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DomiNations Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Troops in the Game

DomiNations allows you to choose one out of seven different nations, and likewise, you also have seven troop types in the game. NEXON M’s latest strategy game may remind some gamers of Civilization, though that’s because the game was designed by Brian Reynolds, who did work on Civilization II several years back. For some time we’ve been bringing you general DomiNations tricks, tips on defensive strategies and hints on the best wonders. Now, for this installment we shall be talking about the types of troops as we break down their strengths, weaknesses and unique attributes.


Soldiers are the most basic troops you can control in DomiNations, and while they will serve you well in the early goings, you’ll most likely be using them up until the later parts of the game. The not-so-good thing about soldiers is that they don’t pick targets – that means they’ll often be attacking buildings that aren’t so important in the grand scheme of things. But if you use the right Rally instructions, soldiers make solid, if unspectacular members of your army, offering strength in numbers, if little else.


These are your ranged troops, and you’ll want to use them mainly against Garrison troops heading towards your base. You can also use them against defensive buildings, though you should make sure you’re giving them some sound Rally instructions. Like ranged units in other games, bowmen don’t have much health to go around, so try to prevent them from mixing it up at close range.


Horsemen stand out because of their high health points, and you would typically use them to draw your enemies in – think of them as decoys or defensive units. They make a great first line of defense while the rest of your troops do most, if not all of the damage.

Horse Raiders

When going after resources, you’ll be sending horse raiders off to the enemy base – sending plenty of them off could get you a lot of resources as they’ll go straight for them.


These units can deal great amount of damage, but like soldiers, they do not have any preferred targets, and they offer little to no defense. Aside from that, they cost a lot of money, which means you’ll only want to have some ballistas if you have a lot of extra space in your Barracks.

Supply Carts

Like ballistas, supply carts are inanimate objects in theory. But we’d say they’re more useful, as this would be the unit you need a lot of to ensure your troops get healed. Hit points are also low for supply carts, so that’s one weakness you’ll have to deal with for this particular unit.

Wall Miners

Now, you don’t really need to have a lot of wall miners in your army, but having at least a few of them could come in really handy, in order to help you break down the walls. Four would be a good starting number, and decent enough to help you penetrate the enemy’s defenses.