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Cooking Joy 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Top Chef

Cooking Joy 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular cooking simulation games for Android devices. The original game features your character in a tropical island cruise. This time around, you will be managing different restaurants from around the globe. Travel to different cities and serve all kinds of food. There are hundreds of levels to complete in Cooking Joy 2, each one filled with hungry customers that demand quick and accurate service.

When you start out, the levels will be easy. Most customers will only as for one food item at a time, and they will patiently wait while you prepare their meals. Do not let your guard down because Cooking Joy 2 is notorious for ramping up difficulty quickly. Soon, you will find yourself frantically tapping all over the screen while you scramble to deliver orders on time while trying to avoid burning food. Fear not, as with the help of our Cooking Joy 2 tips, cheats and strategies you will be able to complete all the levels!

1. Check The Level Conditions

cooking joy 2 level conditions

At the start of every level, you will be able to see the conditions for success. During the earlier levels of Cooking Joy 2, this would mostly just be about earning a certain amount of money. Later on, you will be given stricter requirements. You might be asked not to throw away anything or not to burn any food. Make sure you pay attention to these as they will instantly disqualify you from the level. For example, if a level tells you not to throw away anything, if you throw away even just a piece of bread, you will fail the level right away. Some levels will have multiple requirements, making it more difficult to stay alive in the game.

2. Queue Up Multiple Tasks

When instructing your character to perform the different tasks in the restaurant, you don’t really have to wait for her to finish whatever she is doing. Just go ahead and tap on the next tasks you want her to perform and she will get to those as soon as she is done with her current one. For example, if you want to make a hotdog sandwich with lettuce, you can tap on the buns, hotdogs, and lettuce consecutively even if she is still doing something. This will help you save a lot of time, especially for levels with a time limit. Keep in mind, though, that you can only queue up tasks that can be done instantly. If you ask your character to pick up a food item that isn’t cooked yet, she will skip that task and proceed to the next one in queue. You might end up messing up your momentum if you don’t take this into consideration.

3. Anticipate Customer Orders

cooking joy 2 guide

Another time-saving trick you should master is anticipating customer orders. This would be easy for earlier levels where there are only a few food items. It’s easy to anticipate that your customers will order fries if that’s the only thing on the menu. For advanced levels, you need to carefully weigh the odds of a food item being ordered. You should cook up at least one food item in advance, preferable the one that takes the longest to prepare. This will help you save time and keep customers from walking out when things start getting a little too busy.

4. Keep Your Customers Happy

When a customer gives out his order, you will see a bar beside him. For levels that require likes, you will need to make sure the bar does not fall below half. For other levels, you have until the end of that bar to stop your customer from walking out. Of course, the sooner you give out the orders, the more coins you will earn. One way to keep your customer’s bar full is to partially fulfill his order. For example, if your customer orders fries, hotdogs, and soda, you can serve him the soda first to keep him happy while you prep the food items. You can also wait for his bar to go down a little before serving the soda if you feel like prepping the food will take a bit longer.

5. Aim For Combos

In Cooking Joy 2 executing a combo is a great way to earn a lot of extra coins. At the top of your screen, you will notice a bar that is divided into five segments. It also has a circle on the left side. The segments are filled up for every food item you serve. If you serve two items, you will get two segments. Right after you serve an item, a timer will start indicated by the circle on the left side of the combo bar. When it runs out, the filled-out segments will disappear. Your goal is to serve the next batch of food items before time runs out. When you fill out all five segments, you will receive a combo bonus and the bar will reset. The key here is timing. Pay attention to the orders of your customers and try to serve them in quick succession in order to fill out the bar before time runs out.

6. Use Boosters Sparingly

cooking joy 2 boosters

Boosters are great items that can help you complete levels. Unfortunately, they are consumable, so you won’t have a lot of them unless you spend real money. The game gives you a couple of freebies whenever it introduces a new booster. You can also get lucky and get them from TV shopping. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot of premium currency to buy more boosters. This is why you should hold on to your boosters for as long as possible. Avoid using them on earlier levels because you will need them in advanced levels. It is better if you just keep retrying a level until you master the timing and the orders of customers. If you can’t survive level 20 without using boosters, imagine how difficult it will be for you 50 levels down the line. It’s better to keep practicing than to rely heavily on boosters to get by.

7. Replay Completed Levels To Get Keys

Unlike most other games in the same genre, levels in Cooking Joy 2 can only be replayed up to three times. That means you won’t be able to spam easy levels just to get more money. On top of that, the levels get more difficult every time you complete them. Once you have replayed and completed a level three times, it will have a gold check mark on it, and will no longer be playable. There are a couple of reasons for you to replay old levels, though.

