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Donut Dazzle Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Levels

Cloud5Labs has launched a new game called Donut Dazzle, which is currently available for the iOS mobile platform only. And if you guessed that this is a Match 3 game, you would almost be right, but not quite. That’s because this is a Match 4 game with a unique gameplay – you have to tap to rotate the donuts and match at least four pieces so you can clear them from the board. Just as usual, you can create combos to make it past levels faster. But that isn’t the only twist in the game – speed bumps are added after every ten levels. As it turns out, this game incorporates Tetris mechanics in it, which explains the speed bumps, but aside from that, this is not one of those games where you’ll have the luxury of time in your corner.

There are hundreds of levels to complete in this game, but as we explained above, this is not your average matching puzzle game. You may encounter trouble at some points in the game, and you may find it too overwhelming for your liking. But it doesn’t have to be like that all the time, as you can refer to our exclusive Donut Dazzle strategy guide, which contains a number of tips, tricks and hints, if you want to ace more levels and clear more donuts.

1. The Pace Does Pick Up

Building on what we had said earlier, the donuts will initially move slowly, thus giving you ample time to think. But as you move on to progressively higher levels, they will start moving faster and faster. But regardless of your level, the donuts will stop moving down quickly if you quickly tap on your screen to rotate the donuts. Do this if you need to buy some time and think about which way you should be rotating the donut. But be prepared nonetheless to do a lot of quick thinking, especially when the donuts are moving down quickly and you’re finding it harder and harder to keep the stack low, and especially during Burst Time, which is when the donuts move at breakneck speed and are excessively difficult to manage.

Going back to the trick of tapping to rotate the donuts for some clarification, we should stress that the donut will only stop in place for a split-second; tapping quickly, on the other hand, makes them move down in a stutter-stop motion.

2. Swipe Quickly When Swiping Down

One of the main annoyances with this game is the poor responsiveness when detecting touch; no, it’s not your device’s fault, as this appears to be the case on all iPhone and iPad models. And that quirk manifests mainly when you’re trying to swipe down to make the donuts fall quickly. You’ll have to swipe quickly when swiping down, and make those swipes toward the middle of your screen, and not closer to the sides, bottom, or top. Somehow that allows the game to read your swipes more accurately.

3. How To Get More Coffee

The game will reward you with coffee and gold donuts (more on those later) if you’ve completed the objective stipulated for the game. But you can also earn more coffee by watching ad videos. Go to the store menu, check the right side of the bundle, donuts, and No Ads options, and choose whether you want to watch an ad to get more coffee or more donuts. Choose the former if you want more coffee, but bear in mind that you can only watch one coffee ad per hour.

4. End Your Game As Quickly As Possible To Stack Up On Gold Donuts

Each time you’re able to beat your high score, the game will reward you with a gold donut. Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t start playing this game with an “in it to win it” mindset. Rather, you can try letting the stack pile up high after completing the objective, just so your game could end as soon as possible. Keep your high score as low as possible for a good period of time, because if you’re able to do this the moment you start playing the game, you’ll have a good chance to stockpile at least five gold donuts early on.

5. Watch Ad Videos For More Gold Donuts

Once you’ve gotten good at the game and know the ins and outs, you’ll find it increasingly hard to beat out your old high score. But aside from beating out your high score, there’s another way to get more gold donuts, and that’s by watching ad videos. The coffee ads have a cool-down time, but these gold donut ads do not, thus allowing you to watch as many of them as you want. One video is worth one gold donut, so keep on watching those videos, so you can have more gold donuts to buy more power-ups.

6. What Can You Buy With Your Coffee?

Going back to the coffee, this currency can also buy you power-ups, as well as new items and themes. The power-ups are far more helpful as they can help you actually perform better in your runs; aside from buying them with coffee and donuts, you can also get them while playing the game. The new items and themes, on the other hand, are only there for cosmetic purposes, though the new themes do cost more coffee than the power-ups do.

7. Given The Game Pace, Should You Bother With Combos?

Comboing is said to be one of the more important things to learn in this game, according to the tutorial. That’s because a combo of more than four identical pieces can give you bonus points, and also help you level up in the early goings. But combos won’t be of much help when the donuts start moving faster; stringing a long one together is especially hard when the donuts are falling rapidly. Instead, you should look at the preview window for an accurate teaser of what piece will be falling next.

And this completes our guide for Cloud5Labs’ exciting new mobile game, Donut Dazzle. If you know other tips and tricks for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section!