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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Ultimate Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Save the Internet

If you are on a mission to save the internet, who would you choose to have on your team, Captain Jack Sparrow or Mr. Incredible? Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a new action-packed mobile RPG from PerBlue Entertainment. In this game, you get to assemble a team of superheroes from Disney and Pixar movies, and have them battle against the forces of evil. There are over 25 heroes to choose from, each with his own set of skills that can help you save the day. You can choose among the heroes from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Create your own wacky crew of unlikely allies, train them up, and equip them with the best possible gear. You will be facing off against some familiar villains as well. Make sure you are fully prepared by reading our compilation of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode cheats, tips and strategies for some much-needed help!

1. Start With Campaign Mode

disney heroes battle mode campaign mode tips

Campaign mode is where the story unfolds in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Even if you don’t really care much about the story, you still have to go through with it. Most of the features of the game will be locked until you complete certain stages in Campaign mode. That includes the Black Market, Arena, Missions, and so on. Don’t worry because you will get a lot more from playing campaign stages aside from just unlocking features of the game. You will also be rewarded with Hero chips, items, XP drinks, EXP, and more. These will help you build that ideal team before you hit the Arena.

One thing you should note, however, is that there are two types of campaign stages. It is recommended that you first focus on the regular campaigns. Do not bother with any of the elite campaigns until you complete chapter 5. Elite campaigns cost 12 energy each. That means you will be draining your energy quickly just to be able to play one or two elite stages. Save these for later, when you have a much stronger team.

2. Unlock New Heroes, Here’s How

As we mentioned above, there are over 25 heroes available for you to unlock in the game. There are also different ways for you to unlock them. While your starting team will serve you well for a while, it is best if you continue to recruit new heroes. This is to ensure that you will be able to assemble the best possible team that will work well with your play style. The most straightforward way to unlock specific heroes is to simply farm their chips in Elite campaigns. Elite stages normally focus on individual heroes, allowing you to farm specific chips daily. For example, if you want to unlock Finnick, you can just farm his chips in the Chapter 2 Elite stages.

The second option for unlocking heroes is by shopping for them. You can do so by buying crates that will give you random heroes or shards. You can also purchase specific hero shards from the different stores in the game. Finally, the game sometimes gives out hero shards as daily rewards, so just keep playing every day to claim them.

3. Know The Character Roles

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode each hero specializes in a specific role. The four roles in the game are Tank, Damage, Control, and Support. When assembling your team, try to maintain a balance when it comes to composition. You should also pay attention to the positioning of these characters. As a rule, you should place your Tanks up front so they can soak up damage. The good news is that the game normally automatically places the characters into their recommended positions. Just double check it to ensure it is optimized. We have listed the different heroes and their respective roles below for your reference.

Mr. IncredibleFront – Tank
ElastigilMid – Damage
VioletMid – Support
DashMid – Damage
Jack-JackBack – Damage
FrozoneBack – Control
RalphFront – Tank
VanellopeBack – Damage
FelixFront – Tank
CalhounBack – Damage
Judy HoppsMid – Support
NickBack – Damage
BogoFront – Tank
YaxBack – Support
FinnickMid – Control
WoodyMid – Support
BuzzBack – Damage
JessieFront – Damage
ZurgMid – Damage
SulleyFront – Tank
MikeBack – Damage
WALL-EMid – Control
Jack SparrowFront – Damage

4. How To Assemble Your Team

Now that you have a few heroes to choose from, and you are familiar with their roles, you should be able to come up with a good combination for your core team. Some heroes are more viable than others, so if you can’t decide on your favorites, you can check out our list below for some recommendations. We have listed some of the best options for each role to give you an idea on how you can build your core team.

how to assemble your heroes in disney heroes battle mode

Sulley (Tank) – What else can you expect from the number one scarer in Monsters Inc? This big guy is hands down the toughest tank in the game. On top of having massive health, he also packs quite a punch. There is really no down side to choosing him as your primary Tank.

