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Cmplt (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

When it comes to puzzle games, sometimes simplicity can be surprisingly addicting. Available as an iOS-exclusive, cmplt is a unique pixel puzzle game from Philipp Stollenmayer, where you need to fill in the missing squares of an image. If you will notice, the game’s name is actually the word “complete” without the vowels. The mechanics are pretty simple. You are given an incomplete image and you have to figure out what it is so you can put the correct pixels in place. The images are usually simple items that people usually know about so you don’t need to worry about having to solve something you are not familiar with. Some if the images include a cactus, a plane, a hammer, and so on. Of course, the puzzles get more difficult to solve you progress. It’s a good thing you have our cmplt strategy guide to help you complete all the images!

1. Use The Trial And Error Method

If you are really stuck on a particular image, you can just try placing squares on the board to see if you can make sense of it somehow. The trial and error method may take a while but it will at least help you move forward. The good news is that there is no penalty even if you make a mistake in placing the squares. Feel free to make as many mistakes as you need in order to solve the puzzle. The only penalty you get in the game is being unable to move on to another puzzle until you complete the one you are working on.

2. Look For The Pattern

A good way to figure out what to place on the board is to check the patterns on the current image. See if any part of it would benefit from a mirror match. If a certain color ends abruptly, try continuing its path to check if it was really cut off from the whole. Lastly, take a step back and check if you can guess what the image is. Sometimes looking at it from a different angle helps you realize what you are looking at.

3. When To Use Hints

When you use a hint, red crosses will appear on the screen, indicating the spots where you need to place squares. Keep in mind that it will only show you a few squares so it won’t solve the whole puzzle. If you are really struggling with a specific image, you may need to use multiple hints in order to solve it. Make sure you are not too dependent on the use of hints because you might need a lot of help in a later puzzle.

4. Try Alternate Puzzles

Even though you are not allowed to move forward until you solve your current puzzle, you are actually given alternate puzzles. There will always be three puzzles available at any given time. You can switch between these three as much as you want. Just tap on the + icon then choose the thumbnail of the puzzle you want to play. Keep in mind that if you are unable to solve any of the three puzzles, you will no longer have any other options to move forward.

Completing images may sound simple but it can really be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Make sure you stick to our cmplt tips and tricks so you can solve all the puzzles!