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Coffee Inc. 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Coffee Empire

Coffee is one of the most highly consumed products in the world so it’s no surprise that the coffee business would eventually reach our phones in the form of a business tycoon simulator game. Coffee Inc 2 is the sequel to Coffee Inc: Business Tycoon, a game that revolves around managing a coffee franchise, dominating the market, and perhaps even influencing politics.

coffee inc 2 intro

With mechanics that may remind you of Hotel Empire Tycoon or Tropical Resort Story, Coffee Inc. 2 sets itself apart by not only focusing on the business itself but also on the outside factors. You’ll encounter dilemmas such as finding the best location for your shop, obtaining the perfect coffee beans to serve, choosing the right advertising companies to partner with, and the appropriate way to handle internal problems at the workplace.

Coffee Inc. 2 is a well-rounded game with many layers and to help you navigate through those layers, we created this handy Beginner’s Guide! Learn the ins and outs of the business along with practical tips and tricks below!

1. Setup Your Game

When starting your game, you will be given the opportunity to choose the specifics of your company (company color, logo, CEO name, and portrait) and your game (game level, number of competitors, currency, and initial capital). Below are two tips regarding your initial setup that we’ve discovered that can be beneficial for any player:

Gray is not the Best Color

coffee inc 2 gray

While all of these are up to each player’s preferences, we highly recommend not choosing gray as the company color. This is because the majority of the colors used for the map of the cities are gray or neutral tones and having that as your company color makes it difficult to locate your stores or offices.

Alternatively, not using gray would make it available to other companies and make it hard to locate them on the map. If you are set on using gray, we recommend choosing logos that have large, solid shapes that can be easily seen from far away (ex: elephant, twin dogs, or the first coffee cup logo).

Increase Initial Capital

coffee inc 2 capital

While changing the game level and the number of competitors may be the most obvious way to make the game easier for you to learn, we recommend playing with the default normal difficulty with 2 competitors but with an initial capital of $800,000. This will allow you to get used to the game while not completely taking away what makes Coffee Inc. 2 challenging.

2. Choose the Right Lots for Your Stores

coffee inc 2 lot

The General Guidelines

Picking out the right locations for your stores is essential for a booming business. There are three factors you need to consider when choosing: Foot Traffic, Weekly Rent, and Security Deposit.

Foot Traffic is the most important factor to consider as it will affect how many people discover your shop naturally without any marketing. In our experience, aiming for a location with at least 10,000 Foot Traffic is recommended and anything less than 8,000 is way too low and not worth getting. Getting lots that have 11,000-12,000 or more Foot Traffic is ideal since it lets many customers organically find your shop even before you invest in marketing. However, these lots may not always be the best option as they are usually very expensive.

Weekly Rent is the second most important factor as it will no doubt be a consistent expense. For your first store, you would ideally want a lot that has high traffic (10,000 and above). However, depending on your starting budget, you may want to opt for lots that offer weekly rent below $1000 ($2,000,000 budget), below $2,000 ($4,000,000 budget), or any that has the best traffic ($8,000,000). Depending on the city you choose to start in, this could be fairly easy or very difficult. As a general rule for pricing, follow this table:

Foot TrafficWeekly Rent Range
8,000 belowDon’t Buy
8,000-9,000$800 below
12,000+$3,000 (but avoid those that are almost $4,000)

Any price lower than the Weekly Rent Range on the table is a good deal. Anything above that range is way too expensive.

Security Deposit is the last factor you need to consider. It is a one-time expense and won’t matter too much when it comes to deciding which lot to buy as the first two factors greatly outweigh it.

Guidelines for Each City

For this section, please refer to the image and table below for the color legend for the city maps and the tables.

coffee inc 2 legend
Foot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
RecommendedLess than 8,000Less than $900Less than $5,000
Not Recommended8,000-11,000$900-$2,000$5,000-15,000
More than 11,000More than $2,000More than $15,000

San Francisco

coffee inc 2 san francisco

San Francisco has generally low rent but also low overall foot traffic for most lots. While it is the starting city, we do not prefer to make our first shop here because there are not many good deals for lots. There is also a tendency for competitors to start here once you decide to build a store in this location, making it hard to grow your business.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
1102 25th Ave5.617$512$3,072
16752 4th St6.028$688$4,128
18153 3rd St6.165$698$4,188
10858 6th St6.165$615$3,690
11157 26th St6.713$699$4,194
9451 Potrero Ave6.713$705$4,230
20254 3rd St6.987$722$4,332
17350 4th St6.987$722$4,332
53100 Richardson Ave7.124$640$3,840
19255 3rd St7.124$734$4,404
54406 Lombard St7.261$645$3,870
58956 Evans Ave7.261$741$4,446
7742 26th St7.398$705$4,230
4423 16th St7.535$726$4,356
12249 5th St7.672$769$4,614
52103 Van Ness Ave7.809$680$4,080
61038 24th St7.809$669$4,014
5542 13th St7.946$789$4,734
14844 Portrero Ave7.946$753$4,518
42322 Howard St8.083$783$4,698
15847 5th St8.083$790$4,740
23946 Harrison St8.22$775$6,200
13943 Potrero Ave8.494$799$6,392
51204 Van Ness Ave8.631$775$6,200
41325 13th St8.631$812$6,496
3421 Van Ness Ave8.631$805$6,440
8248 Potrero Ave8.768$823$6,584
30133 The Embarcadero8.905$809$6,472
33133 The Embarcadero8.905$809$6,472
2305 Van Ness Ave8.905$798$6,384
314310 Broadway8.905$748$5,984
21345 4th St9.042$809$6,472
39426 Howard St9.042$845$6,760
55107 Taylor St9.316$813$6,504
441120 Mission St9.453$833$6,664
40730 Potrero Ave9.453$822$6,576
49516 Mission St9.59$1,131$9,048
37527 Mission St9.59$871$6,968
29437 The Embarcadero9.864$879$7,032
43117 Mission St10.001$929$7,432
471211 Market St10.001$894$7,152
27531 Mission St10.138$1,074$8,592
24840 Mission St10.138$889$7,112
343019 Stockton St10.275$1,268$10,144
38734 Harrison St10.412$902$7,216
504312 Market St10.549$1,212$9,696
462113 Market St10.823$1,334$10,672
36328 Market St10.823$1,487$11,896
26735 Mission St10.96$1,931$19,310
571209 Pier 39 Concourse11.097$1,990$19,900
486814 Market St11.097$2,075$20,750
45518 Market St11.234$2,068$20,680
22739 Harrison St11.234$2,250$22,500
251036 Market St11.371$2,454$24,520
352815 Market St11.508$2,390$23,900
32429 Market St11.645$2,405$24,050
28941 The Embarcadero11.645$3,122$31,220
562908 Pier 39 Concourse11.919$2,250$22,500


