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Doom Blitz Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies and Conquer the Globe

Odds5, a fairly new game developer known for BCM: Basketball Champion Manager, recently released Doom Blitz for iOS and Android, a massive online strategy game that puts resource management, fortress placement, tactical formation, and team cooperation to a test. As you ceaselessly gather resources and clear battle missions, you constantly perform researches and upgrades to strengthen your troops and your fortress. Watch out, though, as you also need to keep an eye out for surrounding players who may launch an attack against you or your armies. Whether you’re a fan and veteran of strategy games or entirely new to the genre, Doom Blitz has something to offer to every kind of gamer.

Doom Blitz puts you in the shoes of a commander, in-charge of an entire fortress and an army. To guarantee your survival you must ensure constant unhindered progress. As you progress through missions, you have to continuously gather and produce the necessary resources to build and upgrade each facility in your fortress, ceaselessly perform researches to improve your production as well as your army, and upgrade your heroes.

With its easy to grasp interface and relatively simple gameplay mechanics, you can effortlessly learn most of what you need to do to survive in the game. The tutorial is pretty short but definitely sufficient enough to show you around the basics of each aspect of the game. The challenge comes from the latter stages of the missions as well as the battles to come involving other players in the globe. Whether you’re entirely new to the genre and struggling to identify what you need to do to survive or an experienced strategy gamer looking for ways to improve your win ratio with each battle, our compilation of Doom Blitz tips, cheats and strategies will help you dominate every enemy and conquer the globe.

1. Progress Through The Campaign Missions

doom blitz strategy guide

Like most games that rely on stamina for some actions to be done, clearing Chapter Missions in Doom Blitz requires consumption of electricity. Chapter Missions don’t necessarily unlock new features or game modes though, but you need to accomplish as much as you can here to acquire heroes and upgrade each of them. The first chapter, which is mostly covered by the tutorial, is rather easy. Moving forward though, you need to learn to use proper strategy, if not a better army, to accomplish. Don’t worry about making some mistakes here as spent electricity will be returned if you fail to finish the mission. Additionally, when you fail you will be given hints and tips as to which troops are best suitable to carry on the mission.

It is always important to adjust your troops’ formation with each battle, so swiping on the screen to adjust how your troops are arranged can mean a great deal especially in difficult battles. Additionally, you should also observe and determine each of your troops’ strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to tactically place and move them around in battle more efficiently. For example, if you have Troopers and Sentinels in your group, you always place Sentinels in front to defend and take agro while your troopers stand behind or at another area where they can shoot enemies without becoming a target themselves.

2. Always Multitask And Speed Things Up When You Can

doom blitz tips

Doom Blitz makes it fairly easy to maximize multi-tasking as there aren’t that much to worry about where resource management and fortress development are concerned. There are only three resources you need for every research and upgrade that you do, so it’s relatively easy to keep an eye on. You have structures within your fortress that produce these resources per hour. If that’s not enough, there are loads of resource sites in the map that you can gather them from.

Perhaps one of your major concerns in the game is ensuring that your fortress is always performing in peak condition as far as growth and development are concerned and in that sense, you need to always make a bit of effort that your multi-tasking skills are on par with your needs.

On top of doing one research and one building upgrade at a time, there are daily missions that you can accomplish. These missions refresh every 15:00 (GMT+8), takes at least 5 minutes to complete, and rewards you with gold, resources, and sometimes electricity. Depending on how many armies you control, each one can be sent to resource locations to gather your most needed materials. You can also freely scout enemy fortresses to have a better idea of what you will be up against when you decide to plunder them. On top of all these, you can try and complete campaign missions even if the army you intend to use is out gathering resources.

For efficiency’s sake, it is best to always take note of when each action will be completed before you decide to log out of your game. Perhaps, at times, you may decide to log back in, make sure there are nothing stays idle, perform the needed actions and log back out and so on…

There will definitely be times when the disparity between completion times is too much and you would want to, more or less, bring countdowns closer to one another. In such cases, don’t hesitate to use Speed Ups. These are items you may not know you have that reduce completion time of research and upgrade tasks. If you don’t have any, don’t hesitate to purchase some at the store, as this is perhaps one of the most useful items to spend gold on in the game.

3. Join An Alliance As Soon As Possible

doom blitz alliance

In every online game where every other player is practically an opponent, alliances are a definite must and every game that has an alliance or a guild system makes it practically a necessity for every player to be in one. While you may feel to be strong on your own there will always be stronger players in the battlefield that can attack you at any time and there is very little you can do about it. With an alliance, however, you don’t just have teammates watching you’re back when you’re offline, you can team up with them to launch rally attacks on any opponent whom you cannot defeat on your own.

Doom Blitz opens up the option to join an alliance sooner than most games do. In fact, you can apply to join and become part of an alliance as soon as you finish the first few tutorials. Like in most games, it’s important to look into each alliance’s members and overall strength to more or less gauge the level of their activity. Aside from people watching your back, your alliance can help you speed up upgrading and research. In return, you should also provide support to your co-members by extending some help when they need it.

When it comes to strategy, you have an option to relocate close to where most alliance members are. That way, it will be easier to launch coordinated simultaneous attacks against an enemy and defend each other against oncoming attacks. You can also share coordinates of some resources that may be beneficial to some alliance members as well as strategic locations where the entire alliance may want to relocate to later on.

