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CrossFire: Warzone Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

CrossFire: Warzone combines strategy, simulation, and RPG elements in a massive game where you recruit officers, train troops, and develop your base in order to take down the terrorists threatening the world.

This is not your typical base-building game, as it offers various modes that switch things up from traditional simulation components. In addition to upgrading buildings and carrying out research, players will also have to shoot down zombies from a helicopter, and take down infiltrators with a sniper rifle. You can also deploy units to attack terrorist encampments, and join an alliance for assistance and various bonuses.

crossfire warzone sniper

CrossFire started as a first-person game for the PC, so players may expect the same genre for the game’s mobile version. However, the officers of CrossFire: Warzone include characters from the PC shooter, so there remains a connection between the games.

Players who are looking for a war game with deep mechanics, a rewarding progression system, and collectible characters will not go wrong with CrossFire: Warzone. However, to maximize the game and unlock everything that it offers as fast as possible, we have come up with a detailed CrossFire: Warzone beginner’s guide. Stay with us and check out our list of tips, tricks and strategies for CrossFire: Warzone to outsmart and defeat your enemies!

1. Hoard Resources

The foundation for everything that you will do in CrossFire: Warzone are the various in-game resources. A steady inflow of these resources will make sure that you will keep progressing into the game’s later stages.

The resources in CrossFire: Warzone are Food, Steel, and Dollars, various combinations of which are used in training troops, producing helicopters and vehicles, and upgrading buildings. Meanwhile, Gold may be used for speeding up processes and converting units to their higher-level counterparts, but should be used sparingly as it is the game’s premium currency and hard to come by.

crossfire warzone resource production

You can collect Food, Steel, and Dollars, from resource buildings – Farms, Steelworks, and Banks, respectively. Once you are able to construct these buildings, build as many as you can right away, ideally evenly among the three types. You should also upgrade them right away to the highest level possible, which you should not forget to keep doing so as the level of your Command Post increases.

You should not forget to collect the Food, Steel, and Dollars produced by your resource buildings by tapping on the pile near the buildings. In addition, you sometimes acquire resources by winning against terrorists and completing achievements, which you can add to your pool by tapping on them in your Inventory.

crossfire warzone inventory

There are other materials in CrossFire: Warzone that are technically not resources, but they help make things easier for you. These include items that speed up your research, production, and construction time, which will also appear in your Inventory. You can use them by tapping on the Speed Up option on the buildings where they are applicable.

Lastly, for players who have enough free time on their hands, you can receive even more resources and materials, including Gold, by watching ads. These are accessible through the Free icon near the upper right of the screen while you are in the base, and it is highly recommended to watch the videos as often as you can, as Gold is a rare and useful resource.

2. Prioritize Daily Missions, Main Missions

Early on in the game, Natasha, one of the officers that you can recruit in CrossFire: Warzone who also serves as your guide, will start issuing Chapter Quests. Completing these quests will move forward the game’s story, as you take on Breaker and his terrorist army.

crossfire warzone daily missions

However, it is highly recommended to instead prioritize the Daily Missions and Main Missions, and to hold off on completing the Chapter Quests as long as possible. This is because completing the Daily Missions and Main Missions will rack up resources that you can use to upgrade your buildings and train stronger troops, which will make the Chapter Quests much easier compared with trying to complete them as soon as they appear.

Incidentally, completing Daily Missions and Main Missions, along with other in-game progress that you make, will also trigger the completion of certain achievements. These will give you various rewards that you can also use to further improve your base, ahead of taking on the Chapter Quests.

crossfire warzone special event

In addition to the Daily Missions and Main Missions, players who are just starting out with the game are given various goals that should be completed within a given time limit. Not only do these goals offer very useful rewards, they will also serve as tutorials to make sure that you learn all the nooks and crannies of CrossFire: Warzone.

