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Dig Master Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Reaching the Center of the Earth

Dig Master, designed by Plexonic, is a new mobile game for iOS and Android-powered devices. With 17 exclusive digging locations and many artifacts to collect – you’ll be having lots of fun playing this entertaining game. Also, Dig Master features intuitive gameplay, alongside colorful graphics and animations. All in all – a game you should definitely try out.

However, digging the deepest hole ever is no easy task. That is why we prepared a comprehensive Dig Master guide for you. These guidelines should help you reach the deepest layers of the Earth’s crust. With the help of these 8 Dig Master tips, cheats and strategies you will cruise through the missions with ease.

1. Pick The Perfect Time For Digging

The goal of every stage in Dig Master is to reach the required depth. Sounds pretty simple. But, there is more than meets the eye here, so let’s start from the very beginning. Your every attempt to cut into the Earth starts by powering up the machinery. Naturally, you need the right tools if you want to excavate the largest collection of minerals and fossils.

dig master cheats

A quick tap on the screen powers up the laser, which is your primary digging tool. Moreover, the laser allows you to create a digging site. But, you need to time your move to perfection if you want to reach maximum depth. To clarify, the gauge at the center of the screen features a moving needle. If you tap the needle while it stands in the middle area of the gauge, the laser will drill deep into the earth. Also, this gauge acts as a multiplier, providing your loot with a certain boost. Therefore, wait for the perfect moment to tap the screen!

2. Use The AutoDig Feature

Once the laser reaches maximum depth, your character on the screen will continue burrowing into the Earth. His only equipment is a protective helmet and a pneumatic drill. Not much, but it gets the job done. Of course, you direct his movements. By tapping on the left or the right-hand side of the screen, you tell the dig master where to go. Unfortunately, the number of moves at your disposal is limited. You can increase the number of drills, but we will talk more about this feature in the upcoming chapters.

For now, let us explain the AutoDig feature. In essence, this option allows the players to leave the decision-making process at the hands of the computer. As the name implies, AutoDig feature is similar to an autopilot. It does all the work without your interference. But, when it comes to Dig Master, this option may miss some high-value gems and precious stones. When you are in control, you can direct the little worker straight at those treasures.

3. Target Larger Crystals And Rare Items

While burrowing through the ground, your construction worker will come across a wide array of artifacts. From minerals and gemstones to petrified fossils – all sorts of items are lying around. After all, they are the reason why you are digging in the first place. The excavation of those items is the primary goal of Dig Master. The more treasure you bring back to the surface – the more money you will earn.

With that in mind, we advise the players to always go straight for the larger diamonds and crystals. Logically, larger stones are more valuable than smaller ones. Therefore, direct your character to the sparkling precious stones. Also, Dig Master features a collection of rare items, such as fish skeletons, human skulls, and so on. These artifacts, the so-called Rare ones, will also boost your loot at the end of every mission. Consequently, you should never miss a chance to grab one of those.

4. Use The TNT To Collect More Treasure

Since the earth beneath our feet hides many secrets, Dig Master mimics the reality and provides lots of surprises. For instance, you will often stumble upon a packet of TNT! Of course, we all know that dynamite was used in coal mines for centuries. That is why the TNT in Dig Master is your friend, and you should always direct your movements towards this valuable item.

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The package of explosives has only one function in Dig Master – to explode, of course. But, the detonation can have important consequences for your loot at the end of the excavation. In other words, it can significantly boost your bankroll. Once you activate the dynamite, all the minerals and crystals in the surrounding area will go into your collection. As a matter of fact, the detonation will create a small cave, providing you with extra free space. Most importantly, the radius of the explosion will bring a bunch of precious stones your way, without having to make a large number of moves to collect the treasure.

5. Double Your Earnings After Every Digging Attempt

As we already said, your every digging attempt will be rewarded with a certain amount of dollars. Even though archeology and paleontology are not well-known for being lucrative professions, it is nice when someone appreciates your efforts. But, with a limited number of moves, it is not so easy to collect a massive treasure in Dig Master.

That is why this game provides a simple and straightforward solution that can help you double your earnings after every excavation. Once you run out of moves, the game will calculate the total value of the treasure you collected. At the same time, Dig Master will offer to double the value of your loot. The only requirement is to watch an ad. So, invest those 20 seconds of your life and watch the video. As a result, your bankroll will double in size, allowing you to buy more upgrades and progress to the next level.

6. Invest In The Machinery

Speaking of upgrades, Dig Master offers three of them. They are prominently displayed in the upper portion of the screen. All of them are crucial for your success in this game, so we will elaborate more on the features of those upgrades. Looking from the left, the Laser boost is the first.

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Earlier in this Dig Master guide, we mentioned the use of a high-performance laser. This machinery drills down into the ground, creating an opening for you to drop into. But, the laser in the early stages of the game is not as powerful as we would like. In other words, it can reach small depths. That is why we advise that you invest in the Laser boost upgrade at every opportunity. As soon as you notice a red notification sign on top of this boost, tap the icon. You will notice the change in the depth of the tunnel your laser crates after you splash the cash on a new upgrade.

7. Increase The Number Of Available Drills

Once you arrive at the excavation site in Dig Master, you will receive a certain number of drills. We already explained that the laser-initiated sequence is the first step and that ‘manual’ drilling comes later. Of course, you can leave the ‘manual’ burrowing to autopilot, but you will not earn much money this way. Instead, we recommend increasing the number of available drills. Here is how you can do that.

The upgrade in the middle is the one that unlocks a higher number of attempts. By investing in this boost, you can reach deeper into the Earth than ever before. At the very start of every stage, you will have around 20 drills on your disposal. But, if you spend a few dollars on this valuable upgrade – the number of drills can double. Two numbers at the top of the screen will inform you about the used number of attempts as well as the total number of available drills.

8. Boost Your Offline Earnings

Another cool thing about Dig Master is the possibility of collecting cash while you are not playing the game. The treasure you collect will stay in the museum, generating profit from the visitors. The collection of mesmerizing precious stones will charm any museum-goer. To be honest, who wouldn’t be captivated by the colors of an obsidian, sapphire, or emerald stone?

dig master earnings

Furthermore, you can boost your offline earnings in a simple and straightforward manner. The third upgrade at the main screen allows you to enhance this type of earnings. So, every time you see a little red number on top of the icon on the right-hand side – invest the money. As a result, the total amount you receive when you come back to the game will be much larger. On top of that, Dig Master will allow you to double the bounty by watching an ad. Needless to say, we recommend exploiting this opportunity and collecting as much cash as possible.

With the final tip in our 8-point list of the most useful Dig Master cheats, tips and tricks, we conclude our guide. If you are familiar with any other helpful strategies, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!