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DDTank Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Proficient City Limited’s DDTank is a unique shooting game, and it’s a port of a popular browser title. This is an “epic trajectory shooter” where you can “show off your fashion, charge into battle, and join your friends against epic bosses.” In other words, there are elements of shooting and dress-up in here (we told you it was going to be different), and more importantly, there’s a social element involved, as this game is mostly about player-vs-player, real-time battle. You can collect more than 300 outfits to customize your characters, collect any number of different “cute” weapons, and explore different worlds.

In the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, it’s often challenging to consistently win against other human players, but we hope we can help you to that end with the following DDTank cheats and strategy guide.

1. Keep Your Movements To A Minimum

All actions in this game cost you energy, or stamina. Whether you’re moving around or equipping your character with a power-up, you use stamina, and that means you should make movements only as needed. If you need to go somewhere or avoid getting blown up from underneath, you’ll want to make a move, and when it comes to using power-ups, only use as many as your stamina would allow.

2. How To Aim At Your Opponents

When taking aim, it’s a good idea to aim higher than what is necessary. Doing so definitely is better than aiming lower than needed – more often than not, you wouldn’t be hitting the enemy that way. Memorize your enemy’s coordinates and level of force from the aiming meter, which will only be visible for a few moments; this would allow you to fire in a similar, if not identical way if given another chance to do it.

3. Compete In More Battles For More Upgrades

There is a distinct fashion mechanic in DDTank, and those outfits will help boost your stats. Ditto with weapons and equipment. And if you’re looking to upgrade, you should compete more frequently in multiplayer battles, or in single-player mode, which is also available here but not at all emphasized on the game description. You can also earn rewards by completing quests, so access the quest menu if you’re all out of things to do in the game.

4. Synthesizer Stones Can Also Improve Weapons / Equipment

In addition, you can also earn synthesizer stones, which you can then outfit on your weapons and equipment to enhance them – you’ll do this by going to the blacksmith. Each stone will give your stats a boost in a different way, and you can use these stones in conjunction with your fashion items for some really serious boosting.

5. You Can Forgo The Fashion Element Altogether

Want to focus more on the fighting and less, even much less on the fashion? There is a way around this, and that’s by using your fashion slots to the fullest. Synthesize your fashion items, and leave them in their slots – it’s no use changing them, as they all have identical stat sets. Weapons, on the other hand, have distinct stat sets, so feel free to change weapons once you’ve got something newer and more powerful.