3. Maximize The Upgrade And Research Queues

At the start of the game, there will only be two slots for building upgrades and one slot for research upgrades at a time, represented by the circles at the left side of the screen while in your base. If you are harvesting resources properly, you should have enough to keep the upgrade and research queues constantly working on something.

crossfire warzone free queue

Because CrossFire: Warzone requires players to keep increasing their power to take on upcoming challenges, the upgrade and research queues should never be left idle for extended periods of time. You should also keep an eye on them as once the timers near completion, you can tap on them to skip the final few minutes for free.

With all the available options for upgrades and research, how do you determine which ones to prioritize?

For buildings, the initial goal should be to upgrade your Command Post to Level 12 as quickly as possible. This is because at this level, all the previously hidden buildings would be unlocked, giving you access to everything that your base has to offer. Along the way, the Command Post upgrades will require you to increase the level of other buildings, so you don’t have to worry about the others being left behind. Increasing the Command Post level also increases the maximum level of your other buildings, upgrades to which will unlock more options such as stronger units.

crossfire warzone research

Meanwhile, for research, the priority should be on the options that improve your resource gathering capabilities, as well as those that make upgrades and research finish quicker. You won’t need the attack and defense boosts at the start of the game as the enemies won’t be troublesome, so take advantage of that and focus first on improving your base.

4. Train Troops And Produce Vehicles, Helicopters

Similar to the upgrade and research queues, you never want to see Z’s on top of your buildings that make units, as that means that they are idle. If you are properly collecting resources, these buildings should be running like clockwork.

crossfire warzone unit buildings

The Academy trains troops, the Vehicle Plant produces vehicles, and the Helicopter Plant produces helicopters. By increasing the levels of these buildings, you gain access to more powerful units. The Barracks, Vehicle Depot, and Heliport dictate the maximum number of units for each type, and offer an option to convert lower tier units to their more powerful counterparts. This option, however, is not recommended as it uses up precious gold. If you find yourself stuck with no space for making powerful units, the better option is to dismiss the weaker units.

You should also make sure that the upgrades to these buildings and making units are evenly spread out. While it might look cool to have an all-helicopter team, for example, it is best to have a healthy number of units of each type because of their strengths and weaknesses. Troops are strong against helicopters, helicopters are strong against vehicles, and vehicles are strong against troops.

5. Deploy The Best Officers

Certain actions in CrossFire: Warzone, including attacking terrorist camps and clearing out your base’s Secret Laboratory, will require you to deploy units, led by the Officers who are in your command. You can monitor your collection of Officers and their upgrades through the Officer’s Quarters.

Officers do not level up on their own – you need to allocate the Officer experience points to them in the Officer’s Quarters. Upon reaching level 10, you can also upgrade their equipment for additional stat boosts, and upon receiving enough tokens, you can promote Officers to unlock more skills that they can use in battle.

crossfire warzone deploy forces

While it might be tempting to level up Officers with the same unit type, or to level up all of them, it is recommended to focus on three Officers, one of each unit type, who will lead your troops, vehicles, and helicopters to battle. This is to make sure that you take advantage of the strength and weaknesses among the unit types, and so that the allocation of experience points will not be spread too thin among your Officers.

Eventually, you will be able to deploy more than three Officers to battle. At this point, it would be a good idea to start leveling up back-up Officers for each unit type, and send in whoever will do better in battle. You are shown the enemy’s unit types before deployment, and in some cases where the information is hidden, you can send a scout to know what you will be up against.

Before deploying the Officers and their units to battle, however, they should be at full strength. The Auto Assign button will make sure that they have the maximum number of units with them, focused on the strongest ones that you have available. If you have less units of a certain type than the maximum number that an Officer can command, you should postpone the battle and make those units first, so that you have a better chance of winning.

6. Boost Your Commander

In addition to your units and Officers, the Commander can also receive upgrades to provide various bonuses to the base. This is primarily done through Traits, which are divided into the three categories of Battle, Economy, and Management.

crossfire warzone traits

As you progress in the game, you will receive points for each category. The points for one category can’t be used for other categories, so you don’t have the option of focusing solely on the Economy Traits, for example. When starting out, it is recommended that you max out Unit ATK I and Unit DEF I in Battle; Training Time I, Construction Time I, and Research Time I in Economy; and Officer Exp Gain I and Commander Exp I in Management. These Traits will serve as a good foundation for your base, and moving forward, the higher-tier versions of these Traits should also be maximized once unlocked.

