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Dino War Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Pulverize Your Enemies

Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, and that was a good thing for us humans. Unfortunately, there are some who want to mess with the natural state of things by bringing back massive creatures from extinction. Available on Android and iOS, Dino War is set in a dystopian future where the world has fallen apart after giant beasts have been turned against humanity. The world’s only hope for survival is to fight fire with fire. Your job is to help mankind fight back by controlling Jurassic giants, including an armor-plated T-Rex and a guerilla gorilla.

Of course, since you will be fighting in a war, you will also be commanding other troops aside from these giants. You will have to collect resources, build your base, forge alliances, and trade in order to ensure your survival. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything you need to do, make sure you read our Dino War cheats, tips and strategies for some much-needed help!

1. Level Up Your Headquarters

The Headquarters is the tallest building in your base. It is the center of operations, so it would naturally be the most important building you have. Leveling it up will give you access to new buildings and additional upgrades for existing ones. Aside from these, you will also receive bonuses when you reach certain levels. For example, reaching level 6 will increase your march capacity. The march capacity determines the number of troops you can send out for gathering resources, engaging enemies, and attacking other players. The higher the number is, the easier it will be for you to overwhelm your enemies.

2. Train Different Type Of Units

There are three primary training facilities for your units. You have the Barracks for land units, Paddock for riders, and the Range for ranged units. The Barracks will produce the bulk of your units. When you upgrade it, you will be able to train stronger units. Its training capacity will also increase, making it easier for you to churn out more units. The same is true for the Paddock and Range. Upgrading these facilities will increase training capacity and will unlock better units. Try to spread out your upgrades among the three since you will need to train different types of units in order to ensure you are prepared for anything in battle.

Once your units are done with their training, they will all rally at the Drill Grounds, regardless of which facility they came from. The Drill Grounds will show you how many troops you have in total, how many you can send out to march, and the number of units that are wounded. Pay attention to your march slots because these determine the number of troops you can send out at the same time. For example, if you only have two march slots, that means you can send out two groups of units on different missions at the same time. If you want additional march slots, you will have to research March Slots in the Research Lab.

3. Keep On Researching

While we are on the topic of researching, make sure you are always updated with the latest technology. The Research Lab allows you to research different abilities for development, troops, and economy. Development technologies allow you to increase construction speed, add hospital capacity, train more troops, march slots, and so on. The higher the level of your lab, the more options you will have for research.

The Battle technologies allow you to research troop attack, damage, defense, and health. You can also increase the number of troops you can send in each march by researching the appropriate technology in this category. Finally, the Economic Operations technologies allow you to increase production of materials, energy, and ammo. You can also improve gold generation and gathering if you are having problems keeping up with costs.

4. Don’t Forget About Steel Production

The Construction Plant lets you manufacture Steel. This is an important resource that you need for upgrading troop buildings and the headquarters. If you have a lot of it, you can sell it for pink diamonds at the Trading Post. Just tap on the Trade button to sell off any excess Steel that you may have. You will need to upgrade the Construction Plant in order to produce higher-level Steel. Higher-level steel is required if you want to continue upgrading your headquarters or any troop buildings.

5. Check Out The Markets

There are several marketplaces available in the game. The first one, which was mentioned above, is the Trading Post. This is where you can trade materials for pink diamonds with other players. You can buy and sell different plug-in parts, assembly pieces, and other materials here. However, you will need to upgrade the Trading Post to certain levels if you want to be able to sell more advanced items. Listing more items in the Trading Post, however, involves a different building. You need to upgrade your Trade Warehouse if you want to be able to list more items. Don’t worry because it also protects the resources that are stored in it, making any upgrade a worthy investment. If you send out your troops a lot, you will find yourself with a surplus of different items. Make sure you keep both the Trade Post and the Trade Warehouse upgraded so none of your extra resources go to waste.

Another marketplace is the Arms Dealer. This is where you can buy commander EXP, relocators, rare materials, and other pieces. The Arms Dealer only accepts gold, so make sure you have plenty of it before going shopping. Check out the different markets from time to time. Sometimes it is better if you buy the materials that you need instead of waiting for a long time to gather them.

