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Crusaders of the Lost Idols Tips, Cheats & Guide to Create the Best Triangle Formation

Ready to form a team of unusual heroes to fight monsters, earn gold, and collect loot? If you are, then you’re ready to play Crusaders of the Lost Idols, a new clicker RPG from Kongregate that comes rich with heroic awesomeness. Aside from recruiting heroes, leveling them up, and unlocking new abilities, you’ll also have to come up with the perfect formation to maximize the damage you can deal out. There are over ten thousand levels in the game (yes, seriously), and a chance for you to master over six campaigns with various objectives per campaign. And it wouldn’t be an RPG if you didn’t have the ability to collect gear and buffs; each of the 30-plus characters have hundreds of unique upgrades, thanks to the game’s cornucopia of content.

While clicker RPGs tend to be simpler than traditional RPGs, this game has a higher learning curve than most clicker RPGs, even with the presence of those old standby rules and mechanics. So what can you do if you want to get better in this game and progress faster? As it turns out, it all boils down to your choice of heroes and formation, which we shall be talking about in this Crusaders of the Lost Idols strategy guide, which focuses on the popular triangle formation.

1. About The Triangle Formation

No, we’re not talking about the basketball offense here, but rather the most common formation in Crusaders of the Lost Idols. It has two characters in the front row, three characters in the middle row, and four characters in the back row, and when it comes to choosing which heroes go where, a lot of the old rules apply. But what about specific characters in relation to the game?

2. Choosing Good Early Formations

One important thing to keep in mind early in the game is to make the most out of the bonuses provided by your early heroes – these include the Hermit, the Princess, Jim the Lumberjack, and Sasha the Warrior, who are also among the best heroes in the game overall. Their bonuses will do wonders for your team’s overall DPS (damage per second), so you should definitely be leveraging what they have to offer.

For an early-game triangle formation, you can have the Hermit in front (and benefiting from additional DPS because there’s no one in front of him), the Princess and Sasha in the middle row, and Jim the Lumberjack and Artaxes the Lion among your back-row characters. If you’re using the Bushwhacker, that’s fine, though you can replace him with any other hero if you need more DPS.

3. What’s The Best Mid-Game Formation?

Once you reach the mid-point of the game, there will be more heroes for you to choose from, better and more powerful heroes who could do more good for you by way of DPS. At this point, you can do away with the Bushwhacker and the Hermit, who would no longer be that useful, even with the bonus for being a frontliner. Jim the Lumberjack can still be placed in the back row, and should be a staple of your formations regardless of what stage of the game you are in. Likewise, Sasha and the Princess are good to have on your formation for a good portion of the game.
Working off the triangle formation once again, we suggest having Princess in front, the Gold Panda among your characters in the second row, Sasha in the second or third row, and Jim and Artaxes among the back row heroes.

4. Here’s A Good Late-Game Formation

Once you’ve got all the heroes unlocked, that’s going to start the late stage of the game; at this point, you want your team to be mainly comprised of higher-level Crusaders. Focus on making them better, but since it’s advisable for you to keep Jim in your formation for as long as possible, he should be fairly high-level at this point as well. Once again, he can be positioned in the back, while the front row can be occupied by Natalie Dragon. That’s because she can provide quite a healthy bonus to her sibling Nate, who can be positioned alongside Jim in the fourth and last row. As for the middle rows, the Gold Panda and Sasha the Warrior again make good choices, same with Khouri the Witch Doctor.

5. Experiment With Formations

There are obviously many formation types and many ways for you to set things up and come up with a winning formation. But that’s where experimentation comes in, as you can greatly impact your team’s DPS simply by switching one Crusader’s spot with that of another. Also bear in mind that you may be completing more missions with your weaker heroes, even if they’re not part of a formation, and that they could become stronger than you’d normally give them credit for. You might want to test them out in future missions and see if they could make your DPS better.

6. Items Could Make Weaker Crusaders Become Stronger

Think a certain Crusader is pretty useless compared to most of your existing heroes? You might want to check their items and buffs; they may have some impressive bonuses that could make them surprisingly powerful and effective. Always take a look at the items, buffs, etc. when you have the time, as these could be game-changers.

7. Complete Missions For Enchantment Points After Resetting

Once you’ve reset the in-game world, or effectively “prestiged” as they say in idle clicker parlance, you should work on missions that will give you enchantment points. (That’s 25 percent more damage per Crusader for each enchantment point!) Make sure your best heroes are enlisted for these missions, even if they’re not unlocked for formations. You can still dispatch them and have them work on missions, which should actually be a good thing for you; as they won’t be part of a formation, you won’t be losing any DPS boosts from such a move.

These would be our tips and tricks for Crusaders of the Lost Idols. In case you know any other hints for the game, that we haven’t listed in this guide, then don’t hesitate to let us know!