There is an option to re-allocate the points that you have spent on Traits. However, this requires precious Gold, so you will want to think twice before spending those points instead.

The Commander may also wield equipment, with sets providing additional boosts once six pieces of equipment from the same set are worn. You can craft missing pieces of equipment to get set boosts in the Workshop, but you will need to take down enemies on the map to acquire the Carbon Fiber that serves as the main material.

crossfire warzone honor

The Commander screen also shows your Honor level at the top left of the screen. This is where you are recommended to spend the Gold that you acquire. By purchasing Honor Points to level up your Commander’s Honor, you will gain permanent boosts for your base, instead of spending Gold on relatively minor tasks such as converting lower-tier units and speeding up upgrades.

7. Participate In Your Alliance

Joining an alliance is a major aspect of CrossFire: Warzone, as it allows you to receive various bonuses and support to further improve your base. You can access the Alliance screen by tapping on the icon on the right side of the screen.

crossfire warzone alliance donate

The Support option will allow you to help reduce the time of upgrades in progress for other players in your Alliance, the Buildings and Research option will allow you to donate resources to the Alliance, and the Check In option will grant you rewards as more Alliance members check in. All of these tasks will grant you Alliance Coins, which you can use in the Store to purchase items such as Tactical Manuals, Barrett M82 ammo for the sniper mode in the Command Post, and many more.

Needless to say, the most successful Alliances are those with very active members who regularly support others’ tasks and donate resources. It might take time to find an Alliance with very active members, but it is worth it to keep leaving and joining until you find a good Alliance as it really makes a difference in the game.

8. Manage Your Base Effectively

Later on in CrossFire: Warzone, as you unlock all the buildings, recruit more Officers, and open up various quests, managing your base and units may prove to look too daunting.

crossfire warzone work pin board

However, once your Command Post reaches Level 11, you will gain access to the Work Pin Board, which will appear below the upgrade and research icons on the left side of the screen while in your base. Tapping on the Work Pin Board shows you all the ongoing tasks in your base, including upgrades in progress and units that are in training. This will greatly help in making sure that idle time is reduced as much as possible. Also indicated is whether terrorists have infiltrated your base, in case you haven’t noticed, so that you can enter the sniper mode from the Command Post to take them out.

Also helping with managing your base, particularly the resources and rewards that are available for you to collect, are the small red numbers that appear on top of the various icons. While these may sometimes mean open tasks, such as when they appear in the Alliance, they often mean new items for you to inspect or collect, such as when they appear in the Mail, Event, and Inventory icons. It would be best to clear these icons as soon as you can.

9. Fall Back When Outmatched

When progressing in the game, through either the Chapter Quests or Main Missions, you may find yourself facing enemies that are too powerful for your Officers and units. Instead of continuing to launch unsuccessful attacks, you should fall back and regroup.

crossfire warzone secret laboratory

You can first focus on other things that will reward you with the resources that you might need to power up. These include taking down weaker terrorists, clearing out the Secret Laboratory, and sending Officers to missions on the Covert Ops building, which in turn will improve the boosts provided by the Tactics R&D Center. You can also use the time to keep making units and upgrading your Officers.

With all the possible upgrades available, it will only be a matter of time before you are able to match up to the enemy that is giving you trouble. That may take a few hours, or sometimes much more than that, but the point is that if you exercise patience and keep improving your base’s capabilities, there is no enemy in CrossFire: Warzone that is unbeatable.

crossfire warzone commander

By acknowledging that you are outmatched, you will be able to further improve your base’s capabilities and eventually break through your enemies. Before long, your Commander will strike terror to the hearts of every terrorist in CrossFire: Warzone.

And this would be all for now as far as our CrossFire: Warzone tips, tricks and strategies are concerned. If you happen to know more tips for the game, please let us know below in the comment area!