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Color Bots Tips, Cheats & Guide: 8 Hints to Stop the Globber Invasion

Foursaken Media’s new iOS title called Color Bots game allows you to unlock and upgrade “tons” of Color Bots, each of them having unique weapons and abilities, all designed to help you defeat the aliens. There is a bit of puzzle-gaming mechanics here, as you have to swipe to match colors, but in the end, your goal will be to act quickly while fighting off the enemy aliens. There are five planets to explore, covering more than 100 levels, and if you’re wondering just how many robots there are in the game, there are currently ten, each of them having unique strengths and weaknesses.

Talking about this game’s difficulty and intensity level, we’d put this somewhere between casual and hardcore, even if Foursaken calls the game “easy to learn, hard to master,” like casual game developers often do with their titles. And if you need some help mastering this game, we suggest you join us and check out our list of Color Bots tips, tricks and hints.

1. Make Your Swipes As Subtle As Possible

The first thing to remember when playing the game is that it’s best to keep your moves as subtle as possible. You may be tempted to go for big, impressive-looking swipes as you try to change color, but you can actually do this by making small swipes. This is also a safer way to play, as making bigger moves increases the chance of making clumsy mistakes along the way. Keep it short, keep it simple, and keep those movements as subtle as you could.

2. String Those Combos Together

One of the key mechanics in Color Bots is stringing together combos, and that’s a great way to add to your currency and keep yourself going for a longer period of time. Your combos can roll over to succeeding levels, so you want to make your string as long as possible when playing the game. Also, in relation to this, make sure you change color first before moving to another lane; that’s going to take slightly longer, but the good thing is that you can keep your combo going.

3. Choose Which Enemies To Focus On First

There are some enemies in the game that can be eliminated with only one shot, while there are others that may require far more than one. You should also keep your guard up for super-fast alien enemies. Keeping this in mind, you want to focus on the tougher enemies first if they’re closing in on you, then move on to the weaker ones once you’re in less danger and have dealt a lot of damage and/or taken out a lot of tough enemies.

4. Scout Your Enemies First

All of the levels in Color Bots come with a lot of useful information you can use to your benefit. This information includes the type of enemies you will be facing in the level, based on their color. You will also see a counter on the top right corner of the screen, and you should refer to that whenever you can, as that shows you how many enemies you should shoot down in order to pass the level.

5. Upgrade Your Color Bot

As you can earn currency in this game, you should spend it the right way, and make sure you’re making the right type of upgrades to your bot. And if you run out of coins for upgrades, you can always go back to previous levels you have already completed. Replaying completed levels allows you to grind for more currency, which can then be spent on upgrades or on new Color Bots.

6. How To Deal With The Bosses

Naturally, it’s the boss fights that are the most difficult part of Color Bots, but you shouldn’t be too daunted by those boss characters. Your constant fire, for example, is best used against the boss characters; we would recommend waiting for a time where you’ve got enough wiggle room, move underneath the spaceship, and fire away. Also, it’s a good idea not to string combos together while in a boss fight. If you prioritize trying to keep the string going and making it longer, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the boss’ minions, forcing you to stray your focus away from the big bad boss.

7. Use Your Special Moves In Boss Fights

In addition to all that, it would be a good idea to save your special moves for the boss fights. Using your special moves could allow you more time and give you more of an opportunity to deal greater damage to the spaceship. It also allows you to deal with the other enemies with less hassle. Special moves aren’t called special for nothing – use them wisely, and use them to your advantage when dealing with the aliens in the game.

8. Take Your Time When Dealing With Big Groups Of Enemies

We had to complete this because we still agree with Foursaken – this is a fast-paced game, and it’s not always a good idea to slow down in the middle of battle to make sure you’re doing the right thing. But there is still a bit of “taking your time” necessary in this game, and that would come into play when you’re dealing with huge enemy groups. Don’t fire away indiscriminately unless you’re in a boss fight. Always check the number of shots you’ve used and have remaining, and follow the above tip about prioritizing the enemies you focus on.