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Dirt Bike Unchained Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Dominate Every Race and Challenge

Dirt Bike Unchained is Red Bull Apps’ latest mobile title, that’s available on iOS and Android platforms. Within the first month after its release, Dirt Bike Unchained has secured the #1 spot game on the App Store’s racing game category and has likewise placed well within the top 5 new free games in several countries on Google Play. With its intuitive controls, smooth graphics, and engaging gameplay, Dirt Bike Unchained certainly can appeal not just to fans of the sport but racing and arcade game enthusiasts as well. If you are the type of mobile gamer who enjoys a wide variety of games that span across various genres, then you might want to check this game out.

This is a racing game, which makes the base objectives and goals simple enough for even the newest of players. It employs a one-finger touch control mechanics that makes it very easy to pick up and play. With more than 20 dirt bikes to collect and upgrade, tons of gears to customize your rider, and even a mentor to help you learn some tricks and boost your performance, Dirt Bike Unchained promises that no two players can have the exact same rider, dirt bike, and overall style out in the dirt tracks.

Considering everything, Dirt Bike Unchained is a type of game that is easy to learn yet hard to master. If you find your self spending more time eating dirt than taking the lead in races and challenges, or simply looking for better ways to improve your dirt bike and performance, then be sure to read our Dirt Bike Unchained tips, cheats and strategies below! Our comprehensive Dirt Bike Unchained beginner’s guide comes with loads of tips and strategies to help you dominate the dirt tracks!

1. Race As Much As Your Fuel Allow You To

The main game in Dirt Bike Unchained is naturally the race mode where you will be pitted against 3 other riders to race through a short but challenging course in various locations. Your rivals will only appear as ghosts on your screen, leaving zero chances for collisions and obstructions. Regardless of your place at the finish line, you will earn cash, tech points, and reputation points.

dirt bike unchained strategies

Each race attempt also consumes gasoline, which serves as your in-game energy in Dirt Bike Unchained. Gasoline replenishes over time although it is much easier to spend it in races than earn it gradually. Given this scenario, prioritizing races and spending gasoline to have them start replenishing soon is important. Some rewards will initially cause you to have more fuel than your max capacity. For efficiency, always expend your fuel until it goes below the cap to have it start replenishing sooner.

As you will earn reputation points with every race you partake in, opponents matched to you may grow tougher moving forward. If you are beginning to struggle against your matched opponents or the dirt tracks themselves, then that should be a clear indicator that you should resort to upgrades, claim bonuses, and earn more resources from the challenges.

2. Complete Challenges For Extra Rewards

If you remember the initial sets of races that you engage in as part of the tutorial, you will have a lot more practice of sorts against various opponents via the challenges game mode. Challenges are progressive as far as difficulty is concerned but the good part is that it is a one-on-one race and does not consume fuel. Whenever you have run out of fuel to compete in Race Mode, therefore, the challenges ought to be your go-to place.

dirt bike unchained challenges

Each challenge you complete earns you instant rewards of cash and tech points you need to unlock other dirt bikes. Beyond that, at the end of each set of challenges comes a reward box that provides mentor tokens as well as other valuable items. There are currently not that many challenge stages in Dirt Bike Unchained but if you can fully complete all challenges within the Dirt Pit Races, then you should be able to perform much better in succeeding races.

3. Join A Team As Soon As You Can

There may not be cooperative 2-on-2 races in Dirt Bike Unchained but it does not leave you entirely alone on your quest towards becoming a top tier rider. Early on, you will be presented with an opportunity to join up with other players via the game’s team feature. Like guilds, alliances, and clans in other games that house a social feature, Dirt Bike Unchained further provides you with more opportunities for advancement by aligning yourself with a team.

dirt bike unchained team

While it is true that you can play and enjoy Dirt Bike Unchained all on your own, being a member of a team offers a lot of incentives without any disadvantage at all. It is not a question of whether or not you should find and join a team but rather, which one to join. There are plenty of teams to choose from and while activity is something that you will not easily determine prior to joining one, choosing a team with more members is a promising start.

Like missions in various other games that span across most genres, missions in Dirt Bike Unchained can only be accessed and accomplished if you are a member of a team. There are various available for the team and most activities and accomplishments within races each team member makes contribute to its completion. Each board consists of 12 tasks and completing each task rewards each member with cash. Completing 3, 6, 9, and all of the tasks earns each member reward boxes.

Each team can have as many as 25 members and if you are fortunate enough to join one that eventually reaches max capacity, then it leaves you with more opportunities to earn a lot of rewards. Do note that every bit of effort you chip in to the accomplishment of each mission objective counts, so joining a team early on and doing your best in subsequent races matters a lot.