coffee inc 2 chicago

Chicago has a good mix of low and high rent and foot traffic. You can find a nice amount of fair deals here, but they may not be ideal for your first store if you have a low starting budget. However, this city has many good deals for high-traffic locations that mid or high-starting-budget players can afford.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
52302 N Larrabee St5.891$510$3,060
45210 N Wells St6.165$548$3,288
1101 Morgan St6.165$580$3,480
2105 Halsted St6.576$579$3,474
49203 N Kingsbury St6.576$615$3,690
3411 Clinton St6.713$587$3,522
50108 N Kingsbury St6.85$587$3,522
47109 N Orleans St6.987$576$3,456
4204 Ashland Ave6.987$634$3,804
7417 Clinton St7.124$614$3,684
53406 N Larrabee St7.124$621$3,726
48213 N Orleans St7.261$622$3,732
51307 N Larrabee St7.261$629$3,774
54512 N Kingsbury St7.398$632$3,792
46314 N Wells St7.535$631$3,786
55415 N Orleans St7.535$645$3,870
5516 Morgan St7.809$669$4,014
63418 N Orleans8.22$705$5,640
44219 N LaSalle St8.357$722$5,776
6624 Clinton St8.494$644$5,152
8428 Canal St8.905$756$6,048
56120 N LaSalle St8.905$769$6,152
62522 N Wells St9.042$774$6,192
40121 N State St9.042$785$6,280
43121 N State St9.042$785$6,280
17854 S State St9.136$1,142$10,823
9829 Madison St9.152$1,144$10,275
61632 N LaSalle St9.179$785$6,280
57733 N State St9.453$799$6,392
65731 N Wells St9.453$804$6,432
64623 N Orleans St9.59$793$6,344
69626 N Larrabee St9.59$803$6,424
251468 S LaSalle St9.727$921$7,368
42627 N State St9.864$833$6,664
67725 N Orleans St10.001$845$6,760
241367 S LaSalle St10.001$945$7,560
231266 S LaSalle St10.275$976$7,808
58435 N State St10.412$869$6,952
101150 N Franklin St10.412$955$7,640
221257 S LaSalle St10.412$1,193$9,544
68830 N Orleans St10.549$898$7,184
191058 S LaSalle St10.686$904$7,232
11947 N Franklin St10.686$995$7,960
701163 S State St10.686$1,034$8,272
66734 N Wells St10.686$1,412$11,296
181159 S State St10.96$1,222$12,220
20953 S LaSalle St10.96$1,387$13,870
41136 N Michigan Ave10.96$1,455$14,550
12941 N Franklin St10.96$2,158$21,580
13837 N Franklin St11.097$1,220$12,200
15949 S LaSalle St11.097$1,569$15,690
36951 Lake Shore Dr11.097$2,022$20,220
14842 S Wells St11.097$2,040$20,400
281264 S Michigan Ave11.097$2,040$20,400
261570 S Michigan Ave11.097$2,294$22,940
59838 N State St11.234$1,337$13,370
351055 Lake Shore Dr11.234$1,880$18,800
33862 S Michigan Ave11.234$2,195$21,950
291165 S Michigan Ave11.234$2,295$22,950
16845 S LaSalle St11.234$2,310$23,100
271469 S Michigan Ave11.508$2,369$23,960
211148 S Wells11.508$2,405$24,050
30961 S Michigan Ave11.782$1,306$13,060
31960 S Michigan Ave11.919$2,285$22,850
60740 N State St11.919$3,130$31,300
39239 N Michigan Ave12.056$2,460$24,600
32856 S Michigan Ave12.056$2,510$25,100
34952 N Michigan Ave12.056$2,995$29,950
38543 N Michigan Ave12.193$3,250$32,500
37646 N Michigan Ave12.33$3,380$33,800


coffee inc 2 seattle

Seattle has some fair-priced rent and traffic, but if you want better deals regardless of budget, we recommend starting elsewhere.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
1101 Shelby St7.261$654$3,738
3513 Union St7.535$623$3,924
2409 Madison St7.672$729$4,128
52206 Mercer St7.809$699$4,194
5227 Jefferson St7.809$740$5,688
38308 10th Ave7.809$743$4,272
27411 10th Ave7.946$688$4,272
39102 Westlake Ave7.946$712$5,800
51102 Westlake Ave7.946$712$4,374
4219 Cherry St7.946$754$5,840
40404 Roanoke St8.083$798$4,440
56526 James St8.22$730$4,458
50105 Broad St8.22$832$4,524
37110 Bellevue Ave8.357$711$6,120
141156 King St8.494$725$6,296
201054 Alaskan Way8.631$798$6,384
13851 4th Ave8.631$842$4,788
41407 Denny Way8.631$853$6,408
54115 1st Ave8.768$765$6,424
36312 Bellevue Ave8.768$787$6,560
12847 5th Ave8.768$801$6,656
16752 2nd Ave8.768$895$6,664
191157 Dearborn St8.905$803$6,704
151055 Jackson St9.042$855$6,736
53114 2nd Ave9.179$820$6,824
18853 Washington St9.179$854$6,832
17648 4th Ave9.179$899$6,840
6235 Spruce St9.179$997$7,008
26620 Madison St9.316$833$7,160
28216 Boren Ave9.316$838$7,192
7138 Spruce St9.316$876$7,304
48325 2nd Ave9.316$944$7,304
11844 5th Ave9.59$983$7,552
8131 Jefferson St9.727$1,211$7,776
21950 Alaskan Way9.864$1,005$7,863
9436 James St9.864$1,258$7,976
29221 University St10.001$913$8,040
35221 University St10.001$913$9,520
10842 5th Ave10.001$972$9,688
49217 7th Ave10.138$1,190$10,064
23945 1st Ave10.275$1,259$10,072
22849 1st Ave10.275$1,342$10,208
47134 Alaskan Way10.275$2,279$18,232
42418 4th Ave10.412$1,276$12,264
25332 Cherry St10.412$1,839$12,400
32746 Alaskan Way10.549$1,533$12,552
46330 2nd Ave10.549$1,550$13,136
44528 3rd Ave10.549$1,642$13,912
43123 4th Ave10.686$1,569$14,712
34324 4th Ave10.823$1,739$20,700
33629 3rd Ave10.96$2,070$18,232
45133 1st Ave10.96$2,568$25,680
31543 1st Ave11.097$2,879$28,790
55740 2nd Ave11.234$2,997$29,870
24741 2nd Ave11.371$3,015$29,970
30737 3rd Ave11.372$2,987$30,150

