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Disco Dave Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Dance Your Way to a Higher Score

You’ve heard of endless runners, endless jumpers, and other sorts of endless casual games. Amused Sloth’s new iOS and Android title Disco Dave is something different altogether – it’s an endless disco dancing game where you can string together combos of dance moves. You can swipe and jump on the screen to pull moves off on the dance floor, as the neon lights blare and the audience cheers in the background. And as you go along, you can unlock more and more characters with their own style and animations – a whole gang of ‘70s disco scene-inspired characters to join the titular Disco Dave. You can also earn more coins as you keep playing the game, because that’s what you will need to unlock those characters.

The game has been described by one reviewer as an appealing time-waster for high-score fanatics, and we can agree with that. It’s a simple, yet addictive game where the main goal is to beat out your high score and to string longer combos together to help you beat that score. So join us and get down to our list of Disco Dave tips, tricks and hints, which can help you earn more coins, unlock more characters, and keep on dancing for longer.

1. Don’t Swipe Left Or Right – Repetition Is The Key

If you’ve been playing the game for a while and come to think of it, it’s really not that had to come up with a ridiculously high score. And it’s as simple as not swiping left or right. Your best bet is to start off at the top square, jump down one square, jump down another, and jump two square upwards. Repeat those last three steps – down once, down once, up twice – and keep on doing it as the squares are always the same pattern each time you play. That’s because patterns are based on the tiles you hit and the direction you have come from.

It may sound repetitive, and it is indeed repetitive, but it’s this pattern of routine that’s the best way to run up a high score.

2. Get Yourself Back On Track

If you somehow end up on another part of a level to gather a coin, it’s not too hard to return to what you were doing and get back on track to running up a high score. Once you’ve collected the coin, you can simply repeat the pattern we told you in the first tip, and keep doing it for as long as you can.

3. How To Earn More Coins

You can earn more coins naturally by collecting them as you play the game. But you can also watch ad videos after completing a run; tap on the video offer and watch the clips, which usually take no more than 30 seconds. Watching ad videos can earn you coins, and so can the free coin bonuses, which become available every six hours.

4. How To Get A Score Multiplier

Want to improve your score exponentially? Go chase after those score multipliers! Bounce on the title that has the same color as the square surrounding the dance floor. As you keep matching colors, your multiplier will increase by one, and that multiplier will then increase the number of points you’ve earned through the combo. That means jumping on five tiles in a row while matching colors will earn you 25 points, six color-matched tiles in a row 36 points, and so on and so forth.

5. New Characters Don’t Change Gameplay

Accumulating a total of 100 coins gets you a lottery ticket, and you can use this to spin to get a new character at random. As is the case in many of these casual, endless games, there’s no difference in terms of gameplay. But the characters do look different, they have different dancing animations, and it is fun to collect new characters in games like this. Besides, there’s nothing else that’s worth spending your coins on.

6. Watch Ads To Keep Your Run Going

Considering the score multipliers and coins, it may eventually become challenging to beat your high score, and your runs may end at one point or another. The game allows you to watch ad videos after your run ends, allowing you to start off where your game ended and keep on dancing. We recommend watching those videos if you’ve racked up an impressive score but saw your run end unexpectedly due to one reason or another.