The primary reason to replay older levels is to get keys. Keys are needed to unlock certain levels in the game. These keys can only be acquired by replaying specific levels. The levels that you need to beat will have a key icon on them. This is the only way for you to keep progressing, so make sure you do it. Another reason to replay old levels is to farm for coins and medals that are needed for upgrades.

8. Max Out Upgrades

cooking joy 2 tips

While we are on the topic of upgrading, it is best if you try to max out upgrades for a restaurant as soon as you can. This should be pretty easy during the first few restaurants, but it can take a bit of work for the later ones. Upgrading food items will increase their price, making it easier for you to earn more money. Since, as we mentioned, you can only replay levels a limited number of times, maxing out the price of your food items before playing will help ensure maximum resource gain. Upgrading equipment, on the other hand, makes levels easier to complete. Completing levels faster means even more bonus money for you, so there is no reason to hold off on upgrades.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you can only hold a maximum of 10 medals. If you are replaying levels, make sure you stop when you have 10. It will sometimes come to a point when you don’t have anything more to upgrade in your current restaurant. Pay attention to the number of medals that you have and make sure you unlock the next restaurant before you reach 10 medals. This way, you will have new items to upgrade and your medals won’t be wasted.

9. Go TV Shopping

When you reach level 14, you will be able to unlock the TV Shopping feature. This will allow you to order one of four boxes. Each box has a timer, and it will arrive once the timer is complete. These boxes contain random rewards, including coins and boosters, so make sure you queue them up whenever you can. Even though the boxes can take several hours to arrive, you can watch a video advertisement to speed it up by 30 minutes. You can watch multiple ads until you speed up through the entire timer. For example, you can watch four ads in a row to complete a 2-hour box. You can only order on box at a time, and each box can only be ordered once per day. Make sure you order all four boxes since it is a great way to collect more boosters without spending gems.

10. Take Advantage Of Unlimited Energy

cooking joy 2 unlimited energy

The game’s energy system can be a little difficult to manage if you like playing continuously. Each level costs 5 energy to play regardless if you win or lose. Since you can only hold a maximum of 25 energy at a time, that means you can only play five times before having to wait for regeneration. If you don’t want to wait, you have the option to refill your energy by spending coins. Of course, that would be a waste of premium currency. You can also opt to watch a video advertisement in exchange for 5 energy, but that can be tedious.

The good news is that the game actually gives you unlimited energy times. When you first start the game, you will have an hour of unlimited energy. Use this to get a head start in the game and replay as many levels as you can. You also get half an hour of unlimited energy whenever you unlock a new restaurant. Finally, the game also gives out free 10 minutes of unlimited energy during specific times of the day. Just log into the game between 8am to 12nn, 12nn to 6pm, and 6pm to midnight to claim these 10-minute bonuses. If you miss any of the intervals, you can purchase them using gems, but that’s not really recommended. To claim your 10-minute energy freebies, just tap on the gift box icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

11. Get More Rewards, Here’s How

If you still haven’t gotten enough of freebies, you can watch some more ads in exchange for more rewards. You will see a video button appear on the left side of the level selection screen when an ad offer is available. Accepting these will reward you with varying amounts of gems. You will also receive an ad offer whenever you visit the in-game store. Finally, you will occasionally get an offer to double your earnings after you complete a level. Always take advantage of this offer because you will not get a lot of chances to earn more from the levels that you play.

As a side note to this tip, you will probably eventually get to the point where you are sick of ads. The game can be pretty aggressive with its pop-up ads. You get one after almost every level you complete that does not have an ad offer. You even get ads when switching between screens. Even tapping on the Settings icon sometimes triggers an ad! To avoid this, you can just play the game offline. Unfortunately, that also means you lose all ad offers. It’s up to you to decide if losing all those freebies is worth it or not.

Managing your own restaurant can be really challenging. Make sure you are up for it by following our Cooking Joy 2 tips, cheats and strategies! Also, if you know more hints for the game, feel free to let us know by leaving a message in the comment section!


Sunday 19th of March 2023

Pls, how do you unlock the task after jessica..keep saying coming soon ?


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

So I finished the board and I push continue and it keeps saying that I have to finish Jesse's tasks and I don't understand what that means I finished all the tasks

Stacey Dyson

Saturday 1st of May 2021

What do the super cake rolls do.


Sunday 13th of February 2022

@Stacey Dyson, THey help with keeping the people happy while you cook the food

Shakera Dunn

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

I am wondering the same thing. When is the next coming soon restaurants going to be available. Feels like a scam and i put money into gems and stuff but no available date for the next level.


Sunday 15th of December 2019

Me too.. I was wondering how long it will take.. Did you ever get the new restaurant?