New York

coffee inc 2 new york

Almost every lot in New York is expensive when you consider the weekly rent-to-foot-traffic ratio and compare it to other cities. There are no lots we can really mark as good deals and it is the worst city to start your first shop due to its weekly cost, no matter what budget you start with.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
59462 Kent Ave7.809$835$4,872
1101 11th Ave7.946$812$5,010
58563 Kent Ave7.946$849$5,094
56155 Kent Ave7.946$885$6,792
9517 West St8.083$885$7,064
5405 11th Ave8.22$849$5,310
57256 Kent Ave8.22$892$5,310
4204 11th Ave8.494$883$7,136
6512 10th Ave8.631$899$7,192
7418 9th Ave8.905$946$7,512
8723 9th Ave9.042$941$7,528
2206 10th Ave9.316$945$7,552
3407 10th Ave9.453$939$7,560
491149 2nd Ave9.453$944$7,568
10829 West St9.59$995$7,960
54526 3rd Ave9.59$998$7,984
18724 6th Ave9.727$1,022$8,176
27102 Central Park West9.864$1,025$8,200
55122 3rd Ave9.864$1,077$8,352
381045 Water St10.138$1,044$8,592
50946 FDR Dr10.275$1,074$8,616
11930 9th Ave10.275$1,149$8,720
19519 7th Ave10.275$1,388$8,840
25209 7th Ave10.275$1,545$9,104
481251 3rd Ave10.412$1,105$9,192
371043 4th Ave10.549$1,188$9,240
30321 Park Ave10.549$1,219$9,472
29216 Park Ave10.549$1,505$9,504
17939 Broadway10.686$1,138$9,544
53836 3rd Ave10.686$1,193$9,640
31420 Park Ave10.686$1,230$9,752
471454 Pine St10.686$1,839$9,840
28110 Park Ave10.686$2,116$11,104
36934 4th Ave10.823$1,090$12,040
151038 Broadway10.823$1,155$12,360
391250 Barclay St10.823$1,184$14,712
141248 Barclay St10.823$1,205$16,928
21308 8th Ave10.823$2,255$21,800
33732 4th Ave10.96$2,180$22,180
131144 Broadway10.96$2,275$22,420
26203 Central Park West10.96$2,280$18,040
20313 7th Ave10.96$2,297$22,750
35831 5th Ave11.097$2,218$22,770
22311 Broadway11.097$2,328$22,800
51840 3rd Ave11.097$2,545$22,970
52835 3rd Ave11.234$2,242$23,280
161042 Broadway11.234$2,277$23,450
34425 5th Ave11.234$2,579$25,450
61527 Park Ave11.234$2,813$25,790
411352 Wall St11.234$2,835$25,900
461457 Wall St11.371$2,988$28,130
401353 Wall St11.371$3,389$28,220
441661 Water St11.508$3,395$28,350
121141 6th Ave11.645$2,345$29,880
23314 5th Ave11.645$2,590$32,700
601247 Pine St11.645$2,822$32,880
421558 Wall St11.645$3,288$33,400
32628 Park Ave11.645$3,340$33,890
451660 Wall St11.645$3,425$33,950
431659 Water St11.782$3,401$34,010
24315 5th Ave12.056$3,270$34,250


coffee inc 2 london

London has many cheap deals with fairly decent traffic compared to other cities. However, most lots with more than 10,000 foot traffic tend to be too expensive. This is a good location to start your business if you have a low starting budget.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
4105 Davies St7.672$664$3,984
78579 Kennington Rd8.22$721$5,768
73478 Brook Dr8.357$706$5,648
72477 Heygate St8.494$714$5,712
32101 Euston Rd8.631$760$6,080
36218 Moorgate8.631$769$6,152
3410 Davies St8.631$783$6,264
80880 Wandsworth Rd8.768$754$6,032
35111 Moorgate8.768$769$6,152
1617 Davies St8.768$789$6,312
2516 Davies St9.042$803$6,424
79775 Lambeth Rd9.042$803$6,424
40106 Charlotte St9.179$793$6,344
62573 Waterloo Rd9.179$798$6,384
75472 Kennington Rd9.316$810$6,480
76471 Kennington Rd9.453$804$6,432
77471 Kenington Rd9.453$804$6,432
31104 Regent St9.453$816$6,528
74370 Kennington Rd9.453$824$6,592
38320 Goswell Rd9.453$843$6,744
5107 New Bond St9.59$841$6,728
34303 Euston Rd9.59$845$6,760
6309 New Bond St9.727$843$6,744
64474 Tooley St9.727$861$6,888
39319 Goswell Rd9.727$869$6,952
63576 Tooley St9.864$849$6,792
10645 St James St9.864$856$6,848
66467 Waterloo Rd9.864$869$6,952
37624 Moorgate9.864$902$7,216
33202 Euston Rd10.001$889$7,112
65568 Waterloo Rd10.001$923$7,384
67263 Waterloo Rd10.138$895$7,160
69461 Westminster Bridge Rd10.138$895$7,160
71369 Tooley St10.138$912$7,296
15449 Buckingham Palace Rd10.275$904$7,232
611060 Holborn Viaduct10.275$904$7,232
30208 Regent St10.412$895$7,160
9830 New Bond St10.412$897$7,176
41212 Charlotte St10.412$905$7,240
17562 Victoria St10.412$922$7,376
181058 Horseferry Rd10.549$910$7,180
13544 St James St10.549$947$7,576
7515 New Bond St10.549$1,009$8,072
8729 New Bond St10.686$1,221$9,768
42314 Charlotte St10.686$1,242$9,936
48442 Holborn Viaduct10.686$1,416$11,328
68164 Waterloo Rd10.823$953$7,624
16456 Victoria St10.823$975$7,800
191059 Horseferry Rd10.823$1,245$9,960
47441 Holborn Viaduct10.823$1,930$15,440
29313 Regent St10.96$2,262$22,620
51326 Holborn Viaduct10.96$2,952$29,520
11338 St James St10.96$3,045$30,450
45943 Hatton Garden11.097$2,495$24,950
52325 Holborn Viaduct11.097$3,185$31,850
601057 Holborn Viaduct11.234$2,198$21,980
70165 Horseferry Rd11.234$2,439$24,390
14347 Buckingham Palace Rd11.234$2,652$26,520
54540 Holborn Viaduct11.234$3,207$32,070
22248 Westminster Bridge Rd11.371$2,243$22,430
50234 Holborn Viaduct11.371$3,179$31,790
56439 London Wall11.371$3,195$31,950
25627 Regent St11.371$3,283$32,830
26523 Regent St11.371$3,310$33,100
28523 Regent St11.371$3,310$33,100
58550 London Wall11.508$2,233$22,330
27522 Regent St11.508$3,310$33,100
59855 Holborn Viaduct11.508$3,844$38,440
53431 Holborn Viaduct11.645$2,937$29,370
43221 Holborn Viaduct11.645$3,210$32,100
12237 St James St11.645$3,241$32,410
49233 Holborn Viaduct11.645$3,594$35,940
20353 Westminster Bridge Rd11.782$3,499$34,990
21354 Victoria St11.919$3,302$33,020
55646 Holborn Viaduct12.056$3,319$33,190
46152 Pall Mall12.056$3,598$35,980
57751 Holborn Viaduct12.193$3,421$34,210
44732 Regent St12.33$3,914$39,140
23835 Regent St12.741$3,795$37,950
24836 Regent St12.878$3,805$38,050