4. Purchase Upgrades Only When Necessary

Part of the fun and excitement that comes with every racing game stems from the upgrade feature that essentially gives you a sense of progression in your in-game career. In Dirt Bike Unchained, each bike can be further upgraded to boost different stats that impact its performance. Upgrades cost money and each higher level costs more than the previous one. You can increase your dirt bike’s top speed, acceleration, traction, and suspension.

Top speed is usually considered most important which is why it costs more to upgrade this than the other stats. Your dirt bike’s top speed matters a lot throughout the race and having a higher top speed than the other riders can put you at a good advantage. Speed is never consistent throughout the race, especially if you do not manage a perfect landing or overshot a corner with a powerslide.

In these scenarios, having a high enough level of acceleration makes up for the sudden loss of speed. Traction may not be as evidently important in a one-tap mode race but in Dirt Bike Unchained, traction helps you perform better powerslides and also boosts your efficiency when running uphill. Last, but not the least, upgrading your suspension gives your dirt bike better stability when you land from jumps and tricks. In essence, this determines the boost you can get off of each jump you make. Likewise, it reduces the slowdowns you receive from landings outside of the acceleration marks.

Each of the stat to be upgraded is valuable but as much as you keep on earning cash, you need to constantly save for higher tier dirt bikes and mentor upgrades. As such, manage you cash well by delimiting upgrades only when they are necessary. Higher tier bikes that you can unlock using tech points and purchase using cash typically have much better stats to begin with. Although you will still find use for lower tier bikes later on, the idea is to obtain and upgrade higher tier dirt bikes as they become available to stay competitive in succeeding races.

5. Level Up Mentors As Soon As You Can

Dirt Bike Unchained lets you learn some moto skills and tricks from 9 different Red Bull motocross and enduro superstars. You can collect mentor tokens as rewards from challenges and team missions and getting more of the same mentor tokens will let you level up the perks that each mentor provides.

dirt bike unchained mentors

You can view all mentors by tapping on your badge at the upper left corner of the screen. Locked or otherwise, you can also view the bonuses that each level up provides. Do note that selecting a specific mentor from among the choices only selects the trick you can copy from them and each perk unlocked remains active moving forward.

There are no methods of farming specific mentor tokens and you will rely entirely on the luck of draw from reward boxes for random tokens. In any case, be sure to always check the roster of mentors you have and upgrade each one as soon as you can to benefit immediately from the boost that each level provides.

6. Familiarize Yourself With Each Track As Much As Possible

There are numerous tracks to race on in Dirt Bike Unchained and each one offers a unique set of challenges that can test your precision and concentration to the fullest. Whether it is the race mode or challenge mode, you will be racing across each track several times. In some cases, races can be held on the same track consecutively and during those situations, you will probably grow more familiar with the track.

One important skill to have in every racing game comes from having a high level of familiarity with each track, even if there is a course outline during the race. The absence of a course outline in Dirt Bike Unchained makes it even more important for you to try and memorize each track you race on. As much as fast reaction times can help you navigate perfectly across each course, there will be instances like long jumps that can be difficult for you to prepare for. This is most especially impactful in tracks where there are gaps that automatically end the race when you fall in.

Keep in mind that some dirt tracks have different layouts despite sporting the same background. The tracks name very much indicate its layout so be sure to take note of it as well. The logic here is to learn from mistakes you make by taking note of where it happens within the tracks. These usually revolve around having longer jumps than needed or lacking the necessary entry speed and traction to make it all the way through a supposed gap.

7. Master Starts, Landings, Powerslides, And Tricks Early On

As much as having one-touch controls make Dirt Bike Unchained as simple as it can be, actually timing taps, holds, releases, and various combinations of such can offer some decent challenge that tests your concentration and reaction time. Each of these moves contribute to giving you an advantage in every race and even if you are matched against riders with more powerful dirt bikes, performing better as far as these moves are concerned can turn the tide of each race more in your favor.

Do note, however, that as easy as it seems to time these early on, upgrading your current dirt bike or using a higher tier bike later on will make it a lot more challenging given that your overall speed shortens the span of time within which you can pull of these moves perfectly or at all.

how to master tricks in dirt bike unchained

For starters, it all comes down to a great start to stay ahead of the competition. To perform a perfect start you need to rev just right before the countdown reaches zero. The countdown as well as the race itself will not commence until after you have touched your screen at the starting line so once you do, be ready to time it just right to ensure that the speedometer’s pointer falls within the green bar when the actual race starts.

