomly contain different items from one storage to another. Although we cannot consider this tool as good as the Appraisal Power Up, using this and a bit of Arithmetic as well as price knowledge of items can work almost like the Appraisal Tool.

Finally, there is the Kick Out Tool that lets you eject a bidder from the auction. In some matches, especially in the earlier levels, some opponents will be evidently dominating and you feel threatened by a particular bidder, you can use this tool to banish him or her from the current auction.

bid wars storage auction game kick out tool

Note that none of these power ups will guarantee winning the bid or the match but each one can certainly be used to give you great advantage. We recommend playing through the earlier storage facilities or stages without them first and get a good feel of how things go. If you can strategize to win without using any power up tools, then you can most certainly win any match when using them.

6. Outsmart Other Bidders

Although you might often feel that Bid Wars Storage Auction Game is a 3-versus-1 match with all opposing bidders ganging up on you, it does not necessarily have to be that way at all times. To some extent, there are random elements involved in terms of just how much the other bidders will be willing to spend on an auction so predicting on a per person basis is not always recommended. Although people who you contend with in later stages seem to have a built-in appraisal system and works around those numbers, there are simple strategies you can use to get much better results for the most part.

bid wars storage auction game strategies 1

For starters, we have already mentioned that keeping tabs on price tags is very helpful. For the 5-second pre-bidding time you get to appraise some items, spend them on unfamiliar ones first, especially items that glitter since those are rare and potentially expensive. The starting bid will more or less hint of the estimated total value of the items in the storage. Keep in mind as well that as the bid goes higher, the jump of amounts goes from $25 to $50 to $100 and so on.

bid wars storage auction game strategies 2

If you have an estimated appraisal value in mind, you should know when to start bidding. Ideally, if the estimated amount is $515, then you should normally consider $500 as your final bid. Initially, you can let the other bidders duke it out with their counter-offers first before you join in. As an example, you can start bidding at $400 so that if some other bidder raises it to $450, you can still push through with your final bid of $500.

bid wars storage auction game strategies 3

With this strategy in mind, you will still need to be watchful of 2 scenarios. One very common situation is that bidding can stop well ahead of time. If the auctioneer says, “Going twice”, then failing to raise the bid will result in the last bidder winning. As such, be sure to keep watchful of this and make a bid as the exclamation mark flashes. Sometimes, other bidders will bid higher only after you make a bid so continue strategizing around your planned final bid.

bid wars storage auction game strategies 4

Winning the bid and actually yielding profits is expectedly more common in the earlier levels. As you move to farther locations, you can expect bidders to voluntarily bid higher than the storage’s estimated value just for you to try and outbid them, resulting in bigger losses. By the time you get there, though, you should already be well-experienced and at the same time can afford a few bid losses and still earn with the help of your shop.

7. Losses Can Still Yield Profits

Although earning profits directly from the auction itself and beating your opponents are the basic goals you have across Bid Wars Storage Auction Game’s many levels it does not necessarily mean that you lose in case you failed to accomplish these goals. In fact, there are instances when you may want to bid higher than your perceived estimated value of the items in the storage or even risk losing to the opponent you need to win against.

bid wars storage auction game loss

The dominant reason usually homes in on collectibles or rare items you need. Once you have a full set in your collection, you will be rewarded with gold bars and given that this premium currency has a lot of important uses, you should never pass up on any opportunity to earn more of them. Seeking to complete collection items has its own set of risks as well but considering everything, it is all a matter of just how much you are willing to lose just so you can nab an important missing piece for your collection.

bid wars storage auction game egyptian relics

Another reason you can opt to lose money on the actual auction is the bigger amount of cash you can earn from selling selected items form the auction in your personal store. It may not seem much at first given that you can only take 3 items from an auction back with you but as you progress through the bidding campaign later on, the prices some of the items can command will more than make up for the losses you can incur in the auction.

bid wars storage auction game shop

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

As a completely free mobile title that anyone can play and enjoy, it seems only fair for Bid Wars Storage Auction Game to have its fair share of video ads that pop up every once in a while. There are random video ads that play on some instances, but never during a bidding or in the middle of any activity. Likewise, the only video ads you get to watch without voluntary choosing to do so typically end in 5 seconds or can be skipped after that duration.