Chief Bogo (Tank) – If blue and furry isn’t your thing; you could go for a no-nonsense guy like Bogo. He also has pretty good health and damage, so you won’t be missing Sulley too much. He also has a few skills that can be awesome if used correctly.

Judy Hopps (Support) – While we are on the Zootopia hype train, don’t forget to pick up Office Judy as your support. She may be extremely squishy, since she’s a cute little bunny, but her final three skills can help you win those Arena battles quickly.

Yax (Support) – He is your starting support, and as we said, he will serve you well for a while. He is also a healer which makes him very useful in City Watch missions. The only catch is that his usefulness tends to plateau when you progress further into the game.

Nick Wilde (Damage) – Zootopia is really winning this list, but we can’t really help it if they’re that good. He may be on the slow side, but he can turn enemies against each other which is always a good thing. On top of that, his damage tends to build up as the battle drags on because of his stacked Lemmings.

Vanellope (Damage) – This glitchy little princess is known for dealing some royal damage in the game with her skills. What really makes her a great pick, however, is the fact that she is easy to farm and level up. That means you will have her at her best sooner compared to other heroes in the same category.

WALL-E (Control) – Control heroes have not really found their way into a lot of teams, but this little guy will definitely find his way into your heart. He gives his teammates additional energy and has an array of useful skills in battle. If you really want to have a Control hero on your team, WALL-E is your robot.

5. Power Up Your Heroes

how to upgrade your heroes' skills in disney heroes battle mode

If you are one of those players who live for PVP, you are probably itching to hit the Arena. Before you do that, make sure you power up your heroes first. There are a few things you can do to make your hero stronger. First off, make sure your hero is leveled up as much as possible. You can manually level up your heroes by going to their stats page and feed them XP drinks. You can also increase their star rating by using hero chips.

Once your heroes are leveled up, you should work on finding badges for them to equip. Once you complete the set of badges, you will be able to promote your hero to the next level. Try to complete badge sets for one hero at a time. This way, you can properly focus on completing the set instead of having to go back and forth between the characters. Finally, you should also ensure that your hero’s skills are fully upgraded. You will need to spend coins for this, but the boost in power will be worth it.

6. Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Aside from your core team and maybe a couple of backup heroes, there is no need to fully equip all the heroes you recruit. If you get any additional equipment that aren’t any better than the ones your main team has, you should go ahead and sell them off. You can also sell any other items that you don’t need. You will need a lot of gold in order to keep upgrading your heroes, so don’t bother holding on to excess items.

7. Claim Your Freebies

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is pretty generous when it comes to freebies. There are a few rewards you can get if you know where to look. First, there is the daily login reward that you can claim upon logging in for the first time each day. Keep in mind that the game is currently giving additional rewards when you play for 7 and 13 consecutive days. There are also some free crates waiting for you in the crates section. These contain items, hero chips, badges, and so on. The game also gives out free stamina at specific times of the day. Just log into the game at 12pm, 6pm, or 9pm to claim those benefits.

You can also complete events in exchange for even more rewards. Just tap on the Event icon at the lower right of the main screen to view the tasks for the event. When you complete certain tasks, you are rewarded with medals. Head into the Medals section to claim the corresponding rewards of the medals you earn. Finally, don’t forget to check your mail often. Some of your rewards are sent through the mail. The game also occasionally sends random freebies in the mail.

8. Find An Active Guild

how to join a guild in disney heroes battle mode

Once you hit level 15, make sure you find an active Guild. Joining a Guild is a great way to meet new players, share tips about the game, and earn a lot of rewards. You can get crates and other free items from the store once you are a member of a guild. Don’t forget to check in daily in order to receive additional rewards. Being part of a Guild also gives you access to new perks and missions. Keep in mind, however, that your guildmates have to be active as well if you want to maximize the rewards from the game. Do not be afraid to abandon your current guild if the members are not even logging in.

