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Creature Quest Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 7 Hints You Need to Know

VC Mobile’s Creature Quest is a game for Android and iOS device owners that combines RPG and strategy games. You can explore quests and overcome obstacles in search for treasure, collect up to 500 different fantasy monsters and creatures, test your tactical strategy out in battles, create your own dungeon, join guilds and team up with other human players, and take part in a variety of daily events. The game also happens to be designed by Heroes of Might & Magic creator Jon Van Caneghem, so if you’re an RPG veteran, you’ll be glad to know this game was created by someone with a good reputation in the world of fantasy gaming.

If we’d include one last thing in this game overview, it’s that this title promises great replay value – the quest maps in the game change each time, which means one play-through of a quest may vary from the next. That’s a great feature for those who don’t like repetitiveness and routine, but since this also adds to the title’s complexity, we might as well help you newbies get started with this Creature Quest strategy guide for first-time players.

1. Before You String Combos Together, Know How They Work

The battles in Creature Quest will test your strategic ability. But before you brush up on strategy in general, there is one thing you need to focus on, and that’s the process of stringing together combos. Combos will often be the game-changers that will turn the tide and help you win in battle, which means this is arguably the most important element in your strategy. Learn which creatures work well with each other, and know how to string combos together based on these creatures’ complementing moves. Combos inflict much more damage than regular attacks would, and need we remind you of it again, they’re potential game-changers.

2. Remember The Elements

In line with the first tip, you also should be familiar with something more basic than stringing combos together – the elemental system. Pay close attention to the elemental types, and know which elements play nice with each other, and which ones don’t. The Creatures menu allows you to customize elemental alignment, and you can use this to ensure you’ve got a well-balanced team.

3. Complete The Quests

The quests in Creature Quest work a lot like the quests in base management games, as they are designed to ensure that you remain up to speed, and you’re going on the right path. That’s the case most of the time in this game, as you can complete daily quests and other timed quests; for the former, you have up to one day to complete them, while the deadline may vary for the second type of quests. Either way, you can earn resources and be assured you’re doing the right thing by completing those two quest types. You’ve also got the main quests in the game, which are important as well, but we would recommend prioritizing the timed ones so you can get the rewards you need.

4. Focus On One Enemy At A Time

Battles can often throw off less experienced players, especially when they’re confronted with a lot of enemies on the screen. If you’re in such a situation, you should focus on one enemy at a time, particularly on the weaker monsters that you can easily take out. That’s going to reduce the potential damage your party will take, so take those enemies out one by one, until you’re left with the most difficult, boss monster.

5. Let The Enemies Tell You When To Avoid Them

What do we mean by this? Well, the enemies in this game can clue you in with some information that may tell you when to avoid them. Once one of your creatures hits an enemy, you’ll see the counter next to their health bar ticking down. The enemies will get their special abilities ready once the counter hits zero, and those abilities could be bad news for you and your party. Look out for the counter and treat it as a cue for your party to head to safer ground, lest your party members get hit by the special abilities.

6. How To Explore In The Game

Earlier, we told you about the importance of completing quests, but we mostly focused on the ones that are designed to keep you on track. But we shall now be focusing on the main quests for the most part.

Doing quests will take you to the game’s world map, and you can click on points on the map to expose more of it. You might not get anywhere at times, but oftentimes, you may get some treasure, equipment, or other items. Make sure you explore the map carefully and thoroughly before you take to the battlefield; don’t be too eager to head off and fight, get a lot of exploration done beforehand. Also remember that there are multiple battle options in some maps. In either case, make sure as well that you’re keeping a close eye on the energy bar; each tap costs one energy unit, and energy can take some time to recharge.

7. How To Manage Your Creatures

At first, the game will give you five creatures – these are your stock creatures, and you should focus early on upgrading them. Level them up and give them more powerful abilities, and don’t rush to unlock the newer ones; it is usually better to stick to what’s tried and tested rather than experimenting with new creatures. There’s no need to gamble if the formula you’ve come up with is working.

Of course, there will come a time when your stock creatures wouldn’t cut the mustard anymore, which means you can stick to the default lineup for as long as possible.
These would be our tips, tricks and cheats for Creature Quest. If you need more hints for the game, be sure to check out our previous strategy guide for Creature Quest!

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Sunday 17th of July 2022

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