6. Hang Out In The Mess Hall

While the Mess Hall is traditionally where troops go to eat, you get a lot more than food when you go here. It has three parts that you can check out. The first one is the Daily Rewards. As the name suggest, you go here to complete certain tasks and claim rewards on a daily basis. Tasks include killing a specified number of monsters, selling goods, and so on. You get points for completing tasks. Every time you reach a milestone, you will be able to claim rewards. For example, you will get your first reward for the day when you get 30 points. Keep completing tasks in order to gain more rewards.

The second part is the Welcome Shipment. This gives you a list of rewards that you will receive per day. There are different rewards each day, so make sure you take note of the ones that you really want to get and make sure you don’t miss logging in on that day. The rewards you get from this can include speedup items, bag shipment, relocators, gold, Steel, and more.

The third part of the Mess Hall is the Daily Drop. You can also receive a variety of items from this including commander EXP, high-grade polymer, diamonds, speedup items, ammo, energy and more. The only catch is that you need to activate the Daily Drop in order to get these rewards. Make it a habit to claim all your rewards from the Mess Hall on a daily basis to maximize your progress in the game.

7. Beasts Need Care Too

If you have wounded beasts, or you just want to check out how all your beasts are doing, you can go to the Beast Compound and Recovery Station. This can examine all the beasts you have unlocked as well as their respective abilities. You can also heal any injured beasts from here. Don’t forget to upgrade this building as well. Doing so will increase your control level limit as well as improve recovery speed for any injuries.

8. Look At Your Radar

The Radar Station is an important building that will become your first line of defense from incoming marches. It detects all enemies that are marching your way. Tap on the Radar button to see if there are any enemy troops marching towards your base. You will also be able to see if any enemies tried to spy on you recently. The higher the level of your Radar Station, the better its range will be. You will want to know any incoming attacks as soon as possible, so make it a habit to check this place out as often as you can.

9. Gear Up Your Commander

Just because you are commanding people does not mean you don’t need any equipment. You need to equip gear in order to increase the damage, defense attack, and other attributes of your troops. To craft gear, you will need materials like high-grade polymer, power cores, and alloy parts. Once you have the necessary materials, just head into the Arsenal to begin crafting. Make sure your commander always has the best possible equipment to keep your entire army in top shape.

10. Join An Active Alliance

You cannot win the war on your own. You will need the help of other commanders if you want to succeed, especially if you have other players who are waiting to raid you the second you let your guard down. To join an alliance, you must first build an Embassy. Once you have an Embassy, you will be able to send and receive reinforcements. Upgrading the Embassy will increase the help duration and reinforcement capacity.

11. Keep The Resource Buildings Upgraded

Continued operations and progress of your base is dependent on how much resources you have. You will need to produce a lot of resources if you want to keep powering up. This is especially true if you don’t like raiding other players. There are three types of resource in the game: ammo, energy, and material. The fourth resource is the game’s regular currency called gold.

Gold is produced at the Shelter. Materials are made in the Material Workshop. Ammo is created in the Ammo Factory. Energy is generated in the Energy Generator. Upgrade these buildings in order to increase the production of their respective resources. When the resources are ready to be harvested, an icon will appear above the buildings. You just need to tap on one of the buildings to gather all of the resources.

12. Heal The Wounded

Since you also have regular troops, you have to treat them somewhere other than the Beast Compound. That is what the Hospital is for. The Hospital lets you treat a number of wounded troops. You will need to upgrade this building if you want to be able to treat more troops at the same time. Treating troops may take time, but it is a lot more cost efficient to heal the wounded than to train more units to replace the dead. Make sure you invest more in the Hospital if you find yourself running out of slots for healing.

13. Look Into The Intel Post

The Intel Post is a unique building where you get information and items every three to four minutes. You can get speedup items and rare materials from this building. Aside from that, you will also sometimes receive information on where bunkers are located. Bunkers can contain new beasts, beast plug-in parts, and other materials. When you get intel, just tap on the binoculars to find the bunkers. You can then send your troops marching to collect whatever loot awaits.

14. Participate In Events For Rewards

The game regularly hosts Events to keep things interesting. While most Events are only doable once you reach a decent level, it still does not hurt to check it out regularly. You might be able to find a few tasks that you can complete in order to receive rewards. Event rewards often include diamonds, energy shields, and training speedups. Even if you cannot win the Event itself, you could still aim for minor prizes that can help you progress further in the game.

Are you ready to win the war? Remember everything you learned from our Dino War strategy guide and you will surely emerge victorious!