coffee inc 2 paris

Paris contains many good deals for both low-cost starting shops and high-cost shops with higher traffic. This location is a decent choice for your first shop if you have a low or mid-starting budget.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
8626 Rue Duret7.261$643$3,858
46112 Rue de Maubeuge7.535$635$3,810
52205 Rue d'Amsterdam7.535$663$3,978
66590 Bd Saint-Marcel7.672$669$4,014
68691 Rue Monge7.809$623$3,738
51106 Rue de Clichy7.809$649$3,894
53101 Rue d'Amsterdam7.946$710$4,260
49322 Rue de Maubeuge7.946$716$4,296
64589 Rue des Écoles8.083$704$4,224
50113 Rue de Clichy8.083$709$4,254
88892 Bd de Vaugirard8.357$731$5,848
63782 Bd Saint-Germain8.357$732$5,856
67485 Rue Monge8.494$719$5,752
45121 Rue de Maubeuge8.494$739$5,912
55307 Rue d'Amsterdam8.494$742$5,936
871093 Bd de Vaugirard8.494$752$6,016
57423 Rue de Clichy8.631$763$6,104
89580 Rue de Lourmel8.631$774$6,192
6204 Av. Foch8.768$779$6,232
69586 Rue Monge8.768$782$6,256
61161 Rue de la Cité8.768$783$6,264
54214 Rue d'Amsterdam8.905$801$6,408
5203 Av. de la Grande Armée9.042$795$6,360
71873 Bd Saint-Michel9.042$795$6,360
65881 Rue des Écoles9.042$812$6,496
85884 Bd de Vaugirard9.179$795$6,360
90277 Rue St Charles9.179$798$6,384
91244 Av. Victor Hugo9.316$818$6,544
56308 Av. de Wagram9.316$821$6,568
70578 Bd Saint-Michel9.316$823$6,584
83679 Bd de Vaugirard9.453$821$6,568
3302 Av. de la Grande Armée9.59$832$6,656
86988 Bd de Vaugirard9.59$834$6,672
7720 Rue Duret9.727$843$6,744
48428 Rue de Maubeuge9.727$845$6,760
72374 Bd Saint-Michel9.727$866$6,928
75570 Rue du Bac9.864$869$6,952
10935 Av. Victor Hugo9.864$886$7,088
58516 Rue d'Amsterdam10.138$885$7,080
11834 Av. Victor Hugo10.138$895$7,160
27656 Av. de New York10.138$895$7,260
73269 Bd Saint-Michel10.138$904$7,232
20862 Av. de New York10.138$913$7,304
77266 Bd des Invalides10.275$885$7,080
4311 Av. de la Grande Armée10.275$895$7,160
931560 Av. Kléber10.275$895$7,160
62365 Rue de la Cité10.412$903$7,224
28249 Av. de New York10.412$905$7,240
12619 Av. Foch10.412$909$7,272
84487 Rue de Depart10.412$914$7,312
22758 Av. de New York10.412$922$7,376
44936 Bd Haussmann10.549$922$7,376
191453 Av. Kléber10.549$943$7,544
78464 Av. Rapp10.549$945$7,560
47527 Bd Haussmann10.549$1,088$8,704
82475 Bd des Invalides10.549$1,229$9,832
24350 Av. de New York10.686$942$7,536
74463 Rue du Bac10.686$946$7,568
76463 Rue du Bac10.686$946$7,568
60409 Av. de Wagram10.686$1,426$11,408
92576 Bd de Grenelle10.823$1,004$8,032
2410 Av. de la Grande Armée10.823$1,351$10,808
291140 Av. des Champs-Élysées10.823$1,445$11,560
91273 Bd de Grenelle10.823$1,845$14,760
41959 Rue de Rivoli10.96$1,098$10,980
181352 Av. Kléber10.96$2,044$20,440
79168 Av. de la Bourdonnais10.96$2,219$22,190
42846 Bd des Italiens10.96$2,294$22,940
211457 Av. Kléber11.097$2,194$21,940
59415 Av. de Wagram11.097$2,209$22,090
171242 Av. Kléber11.097$2,213$22,130
39855 Rue de Rivoli11.097$2,299$22,990
13618 Av. de la Grande Armée11.234$2,168$21,680
161243 Av. Kléber11.234$2,265$22,650
43845 Bd des Italiens11.234$2,321$23,210
80167 Av. de la Bourdonnais11.234$2,433$24,330
231351 Av. Kléber11.371$2,229$22,290
81372 Av. de la Bourdonnais11.371$2,290$22,900
1517 Av. de la Grande Armée11.371$2,293$22,930
40854 Rue de Rivoli11.371$2,332$23,320
15733 Av. Kléber11.371$3,277$32,770
30548 Pl. de la Concorde11.645$2,835$28,350
25941 Av. Kléber11.645$2,879$28,790
35630 Av. des Champs-Élysées11.782$3,155$31,550
311139 Av. des Champs-Élysées11.782$3,311$33,110
361038 Av. des Champs-Élysées11.919$3,299$32,990
26531 Av. Kléber11.919$3,389$33,890
34629 Av. des Champs-Élysées12.056$3,346$33,460
38747 Rue de Rivoli12.193$2,900$29,000
32732 Av. des Champs-Élysées12.193$3,359$33,590
14525 Av. Kléber12.193$3,395$33,950
33524 Av. des Champs-Élysées12.604$3,689$36,890
371037 Av. des Champs-Élysées12.604$3,724$37,240


