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DomiNations Tips & Strategy Guide: How to Use Your Generals

In NEXON M’s latest strategy game, DomiNations, you can start recruiting historical generals once you reach the Medieval Age. Once you’re able to build a castle, you’ll be able to access your generals, who, as you may have guessed, lead your troops in battle. They can be quite powerful on attack or on defense, so it really does pay to have a general in your corner.

Now, how can you make the most out of your generals, and what else do you have to know about them? Check out the following DomiNations strategies and tips and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Know Your Generals

There are four generals you can unlock in DomiNations, starting with Cleopatra and Alexander the Great at Castle Level 1. When you reach Castle Level 2, you can unlock Nobunaga, while Napoleon will be available at Castle Level 3. The first three generals’ stats are all identical, but Napoleon has higher health and damage stats. So far, there really is no difference for the first three, but who knows? There’s a chance the developer of the game will give Cleopatra, Alexander, and Nobunaga special skills in future updates.

Have As Many Generals As Possible

Even with the above similarities in mind, you’ll still want to have more than one, and preferably all four generals. Each of them have a cool-down period, which would require you to switch from one general to the other in battle, assuming you’ve got more than one. Remember that when a general is in cool-down, they won’t be able to attack or defend your base.

Use Your Generals Prudently

Generals can be a great help on both ends, but it’s not a good idea to send them off to battle arbitrarily. Use them only when you need them, and bear in mind that aside from the cool-down period, they also cost resources. Yes, they’re cool, yes, they can help on offense and defense, but there is a price to using a general in battle.