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DogHotel – My Boarding Kennel Cheats: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

DogHotel – My Boarding Kennel is an interesting Android and iOS mobile game developed by Tivola. We say it’s interesting because you’re going to be in charge of a boarding hotel that’s actually a boarding kennel. Yes, we’re talking about a hotel for dogs and this would have you taking care of different breeds and completing your share of missions, with each dog having their own tales to tell and tasks for you to complete. Of course, you can pet your dogs, play with them and teach them new tricks. If you’re stuck at a certain point in the game and don’t know what to do next, here are a few DogHotel – My Boarding Kennel tips and tricks, the latter of which includes those tricks you teach to dogs, virtual and real-life alike.

1. Upgrade Your Enclosure First

Once you reach Level 5 in DogHotel, you’ll have a chance to start upgrading, and you should first start with leveling up your enclosure. Doing this would allow you to offer your services to more dogs simultaneously.

2. Understand Your Missions

The most obvious way to earn additional coins in DogHotel is to complete as many missions as possible. But before you jump in and accept any quest, it would be better if you head first to the lobby and tap on the designated area to view dog cards. These dog cards show what level of care, or what type of care the aforementioned canines need. Here we believe you’ll have an advantage if you’re a real-life dog owner.

3. View Your Achievements

You don’t have any specific “stages” to complete in DogHotel, so if you want to see how well you really are doing in the game, you’ll want to check your achievements on a regular basis. Tap on the trophy button to load the Game Center, and that’s going to let you view your achievements and points. You can also use the Game Center to see how well you are doing in comparison to other DogHotel players from around the world.

4. Get Rewards At The End Of The In-Game Day

There is a specific way to collect rewards in DogHotel, and the first thing you should make sure you’ve done is completing all the tasks for all of the dogs. Hit the moon/stars-like button to end your in-game day and that’s going to allow you to collect your rewards. But if you hit that button before you complete a mission or a quest, the sun is going to go down, and while you still can get rewards, they won’t be as plentiful as they would be if you actually complete a quest.

5. Pet Your Dogs, Feed Them And Play With Them Regularly

This is no different from taking care of a real-life dog – show affection to your dogs by petting them and playing with them, and don’t let them go hungry. You can even let more than one of your dogs play with each other if you let them run around in the backyard.

Graham Hypher

Saturday 6th of October 2018

I bought all the dogs for my daughter but so far none have appeared


Sunday 28th of October 2018

Us too!!

alejandra m.

Sunday 3rd of June 2018

go to lobby then there will be an up arrow on the far right and it’ll say upgrade enclosure. unfortunately you have to be at a certain level and pay coins you have earned to upgrade. hope this helps!

Patricia Camden

Saturday 1st of October 2016

Omg I've been searching for ever to find out HOW TO UPGRADE MY ENCLOSURE every "help" site I've read says I need to do this but it never states how!! Help!