coffee inc 2 berlin

Berlin has a lot of cheap lots but only a few of those lots reach 10,000 foot traffic. May be a good starting city for low starting budgets but only if you manage to snag good deals.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
55Brunnenstraβe 1057.535$640$3,840
42Schönhauser Allee 1017.672$640$3,840
1Turmstraβe 1157.809$610$3,660
47Torstraβe 1027.809$630$3,780
53Mulackstraβe 1047.946$660$3,960
50Mulackstraβe 2038.083$690$4,140
43Torstraβe 2068.083$710$4,260
46Mulackstraβe 3078.22$730$5,840
27Zimmerstraβe 4618.357$660$5,280
51Mulackstraβe 1098.357$750$6,000
52Spandauer Straβe 1088.494$780$6,240
30Zimmerstraβe 1438.631$750$6,000
9Rudi-Dutchke-Straβe 1548.768$720$5,760
8Wilhelmstraβe 7588.768$740$5,920
44Schönhauser Allee 3149.042$760$6,080
26Zimmerstraβe 5599.042$790$6,320
54Invalidenstraβe 1119.042$790$6,320
31Krausenstraβe 2449.042$810$6,480
48Mulackstraβe 3139.179$780$6,240
41Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 1109.316$810$6,480
29Zimmerstraβe 3539.453$740$5,920
58Invalidenstraβe 4239.453$760$6,080
2Invalidenstraβe 5229.453$780$6,240
49Spandauer Straβe 2129.453$830$6,640
32Leipzigler Straβe 4459.59$700$5,600
25Leipzigler Straβe 6519.59$810$6,480
5Potsdamer Straβe 1369.59$850$6,800
28Zimmerstraβe 3529.727$770$6,160
59Brunnenstraβe 3189.727$810$6,480
56Invalidenstraβe 3179.727$840$6,720
45Schönhauser Allee 4199.864$830$6,640
57Invalidenstraβe 4219.864$830$6,640
24Leipzigler Straβe 6579.864$870$6,960
12Potsdamer Straβe 44910.138$880$7,040
10Potsdamer Straβe 55010.275$920$7,360
20Leipzigler Straβe 55510.412$860$6,880
4Unter den Linden 33310.412$880$7,040
11Potsdamer Straβe 34810.412$920$7,360
22Leipzigler Straβe 62810.412$1,710$13,680
40Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 21610.549$890$7,120
39Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 42010.549$910$7,280
19Mohrenstraβe 24610.549$1,210$9,680
60Schönhauser Allee 43010.549$1,890$15,120
21Leipzigler Straβe 65610.686$960$7,680
38Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 42610.686$1,210$9,680
23Leipzigler Straβe 44710.823$1,350$10,800
33Leipzigler Straβe 33710.823$1,520$12,160
35Leipzigler Straβe 12910.96$1,990$19,900
34Leipzigler Straβe 23111.097$2,030$20,300
17Markgrafenstraβe 23411.097$2,250$22,500
18Charlottenstraβe 14111.097$2,330$23,300
6Potsdamer Straβe 14011.097$2,620$26,200
7Ebertstraβe 14211.234$2,290$22,900
37Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 52411.234$2,340$23,400
36Karl-Liebknecht-Straβe 52511.371$2,090$20,900
3Alt-Moabit 22711.508$2,150$21,500
15Unter den Linden 43511.508$2,210$22,100
16Unter den Linden 23211.508$2,380$23,800
13Wilhelmstraβe 23911.508$2,490$24,900
14Unter den Linden 53812.056$2,840$28,400


coffee inc 2 tokyo

There are many cheap lots and good deals in Tokyo, making it one of the best locations to start your first shop if you have a low starting budget. However, higher-traffic lots tend to be more on the pricey side compared to other places.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
15Waseda 2-12-37.124$621$3,726
6Kasai 2-5-437.261$580$3,480
14Kitasenju 1-5-77.261$625$3,750
7Kasai 1-5-397.535$620$3,720
13Sumida 2-5-87.535$646$3,876
16Waseda 1-4-27.809$670$4,020
12Sumida 1-4-67.809$687$4,122
8Kiba 2-5-337.946$710$4,260
9Kiba 1-4-288.494$752$6,016
25Suidobashi 2-5-98.494$769$6,152
47Meguro 1-11-498.631$748$5,984
26Suidobashi 1-3-58.631$768$6,144
4Tsukishima 1-9-448.631$782$6,256
1Odaiba 2-23-598.768$781$6,248
59Meguro 3-5-538.768$812$6,496
57Shinagawa 2-9-579.042$785$6,280
30Asakusa 2-1-199.042$788$6,304
5Toyosu 1-5-529.042$789$6,312
17Shinjuku 1-6-19.042$812$6,496
46Azabu 2-10-429.179$786$6,288
58Meguro 2-4-509.179$805$6,440
3Toyosu 2-9-559.316$799$6,392
55Shinagawa 1-4-549.316$824$6,592
29Asakusa 1-2-139.59$832$6,656
2Odaiba 1-4-569.59$841$6,728
27Suidobashi 3-5-119.59$842$6,736
21Yoyogi 3-12-229.727$865$6,920
49Azabu 1-3-419.727$875$7,000
18Shinjuku 2-1-49.864$895$7,160
50Kasumigaseki 2-8-3510.001$868$6,944
53Shiodome 3-1-4610.001$902$7,216
42Roppongi 1-12-2510.138$846$6,768
22Yoyogi 2-7-1710.138$889$7,112
19Shinjuku 3-6-1010.138$905$7,240
56Shinagawa 3-11-5810.138$942$7,536
11Sumida 4-4-1510.275$886$7,088
38Shiodome 2-6-4510.275$905$7,248
31Asakusa 3-16-2110.275$907$7,256
37Ginza 2-8-3410.412$895$7,160
54Shiodome 4-22-5110.412$922$7,376
51Toranomon 1-5-3610.549$939$7,512
20Yoyogi 1-8-1610.549$1,225$9,800
52Toranomon 2-3-4710.686$933$7,464
28Asakusa 2-1-1810.686$1,252$10,016
45Roppongi 4-5-3710.823$1,310$10,480
24Yotsuya 3-5-2010.823$1,497$11,976
23Yotsuya 2-4-1410.96$2,090$20,900
39Shiodome 1-8-4010.96$2,150$21,500
48Azabu 3-7-4811.097$2,499$24,990
40Kasumigaseki 3-2-3811.371$2,210$22,100
36Marunouchi 2-4-2611.508$2,310$23,100
10Sumida 4-3-1211.508$2,320$23,200
43Roppongi 3-8-3011.645$3,320$33,200
41Kasumigaseki 1-23-2411.782$3,315$33,150
33Marunouchi 1-9-2312.056$3,260$32,600
35Marunouchi 2-9-3112.193$3,520$35,200
32Ginza 1-5-3212.33$3,480$34,800
34Marunouchi 2-1-2712.467$3,680$36,800
44Roppongi 2-7-2912.741$3,790$37,900