9. Hold On to Your Diamonds

Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, but you can earn them without spending real money. Make sure you don’t spend any of the free diamonds you get. Hold on to your diamonds until you have at least 2,590 of them. Use it to purchase the 10-pack Diamond Crates from the shop. It may seem daunting to save up so many diamonds, but the rewards will be worth it in the long run. While you are saving up your diamonds, you can try to recruit more heroes by collecting their shards from chests that you receive from playing.

10. Check Your Damage

Some enemies in the game are resistant to normal damage. Make sure you check if your heroes are dealing proper damage to your enemies. If you feel like a battle is taking longer than it should, the probable reason is that your enemy is resistant to your attacks. Try using different skills that deal Fantastic Damage in order to maximize your power in battle. You can also check the type of damage your heroes deal on their respective stats pages. Try to have different damage types in your team so you will be prepared for any scenario.

11. Go Window Shopping Often

There are several types of stores in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode that you can check out. These include the Arena Shop, Guild Shop, and so on. These usually have an assortment of items available on sale. Since the items on stock change regularly, you should check them often to see if you can find items that you need. You might even find a few character shards. Don’t bother spending anything in the market. Market items are usually the same things you can get from the campaign, only they cost a lot of coins. Save your coins for upgrades and just grind the campaign missions if you really want to get those market items.

12. Battle Strategies

disney heroes battle mode best battle strategies

Battles in Campaign mode should be approached differently compared to the other modes like the Arena, Coliseum, and Trials. Since Campaign mode usually has multiple waves of opponents in each stage, with the toughest ones appearing in the final waves, it is best if you save your hero skills for last. You might not have enough time for the skills to cool down before the final enemies arrive, so just try to avoid using your skills unless you are really struggling.

On the other hand, battles in the other modes will require you to deal the most damage as quickly as possible. That is why you should unleash your skills as soon as they are available. You might not be given the chance to cast them if you let the enemies get the upper hand early on. Take note of the different approaches in battle in order to ensure your victories.

13. Use Raid Tickets

The road to building the ultimate team will involve a lot of farming for items. You will need to replay certain campaign missions for the chance to get the items you need. Luckily, the game has a raid function that allows you to quickly run through campaign stages that you have already completed. Each raid will cost you one raid ticket. If you want to run 10 raids at once, or use up all the raid tickets that you have, you will need to reach VIP level 4. Since you only have limited raid tickets, make sure you check the possible loot before beginning a raid. Tapping on each item will give you information on which heroes need them for tasks. Use your raid tickets wisely in order to maximize your farm.

14. Raise Your Team Level

disney heroes battle mode quests

Raising your Team Level is crucial if you want to unlock all the features of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. You will need to reach at least Team Level 41 in order to unlock all the features. Make sure you complete your quests regularly so you can earn Team EXP as well as some useful items. Keep in mind that you will also need to work on your Hero Friendship levels to gain access to all the different modes. If you are eager to unlock specific locations, just tap on them to find out what the requirements are.

Once you hit Team Level 30 and have raised a friendship level to 3, you will be able to play the Friendship Campaign. Completing the stages in this mode will reward you with Memory Disks. Try to complete the different types of campaign stages in order to maximize your Team Level. Not only will you get a lot of items, you will also be strengthening your heroes in the process.

15. How To Spend Your Money

If you want to spend some real money in the game, the best option is to go for the Daily Deals. You can purchase the 30-day or the 90-day option of the Daily Deals. Getting the 90-day option will instantly unlock VIP Level 4 for you. This will give you access a lot of benefits including 10x Raids, Fast Forward, Auto-Battle, and bonus Diamonds. Keep in mind that you will need to play every day in order to maximize your rewards from the Daily Deals. Buy them only if you are sure that you can get the most out of it.

Assemble your team of heroes and save the internet in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode! Be sure to stick to the strategy guide above and you will be conquering evil with ease! In case you know some more tips and tricks for the game, please share them with us below in the comment area!