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Cookie Jam Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Awesome Tips to Complete Levels Faster

You’ve probably heard of Cookie Jam, which is a Match 3 game from SGN, and one of the more popular ones out there. It is, as this iOS/Android game describes itself, equal parts fun and challenging, as you go through hundreds of levels and create cookie combos along the way. Just like in several other Match 3 games, there’s an enemy you have to contend with, and that’s the Gingerbread Man. Yes, it’s “crunchtime” indeed for you as a cookie baker, but you need not fear about failing in crunchtime, as we’ve got collected some Cookie Jam cheats tips and strategies for to pass levels faster.

1. Do The Time Lapse Trick To Gain More Lives

It’s really quite easy if you’re all out of lives and don’t want to wait until they’re replenished, or don’t want to pay in order to get them back quickly. All you have to do is to quit the game, go to your phone’s settings, and move the time forward by a couple of hours. This is the notorious “time lapse” cheat that’s worked like a charm on so many titles, and not just Cookie Jam. Once you’ve done the cheat, you can return to the game with a full set of lives, but make sure to switch the time back to normal before you forget.

2. Start From The Bottom To Clear Levels Faster

Regardless of the level you’re playing, you’ll have a better chance of getting better matches if you work from the bottom. This isn’t unlike how the mechanics go in other Match 3 titles; if you make matches at the bottom, cookies will fall from the top of the board, and that often means more matches created.

3. It’s All About Remaining Moves

There are no time limits in Cookie Jam, which is why it’s important for you to take your time and be sure you’re making the best combinations possible. And if you really want to reach three stars in a certain level, the key to achieving that is to finish a level with as many unused moves possible.

4. Use Your Power-Ups In ‘Crunchtime’

There’s no such thing as an actual “crunchtime” in Cookie Jam, but you get the idea. Don’t use your power-ups early on in the level, but save them for those important moments, say, several moves into the level so you can clear out the board quicker and move on to the next level, hopefully with three stars in the last. But what do those power-ups do? Read on and check out the next tip for more details.

5. Know Your Power-Ups

The Oven Mitt booster is one of the power-ups you’ll encounter in the game, and you can use it to swap out two non-matching pieces to create a match. The Piping Bag, on the other hand, is capable of clearing a vertical row of cookies. The Rolling Pin clears out a horizontal row in a similar fashion. The Wooden Spoon clears out one cookie piece, the +5 booster gives you five bonus moves during a level, the Whipped Cream booster smashes five nearby cookies, and lastly, the Gobstopper eliminates all cookies of the same color, regardless of where they’re placed.

6. Don’t Underestimate The Wooden Spoon

Yes, the Wooden Spoon may only be capable of clearing a singular cookie piece, but if you’re dealing with the Gingerbread Men, it can really come in handy, as it would allow you to get rid of those pesky characters quickly.


Wednesday 19th of October 2022

The levels that you have on you tube example 1390 is not the same game as the one you you have as when you go to the main game and I have found that their are a lot of them but I still play the game