coffee inc 2 osaka

Osaka has many cheap lots but not very many good deals for lots with 10,000 foot traffic and above. It is the ideal starting location for low-budget players but only if you were able to buy our recommended lots. If you manage to see Umeda 2-5-9 (lot 50) for lease, buy it immediately for it has the cheapest weekly rent for the highest foot traffic in the game at the time of writing this guide.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
54Yodogawa 2-5-16.439$482$2,892
56Joto 2-5-76.713$439$2,634
53Yodogawa 1-4-26.85$511$3,066
3Kujo 3-5-117.535$478$2,868
55Joto 1-4-67.535$623$3,738
29Tennoji 3-11-657.535$643$3,858
24Nishinari 3-11-647.672$687$4,122
58Joto 2-8-347.946$549$3,294
1Kujo 1-3-57.946$617$3,702
2Kujo 3-8-168.22$572$4,576
4Kujo 2-7-178.494$591$4,728
6Kujo 2-1-278.494$672$5,376
57Joto 3-8-308.631$712$5,696
15Hukushima 2-1-48.768$695$5,560
14Taisho 2-4-268.768$722$5,776
30Tennoji 3-11-588.768$753$6,024
61Ikuno 2-9-578.768$785$6,280
5Kujo 2-1-188.905$646$5,168
33Chuo 2-8-359.179$799$6,392
13Taisho 1-5-329.179$839$6,712
19Chuo 1-5-369.179$846$6,768
8Namba 1-9-449.179$879$7,032
7Minato 2-5-339.316$811$6,488
62Tennoji 2-9-559.316$897$7,176
65Minato 3-2-389.316$946$7,568
31Tennoji 4-22-529.59$843$6,744
52Tenman 1-2-139.59$824$6,592
28Tennoji 2-23-619.59$922$7,376
23Nishinari 3-11-609.727$944$7,552
47Umeda 2-12-39.864$832$6,656
18Shinjuku 2-1-49.864$895$7,160
12Namba 4-5-379.864$955$7,640
11Namba 1-8-409.864$1,130$9,040
10Namba 2-5-439.864$1,170$9,360
25Abeno 2-23-6310.001$1,040$8,320
42Tenman 1-9-2310.138$966$7,728
36Namba 1-4-5610.138$1,050$8,400
34Namba 3-1-4610.138$1,320$10,560
32Chuo 1-3-4110.138$1,390$11,120
38Chuo 2-9-3110.138$914$7,312
51Tenman 1-3-1210.275$889$7,112
37Namba 2-10-4210.275$1,310$10,480
43Tenman 3-5-2010.412$1,130$9,040
27Tennoji 2-23-5910.412$1,250$10,000
35Namba 3-5-5310.549$1,450$11,600
9Namba 3-7-4810.549$1,670$13,360
48Umeda 2-5-810.686$845$6,760
16Umeda 4-4-1510.686$1,050$8,400
59Shiromi 2-4-5010.686$1,860$14,880
17Umeda 1-4-2410.823$1,550$12,400
63Shiromi 1-11-4910.823$1,980$15,840
46Umeda 3-6-1010.96$933$9,330
60Shiromi 1-5-5210.96$2,010$20,100
26Namba 2-1-6211.097$1,690$16,900
40Chuo 1-4-2811.097$1,850$18,500
64Shiromi 2-6-4511.097$2,150$21,500
50Umeda 2-5-911.234$921$9,210
44Tenman 2-1-1911.234$1,670$16,700
39Taisho 1-12-2511.234$1,840$18,400
41Umeda 4-12-2211.234$1,970$19,700
21Namba 2-3-4711.234$2,340$23,400
49Umeda 3-4-1411.508$1,580$15,800
20Namba 1-5-3911.508$2,140$21,400
22Namba 1-4-5411.645$2,740$27,400
45Umeda 3-16-2111.919$2,090$20,900


coffee inc 2 amsterdam

Amsterdam has many cheap lots but most of them have very low foot traffic. There aren’t many good deals here and it is not an ideal location for your starting shop.

AddressFoot TrafficWeekly RentSecurity Deposit
35Saenredamstraat 2716.576$600$3,600
36Daniël Stalpertstraat 2676.713$589$3,534
62Marnixstraat 6736.713$678$4,068
61Marnixstraat 7726.987$688$4,128
51Entrepotdok 2287.261$612$3,672
34Hobbermastraat 2587.261$641$3,846
37Daniël Stalpertstraat 3687.261$687$4,122
33Hobbermastraat 1557.261$698$4,188
59Marnixstraat 9607.398$656$3,936
53Weesperstraat 8467.398$659$3,954
63Marnixstraat 6657.398$688$4,128
58Holterbergweg 2697.398$699$4,294
64Marnixstraat 6617.535$688$4,128
57Holterbergweg 2707.535$727$4,362
50Entrepotdok 1277.672$677$4,062
60Marnixstraat 8667.672$711$4,266
65Keizersgracht 5647.672$721$4,326
54Weesperstraat 9537.809$721$4,326
55Gooiseweg 1627.809$729$4,374
69Herengracht 8547.809$743$4,458
31Marnixstraat 7437.946$715$4,290
39Marnixstraat 7568.22$748$5,984
47Weesperstraat 3298.22$756$6,048
56Gooiseweg 2638.22$855$6,840
1Herengracht 1058.357$698$5,584
28Herengracht 5338.357$720$5,760
26Keizergracht 4268.357$786$6,288
38Marnixstraat 6598.494$699$5,592
45Singel 6398.494$765$6,120
66Keizersgracht 7578.494$774$6,192
44Herengracht 7458.494$775$6,200
70Herengracht 7458.494$775$6,200
71Weesperstraat 6388.494$789$6,312
2Herengracht 2068.631$723$5,784
27Keizergracht 2328.631$789$6,312
41Keizersgracht 8518.631$810$6,480
72Weesperstraat 4358.631$845$6,760
40Marnixstraat 7528.768$809$6,472
29Keizergracht 3348.768$814$6,512
3Herengracht 2138.905$785$6,280
43Keizersgracht 7478.905$799$6,392
25Herengracht 4258.905$841$6,728
30Herengracht 4258.905$841$6,728
73Weesperstraat 4368.905$897$7,176
4Singel 2189.042$823$6,584
46Weesperstraat 5379.042$912$7,296
7Singel 1049.179$805$6,440
52Weesperstraat 7449.179$858$6,864
67Keizersgracht 8509.316$813$6,504
68Herengracht 7499.453$820$6,560
23Herengracht 3309.727$843$6,744
24Herengracht 3229.727$845$6,760
32Keizergracht 4419.727$845$6,760
42Keizersgracht 4419.727$845$6,760
6Singel 1119.864$960$7,680
8Singel 11710.001$912$7,296
5Singel 11210.138$1,050$8,400
22Herengracht 43110.138$1,120$8,960
49Weesperstraat 12310.138$1,140$9,120
20Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 41910.412$1,573$12,584
10Stationsplein 50110.549$1,922$15,376
12Kloveniersburgwal 11010.549$1,992$15,936
48Weesperstraat 22410.686$1,520$12,160
11Kloveniersburgwal 10910.686$1,983$15,864
18Singel 11511.097$2,459$24,590
21Nieuwendijk 42011.234$2,540$25,400
19Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 21611.234$2,766$27,660
13Kloveniersburgwal 32111.371$2,689$26,890
15Nieuwendijk 10811.645$3,120$31,200
9Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 10211.919$3,074$30,740
17Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 10711.919$3,094$30,940
16Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 10312.193$3,244$32,440
14Nieuwendijk 21412.33$3,455$34,550

