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Dashy Crashy Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Make Longer Runs and Unlock More Cars

Dashy Crashy is a new iOS game developed by Dumpling Design, and a look at the game’s graphics and App Store description tells you one thing – it’s all about simple, casual gameplay without any unnecessary bells and whistles. In here, all you have to do is swipe to change direction and speed, drive without crashing, defeat friends and (AI) drivers to unlock new vehicles. (There are 54 vehicles to unlock, in case you’re wondering.) In short, it’s an endless runner/endless driver game that comes with some twists that set it apart from other games of its kind.

Additional twists mean new things to pick up if you’re familiar with similar titles like Smashy Road. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a hard time in this game, especially if you check out our list of Dashy Crashy tips and tricks that can help you make longer runs and unlock more cars.

1. Hitting The Brakes Is Fine

The ideal thing to do here is to leave your foot on the gas and keep going fast and furious, with upward swipes allowing you to go faster. Do this when you know the path ahead of you is clear, as this allows you to go farther than you normally could. However, it’s also important to make use of the brakes; in fact, it’s very important, as braking could save you in the event there are vehicles closing in on you. Go ahead, let them pass, and avoid bumping into them. Trying to stay fast and lose them is often more dangerous; just brake, just let them overtake you, and live to drive a few more miles.

2. Use Your More Durable Cars When They’re Available

Most of the cars in Dashy Smashy will be bound for the junkyard after you’ve hit an obstacle once – let us repeat that, once. But not all cars in this game are flimsy vehicles that end your game the moment they come in contact with something. There are some vehicles, such as the Lorry, Lorry Cab, Garbage Truck, and more that can take more than one hit. That’s one of the simplest ways you can ensure a longer run in this game.

3. Look Ahead

Going far in your run is more than just choosing a durable car and braking to play it safe. You also have to look ahead of you and make sure you’re on a route that doesn’t have much traffic. That will also help you spot those vehicles that are changing lanes, either left or right. Vehicles are usually slow when changing lanes, meaning you can easily go past them, provided there’s enough space to wiggle around in.

As a bonus tip, we suggest staying on the side of the road, instead of the middle, as that’s usually the best way to avoid heavy traffic that could easily end your game.

4. Keep On Playing To Unlock New Cars

The easy way to unlock new cars or trucks in Dashy Crashy is to buy them with real money. But since that isn’t always a cost-effective option, the simplest thing you can do here is to keep on playing; if you get a high score, you might luck out and get a good car, so just play, play, and play if you want a shot at winning some nice cars for free.


Saturday 6th of November 2021

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