In case you are one of those players who get distracted by random ads and lose their momentum in succeeding auctions, then it is important to understand to the existence of ads basically helps in keeping the game alive for everyone to enjoy without spending real money. In any case, all in-game ads require an internet connection to play and you can actually play Bid Wars Storage Auction Game completely offline simply by switching off your Wi-Fi or mobile data before launching the game.

bid wars storage auction game video blimp

Doing so, however, will make you miss out on a plethora of opportunities to progress faster in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game as the rest of the video ads in the game form part of the ad campaign that provides perks and rewards that are pretty hard to ignore. For these ad boosts, just like any other video ad, though, you will need to play online.

One of the ad offers that you should definitely take comes when you reach a new reputation level. Each new level reached earns you gold bars and playing a short video ad in these instances can double those rewards. As gold bars are not as easy to come by, you should never pass up on this opportunity.

bid wars storage auction game double rewards

Whenever you finish an auction and start directly selling all the items you acquired, you can also play an ad boost to earn an extra 100% of your sales. Grabbing this offer after every auction will give you more cash to participate in high stakes auctions like the special ones we mentioned earlier.

bid wars storage auction game bonus

Bid Wars Storage Auction Game holds an energy or stamina system that somewhat limits your play time. With a very limited supply of stamina and a basic cost of 7 energy per participation in an auction, you will only be able to play 2 to 3 consecutive sessions before needing a break to replenish energy. On each auction, however, you can play another video ad to cut the cost of participation down to 2 stamina. This way, you can partake in more bidding sessions and amass more wealth and reputation EXP, leading to a faster progression.

bid wars storage auction game energy

At the start of each auction, you will also be presented with an opportunity to earn a free power up to help you in that auction. You do not necessarily have to use it and you can instead save it for later. Considering that special power ups cost gold bars at the premium store, this is yet again another opportunity that is certainly hard to ignore.

bid wars storage auction game free power up

Profits you earn at the end of each auction fills up a meter in the post-bidding screen. When your profits reach the 4-leaf clover towards the other end of the meter, you can get a free spin in the wheel of fortune for a chance to earn some extra cash. If you fail to fill up the meter enough to reach the clover, though, there is still an opportunity to get a free spin and this can be done by playing a short video ad.

bid wars storage auction game lucky spin

If you are in need of extra shelves to sell your stored items, there is also an ad offer that lets you rent an extra slot. Once you have accepted an offer for that item, the slot will no longer be available to use but you can once again rent it. If you have plenty of items stored and need to dispose of your inventory faster, then this will certainly help you out.

earning gold bars in bid wars storage auction game

There is also a video blimp you can vividly see hovering on the map. Clicking on the blimp presents you with an ad offer that can earn you gold bars all at the cheap cost of playing a short video ad. It is the same blimp across all locations so after patronizing one, you will have to wait for a while until the blimp returns. Again, just like every other opportunity to earn extra premium currency, this I one ad offer that you should never pass up on.

9. Climb Up The League

The League is a seasonal tournament of sorts in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game where you compete with other players to climb up the ranks to earn some handsome rewards. Although you cannot directly compete with other players in an auction, The League works by comparing total winnings earned per season. As you earn more profits, you will move up the ranks within your division and can be promoted to the next one after scoring higher than the ranked one player in the division. Your division at the end of the league season determines the amount of rewards you will earn.

bid wars storage auction game league

The League may primarily appear as a game feature that entails additional effort but it actually does not. Earning profits is a basic objective you have in everything you do in Bid Wars Storage Auction Game so simply staying active and continuously engaging in auctions as much as you can will net you extra rewards out of it.

And that sums up all we have for you on our Bid Wars Storage Auction Game Guide. As simple as the game is, it can be a rather challenging and surprisingly engaging adventure beyond your expectations. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared has paved the way towards your full domination of the storage auction scene and if you happen to stumble upon a nifty trick or two beyond what we discovered and shared, do not hesitate to throw us one down in the comment section!