Don’t Build a Store Next to Your Competitors When Starting out

coffee inc 2 competition

As a new fish in a big pool, you’d want to have as many customers visiting your store. It is counterproductive to build in a location where an already existing coffee shop is nearby. Competition, no matter how low their cut of the market is, will always hinder growth. While it cannot always be avoided, it’s always better to start your first shop in an area you can monopolize.

3. Choose What you Spend on Wisely

When you’re starting, you don’t have a source of income and it may take up to 3 weeks or more before you start earning money. You will be relying on your starting budget or the loans that the banks may grant you. If you’re on a tight beginning budget or you just want to have the lowest-cost coffee shop possible, we have a few pointers to look out for:

Skimp out on Exterior and Interiors

coffee inc 2 exterior interior

The Interiors and Exteriors don’t really matter entirely for the shop to function, it’s all mostly due to preference. All Exteriors and Interiors have preset designs that you can choose from and we’ve listed the cheapest options below:


Modern Mirror – $46,000

Diner – $55,400

Wood Taste – $57,000


Diner – $102,900

Orthodox – $107,950

Casual – $115,090

Interiors tend to be a lot more expensive than Exteriors. However, there is an option to buy an expansion that will allow you to customize Interiors. This allows you to drastically lower its cost. Customizing also lets you save the Interior you designed and lets you use them in other shops and even other playthroughs. It is a good expansion to invest in, especially if you enjoy designing them.

While you have free reign over the design when you customize, we do not recommend only putting the bare minimum (ex: having only one table) in your shop since you may encounter comments from customers and staff regarding comfort and style.

However, regardless of your effort in designing, you may still get those comments once a new competitor enters the market and your customers start comparing the two shops. In those cases, you may have to remodel your shop. Keep in mind that creating a shop and remodeling a shop both take 3 weeks and may take 4 weeks if Eco Construction Law is enforced.

Buy the Best Equipment

coffee inc 2 equipment

Unlike the Exteriors and Interiors, you can’t just skimp out on your Espresso Machine, Brewer, and Blender. The quality of your product and the productivity of your shop are some of the most important keys to the success of your business. It will determine how many customers you will have in the long term.

Espresso Machine

Espresso MachineQualityProductivityPrice
La Marazzo Espresso★★★★$4,300
Valentia Albano A5★★★★★★$9,500
Masotti Custom★★★★★★★★$16,700
La Marazzo V2★★★★★★★★$23,500
Splendor M1★★★★★★★$19,500

We recommend investing in either Masotti Custom or La Marazzo V2 since they seem to be the best choices for Espresso Machines. Masotti Custom can produce many cups with average quantity while La Marazzo V2 can produce higher quality with lesser productivity than the former Espresso Machine. Only choose Splendor if you are working at a low-traffic coffee shop.


Kamu Single Brewer★★★★$680
Tena Dual Brewer★★★★★★★★$2,200
Yoneo Coffee Siphon★★★★★★★★$8,900
Drip Liner J4★★★★★★★$4,500
Royal Masters★★★★★★★★$26,500

For beginners, it’s best to choose between Tena Dual Brewer, Yoneo Coffee Siphon, Drip Liner J4. Tena Dual Brewer is cheap but will definitely serve the most coffee quickly. The only downside is the quality is pretty average. Drip Liner J4 on the other hand has better quality but suffers in productivity.

May be a good option if you are starting out in a location with low foot traffic. Yoneo Coffee Siphon is the best middle ground, with 4-star quality and productivity. However it is also far more expensive than the two other options. Only choose Royal Masters if you have high starting capital and start at low foot traffic.


Blendoll S★★★★$490
Varomix A1★★★★★★★$880
Varomix X5★★★★★★★★★$1,480

Varomix X5 seems like the overall best price hands down. Compared to other appliances, this is already very cheap and there is no good reason for you to not take the best one available.

Always get a Special Coffee Blend

coffee inc 2 blend

At the start of the game, the coffee blend you have by default is a custom blend with no special qualities. To attract more customers and turn them into regulars, you’ll want to visit coffee companies and buy their blends. Once you have a lot of income, you can buy an office and set up a floor that allows you to create your own special blends. Take note that you can only serve one type of blend at a time.

Hire a Decent Manager

coffee inc 2 manager

Managing your own coffee shop may be easy at the start of the game, but it does take time and effort. You need to constantly check on your staff and customers to make sure they are happy. You must manually set your marketing campaigns and prices and take care of store troubles. With a manager, you won’t need to worry about any of that except for the occasional store problem events and store manager quitting.

An ideal store manager has at least 40 points (2 bars) in all four skills: People, Product, Marketing, and Ethics. As for annual salary, a good price to shoot for would be $70,000 and below.

When hiring a manager, you have to increase the salary by 1 or 2 clicks on the plus button because most applicants will turn away an offer if it isn’t higher than their current salary. Make sure to delegate tasks to the manager after hiring them or else they will not make any changes to your existing settings on the shop, making them ineffective. 