Take note that countdown starts at 3 down to 0 so with that, you can either rapidly tap the screen to try and keep the pointer within the green bar from the get-go or hold and release just right and in timing with the countdown to zero. In any case, be sure to keep in mind that some upgrades will impact your rev and each dirt bike has differences here as well.

As much as having a perfect start can earn you a big advantage, it can only take you a little far ahead and later on, especially against more powerful dirt bikes, you will need more that perfect starts to win a race. Another basic speed boost you should master comes from perfect landings. Simply holding down the screen at the right time while you are airborne can send your dirt bike plummeting down faster for a landing.

The challenge actually comes from timing it as each jump can send you to different heights and in some cases, it can be confusing as to whether you should go for a quick landing or remain airborne to catch the next speed up landing spot. This is actually where knowing the track better leads to a huge advantage. Beyond that, make it a habit to look at the track every time you jump so that you can quickly hold down the screen and go for a perfect landing whenever you need to.

dirt bike unchained perfect superman

Powerslides are actually easier to pull than it looks especially with the 3 stars gradually appearing above your screen whenever you hit a corner. There is a relatively bigger gap between pulling off a perfect slide successfully and completely missing it. Just as soon as you hit a curve on the track, keep an eye out for the stars and do a quick release and tap as soon as you see the third star.

It can be a challenge when your dirt bike’s speed is too fast or when stars from a previous powerslide or landing blocks your view of the stars. In any case, once you get the timing right given the present setup of your ride, you only need to make adjustments in timing after another upgrade that impacts speed.

Tricks are the last moves you will have on your book for now. Once you have levelled a mentor to level 2, you can choose to equip your chosen mentor’s unique special trick while airborne from some jumps. The trick itself will only look different from the rest aesthetically but its effects are the same. Being able to pull off a trick and landing it successfully gives you an even bigger speed boost to tilt the advantage in the race more to your favor.

For one, it may initially be confusing at first to determine which jumps allow you to perform a trick within it. On top of the red mark indicating where you can perform a trick, these typically involve wooden ramps and not just random uphill tracks that enable you to jump high.

Additionally, if you are struggling to time the trick right, you are very much free to smash tap on the screen as soon as you release it to jump. Just be sure that one of those taps are performed while your dirt bike is on the part of the ramp where the red mark is.

8. Remember To Claim Rewards From Reputation Milestones

Your overall progress in Dirt Bike Unchained is determined by the amount of reputation you have earned from all races you have taken part in. You earn 4 points for finishing first, 3 points for coming in second, 2 points for finishing in third place, and a point for being last. Continuously climbing the rank ladder from novice (bronze), to challenger (silver), to national (gold), and ultimately champion (platinum) is a long and arduous road with benefits every step of the way.

dirt bike unchained reputation

You can see your rank and reputation above the screen on the race page. There will be an indicator on it to remind you of rewards that you can claim for reaching certain milestones. Cash, cash boosters, tech boosters, and reward boxes are common rewards with some unique prizes along the way. Note that challenge mode races do not contribute to earning you reputation points so, in essence, you can only earn reputation points by participating in races and consuming fuel.

That ends our Dirt Bike Unchained Beginner’s Guide and we hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you today will help you reach champion status faster and dominate each race you partake in. Chances are that more features and game modes will eventually make it to the game in future updates but for now, the basics as far as preparing for races and actually performing well within each one should be largely covered by the topics we have discussed.

If you have played Dirt Bike Unchained for quite some time and discovered more tips, cheats, and strategies outside of what we have already covered, we are very much interested to hear about it. Feel free to share with us your experience with the game as well as some of your own tricks in the comments!

Ronald Caldwell

Tuesday 29th of June 2021

So i was evidently blocked from playing this game. It says no connection error 10,000. I spent nearly $400 to be a top contender. I owned all the bikes and most were maxed out. I was in the 14000 levle. My mentors were all level 9 and 10. I switch over to my wifes account and it loads fine so i started over. Can not even get an excuse or reply from these jokers. Love the game but frustrated i was ripped off.


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

How can I earn / buy more gold for gas? I'm to the point where I'm waiting to play just to get one or two cans. Sucks.


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

I'm restricted with gas. I'm winning much more than I'm loosing but neede gold to purchase more.

How do I do this?

dee snuts

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

ok how do i change my name?


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Sensei, yes, I'm with you at times. There is a very predictable limiter in the game at 500 trophies on a given bike. You will have to grind through it and at around 590 to 620, you will break algorithm and start winning more more 3 than 4s but unless you make a big mistake, you will be 1st or 2nd for a while. A few of mine are at 700 to 900 and I can screw up and still place 2nd.