4. Maximize The Use Of The 3-Day Energy Barrier

doom blitz energy barrier

From the time you start playing the game, you will have an energy barrier around your fortress that prevents anyone from launching an attack against you for 3 full days. Likewise, you’ll notice a lot of other players have the same shield around their fortresses when you explore the map which means that you won’t be able to attack them as well. As this is done to give you ample time to gather resources and strengthen your fortress and your army, it’s very important to make the most out of it.

On top of continuously multitasking, it is best to spend on Speed Up items at this point so you can progress faster ahead of everyone else, or at least ahead of everyone else within close proximity. This is also a great opportunity to observe the growth and development of fortresses around you to identify which one to watch out for and which ones to attack as soon as the barrier drops. Remember that once you decide to attack another player, your barrier will disperse and you will be vulnerable to attack. So, before launching your first attack, make sure that you are very much ready to take on the fortresses around you and equally prepared to defend yourself from potential assaults.

5. Focus On One Army First

doom blitz army

After finishing the short tutorial, you will have two heroes on your first army but a little later on you can acquire more heroes and set up another army. Each hero basically has a different set of troops to deploy, so your heroes’ overall level and strength is reflected on the troops deployed when you select them as part of your army. You can select any two heroes for one army and it’s a great idea to be able to read through each troop’s description and test each one out in the campaign chapters to have a good enough idea which ones, when paired with another, would be the most versatile combination. This is primarily important since it will take a while before you can add another hero to your army. The harder part, however, is that the items you need to level up your heroes can only be acquired through campaign missions and very scarce. You will definitely need to save up on these early on as you will hardly have enough to fully level up 2 of your heroes later on.

On top of that, the equipment and hero shards you need to develop each hero can only be acquired on campaign missions as well and considering that electricity is very limited in the game, it will take a long while to be able to farm the necessary hero shards and pieces of equipment to upgrade all your heroes. For efficiency, spend time to look into your main heroes’ needed shards and lacking equipment and determine where you can get them from. This will help you focus your efforts in ranking each hero up to make them stronger.

At times, it will be a challenge to clear campaign missions with this set-up since you may not have strong enough units to fit what is being recommended to clear a particular stage. Considering this, however, it may also help to level up your other heroes so long as you keep a good inventory of level up items for your main heroes but you might want to do this as a last resort when you ultimately cannot pass through a campaign mission despite knowing that your troops should be strong enough to complete it.

6. Occasionally Check The Map

You can expect some movements on the map from time to time considering that all players can teleport from one location to another. As you may have previously marked a lot of fortresses around you, this could always change from time to time and you should always watch out in case stronger players appear close to you location.

Depending on whether or not you have strong alliance members near your area, you can choose to sit still or perhaps opt to move to a relatively safer spot.

7. Scout Before You Launch An Attack

doom blitz scouting

While simply hovering and clicking over an enemy fortress can give you some information on its power, resources, and kills there are instances when your enemy’s power level is close to yours and sending scouts to acquire more information can help you decide on whether to attack immediately, call for back-up, or wait till you are a little stronger. It may not always provide decision-changing information but still, it helps a little to know more.

8. Relocate If Necessary

doom blitz relocation

In addition to impending threats on your original or current location, there are numerous other reasons to choose to teleport to a different location. For one, the rate at which resource spots respawn in the area might not be sufficient if most players there are actively farming them. At some point, resource areas may be more and more challenging to get to and the longer it takes for you to travel to and from a resource spot, the more you put yourself at risk from possible attacks from other players. This can happen even if your energy barrier is still active since the shield only extends to your fortress and everything in it.

Secondly, it may also happen that there aren’t that many fortresses you can attack within your area. This can happen if you are surrounded by inactive players and once you attack them, there may be nothing left to plunder later one. Additionally, players who left the game at level 1 cannot be attacked even if their barriers are already gone. So to ensure that there are always players to plunder, you can also scan the map and relocate to a new hunting ground.

Lastly, but not the least, members of a well-coordinated alliance will most likely put themselves close to one another. This is beneficial both offensively and defensively. As earlier stated, you will always need someone to watch your back, so being in close proximity with your fellow alliance members is like having good neighbors watch over your house when you are away. This makes it easy as well to coordinate attacks against opposing players and alliances, as simultaneous attacks are rather hard to coordinate coming from different locations.

9. Aim To Achieve And Claim Rewards

how to get more rewards in doom blitz

The extra gold you earn from accomplishing missions may not seem much but considering the rate at which you can earn and claim these rewards makes aiming to accomplish them very much worth it. As you can purchase a lot of important items, especially boosters, with gold, you should always claim these as soon as they become available. Occasionally, you will be going through the seemingly routine things you do when playing the game and be surprised that most of these actions result to earning you rewards each step of the way. In some cases though, scanning through the missions can also be a great guide to determine which actions should you be considering as far as upgrades and researches are concerned.

On a more challenging note, events that are based on development value can be tougher to achieve especially since these come in phases and the great rewards will only be made available to top performers in the leaderboards. Sufficiently playing enough daily can net you as much as the first two phases of the rewards. But if you are aiming to get the 3rd phase rewards and qualify for good spots in the leaderboards, be prepared to spend as much on Speed Boosters to develop as much in your fortress. Keep in mind as well that rewards from events are sent to your mail and you need to claim the rewards there before you delete the message.

That is all we have for our Doom Blitz beginner’s guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you learned a lot from it. If you have additional Doom Blitz tips, tricks or strategies that we forgot to mention in the article, be sure to drop us a line!