Don’t Purchase an Office Right Away

coffee inc 2 office

It might make sense to get an office as soon as you start, but it is actually not the most important part of your game. The security deposit and weekly rent of an office are a lot more expensive than that of a shop. The only time an office is actually relevant to the operations is when you have higher income and several shops in different locations.

Once the time comes that you are ready to buy an office, choose a small one with not too many floors so that you can save money on rent. You can always move to a bigger office later when you need more floors and staff.

Don’t Spend on Marketing Companies too Soon

coffee inc 2 marketing

Marketing Companies allow you to advertise your shop, but only within the location they are based on. Because of this, they are the most useful if you have multiple shops across a single map. You won’t get much mileage if you only have one shop and immediately run ads with a Marketing Company since they are also very costly.

If you want to increase your market’s interest in your shop at the start, focus on doing Marketing Campaigns within your shops like installing free WIFI, Local Paid Search, Social Media, and others. Having a Marketing Department in your office is also possible, but only invest in this once you have a high income and are in a financially comfortable position.

Don’t Invest in the Stock Market too Early

coffee inc 2 stocks

The Stock Market at the Investment Bank allows you to buy and sell shares and while it may be tempting to invest in it for long term profit, it is also unpredictable. A share can gradually decrease or increase in price or it can plummet or boom instantly.

When you’re starting out, it’s a bit too risky to invest in it. However, if you are dead set in investing or if you’ve got some money to spare, we recommend investing in shares that are $40 and below so that you get the most profit when selling them later when they rise.

Don’t buy Expansions Until You’re Familiar With the Game

Expansions cost real-life money, and while they’re not super costly and are one-time purchases, we don’t recommend buying them until you’ve played the game for a while. This is so that you can determine if the expansion is a good fit for you or not. As we played the game, we developed our preferences and wrote down notes on each expansion:

Sports, Venture and Real Estate Expansions

sports, venture and real estate expansions

Sports Expansion lets you design and own a professional sports franchise business. Venture Expansion lets you have early investment opportunities in private startups before they go public in the stock market. Real Estate Expansion lets you buy real estate in all cities. All these expansions add more things to do in the game but require you to have lots of money to participate. Unless you’ve gotten the hang of the game and gotten to the point where your business can afford those costs, buying the expansion will be useless.

Custom Interior

coffee inc 2 custom expansion

This expansion lets you customize your shop’s Interiors. Custom Interiors is the only expansion we recommend since it does lessen the cost of your Interiors while adding a new element to your gameplay.

Private Jet

coffee inc 2 jet expansion

This expansion removes the mileage limit, letting you fly from location to location as many times as you want. It may be tempting to buy this expansion but by the time you get an office, flying from place to place is not really as important since you can check the stats of your shops from the HR department.

4. Consider Getting Loans or Going Public

Since revenue is slow at the start, you may find yourself in a bind, especially when your competition starts branching off to multiple locations. In this case, you may want to consider getting loans from banks or filing an IPO to sell your company’s shares in the investment bank.

Loaning From Banks

coffee inc 2 loans

Loaning from Banks is the easiest way to get a large sum of money quickly. However, before you get a loan, the bank will take a week to decide if they will allow you to borrow cash or reject you. At the start, you have a higher chance to be granted the lowest loan tier than the higher ones.

ne trick we learned is that the more you loan from a specific bank, the higher the loans you can take from them in the future. A good way to increase those loan offers is to loan from the lowest amount, wait a week after you received the loan, then pay it in full. Repeat as much as you like since it increases the bank’s trust in your ability to return your loans, making them more likely to grant your loan applications.

Selling Shares

coffee inc 2 shares

In order to sell your shares at the Investment Bank, you must first file an IPO. To file an IPO, you will need to buy an office with an Executive Floor for your Board of Directors, have a CFO, have positive net incomes for the last three quarters (which is 9 months of gameplay), and have at least 300,000 common shares issued. This is a late-game option and not necessarily a step you need to take if you can get by with just bank loans.

5. Pay Attention to the News

coffee inc 2 news

The newspaper at the end of each week displays valuable information that can greatly affect your business. It can tell you:


  • New and Closed Stores and Offices


  • Loans Approved or Denied
  • Executives Hired
  • New Products Released
  • Conventions and Summits (only useful for people with Venture Expansions)


  • Quarterly Dividends
  • Quarterly Revenues
  • Bank Rates


  • Bills Proposed and Laws Passed or Rejected
  • Elections and their candidates

The most important sections that you need to pay the most attention to at the start are the Retail and Business section as it is immediately relevant to your business. The Market section is worth looking at only if you invest in the stock market or plan on putting your business there. The Politics section may seem irrelevant at first but it actually affects the expenses of your business and how you run them.

Bills and Laws and What They Do to Your Game

coffee inc 2 bills
Bill / LawAboutEffect on Business
Eco ConstructionEnforces the use of environmentally friendly materials on all business building constructions.Increases building costs and changes store construction length to 4 weeks.  
Gender EqualityEnforces equal opportunities for company’s high level positions.The number of male and female store managers must be equal. If violated, your company can be fined or your business can be revoked.  
Recycling TaxEnforces all retailers to use recyclable materials where possible.Makes you use recyclable materials in your shop (under marketing). If violated, you will be taxed for every product revenue.  
Minimum WageEnforces a minimum hourly wage for all employees in the city.Makes you set a specific wage for your employees. If violated, business licenses can be revoked.  
City TaxEnforces a special sales tax on all local businesses to sustain local government expenditures.Higher product price which may reduce consumer demands.
Sugar TaxEnforces sales tax on all sugary drinks in order to promote better health and combat obesity in society.All drinks with sugar and syrups are taxed.
AntitrustRegulates the dominance market power of a single (monopoly) or a few companies (cartel) and promotes competitions.Prevents a company from taking more than 80% of market shares in the city and supervises M&A activities. If violated, your company can be fined.  

To prevent these laws from getting signed, you have two options: vote for a leader that has an opposite political leaning during the elections (particularly those that lean towards Capitalism, Small Government, Economic Freedom, and Tradition) or engage in lobbying. Lobbying will cost you at least $100,000 so this option can only really be used if you have money to spare or have a high income.

If the politics aspect of this game bothers you or makes the game too hard, there is an option to turn it off in the settings.

coffee inc 2 outro

And this concludes our Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Inc. 2! We hope this article serves you well in your journey to becoming the most successful coffee entrepreneur! Did we miss a few tips and tricks you discovered while playing the game? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!