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Crashlands Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Awesome Hints You Need to Know

Crashlands is a game developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans that is, as of this writing, fairly new and only available for iOS devices. This is an outlandish, story-driven crafting RPG overflowing with sass, and it puts you in control of the galactic trucker Flux Dabes, whose latest shipment has just gotten derailed by the bad guy, Hewgodooko. Due to this, you are stuck on an alien planet, with the ultimate goals being to retrieve your packages, fight off deadly bosses, and to eventually build yourself a home away from home on planet Woanope. As this is a crafting RPG, there are over 500 items to unlock for crafting, and one of its selling points is its “infinite” inventory that can manage itself and retrieve your tools whenever you would need them.

Now that you know what Crashlands is all about, we shall now take you to our list of Crashlands tips and tricks, as we talk you through the different things you can do if you’re new to the game, whether it be related to crafting or not.

1. Your Inventory Really Is Infinite

Compared to traditional RPGs, there aren’t too many crafting RPGs out there, but the ones that exist do have some stringent inventory limits. Oftentimes, you have to deal with complicated inventory systems, and you may often have to lose loot items you had previously collected, no matter how attractive or useful they are. But in Crashlands, Butterscotch Shenanigans means what it says – your inventory is infinite, no questions asked.

If you see something that might be worth collecting but you aren’t quite sure yet, then collect it. Your inventory will hold it regardless. Items that may initially seem useless may have a use for you later on in the game, so when in doubt, just go grab the item for yourself. The one drawback of this unlimited inventory feature, though, is that you cannot directly view what’s inside your inventory; you will only know if you’ve got what you need if you view a recipe. But since you’ll be collecting now, asking questions later, that shouldn’t be much of a problem at the end of the day.

2. Use The Items You Collect For Practical Stuff

Some of the items you collect may be for you to craft things like chairs and tables. Unfortunately, these pieces of household furniture are only there for aesthetic purposes; they serve no real use when it comes to the important aspects of the game. So if given the choice, use items normally used to make tables and chairs for making weapons, bombs, potions, and stuff that could help you out in battle.

3. If You Can’t Complete A Quest, Move On To The Next One

Don’t be disappointed if one quest appears too much for you to handle, or if a certain ingredient leads you too far off where you should be going. There are many quests the game has to offer, and if one happens to be too hard at a certain point in time, then simply try the next quest. The same applies to ingredients; if you can’t find one right away, try looking for other ingredients.

4. Observe How Each Creature Behaves

When learning which creatures you should avoid in the planet Woanope, you should observe how they move; they all follow a specific pattern that doesn’t differ regardless of how and when they appear. For example, a Whompit would hop whenever it’s aggravated, and do a double hop if they happen to be particularly large. Also be on the lookout for the red zone that flashes when an enemy is near you – that’s your cue to get out of the red zone and move to safer ground.

This is our complete collection tips and tricks for Crashlands. If you are an experienced player, who has discovered more hints, don’t hesitate to share them with us!