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Crazy Wheel Cheats: 5 Useful Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Justin Lindsay’s new title Crazy Wheel is a new game, which is currently available for the iOS mobile platform. In the game all you have to do is tap on your display to match the arrow (or Google Play button-esque icon) with the color. Sounds quite simple, but at times it could get a little frustrating to beat an old high score. So what do you do if you’re having trouble outdoing yourself or your friends? It’s simple – just check our list of Crazy Wheel cheats, tips and tricks, which should help you progressing in the game.

1. Tap On The Bar When At The Far End

This is a game that is designed to test your reflexes, but if you need a little extra time to plan things out, then you can try tapping on the bar if you see it at the far end of the color wheel quadrant, and not at the near end. “Far” or “near” would be in relation to where the wheel turns after you tap on it, so be guided accordingly.

2. The Bar Speeds Up Every Five Taps

It wouldn’t be a challenge if the bar didn’t speed up, and that’s what it does in Crazy Wheel. To be precise, it speeds up after every five taps, so if you’re doing some counting in hopes of getting a good rhythm, keep that in mind.

3. The Bar Stops Speeding Up Once You’ve Got 20-25 Points

The good thing about the bar speeding up is that it won’t speed up to infinity. Once you’ve reached a score of 20 to 25 points, it won’t speed up anymore, which means you’ll be dealing with the same speed until your game is over. And no, it doesn’t slow down at any point – chances are you may be dealing with visual and mental fatigue due to playing too long.

4. The Direction Of The Wheel Doesn’t Change At All

This is one thing that balances the challenge of the bar speeding up (until you hit 20-25 points, of course) – the direction of the wheel does not change throughout the course of the game. So if you’ve reached more than a hundred points, you’ll basically be on cruise control for the rest of the game.

5. There Are No Special Power-Ups

At this point, we’ve probably told you all there is to playing Crazy Wheel, except to practice regularly, though you probably know that and recognize it due to the color association thing. So our last tip would be this – Crazy Wheel, much like Flappy Bird, doesn’t come with any special power-ups or special tasks, so if developer Lindsay does update this title, we’re guessing he’ll go with gameplay improvements and bug fixes, as opposed to new features.