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Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons Strategy Guide: 5 Easy Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons is a different kind of role-playing game, because as the title suggests, it’s a more lighthearted RPG than most. Available for iOS devices but not for Android as of yet, the game will still have you taking part in some classical RPG-style adventures , with action taking place in the form of turn-based battle. As usual, you can collect weapons and learn spells, and you can use all these to defeat those nasty bosses. As this title from Big Wood Games promises, each enemy has their own share of strengths and weaknesses, thus requiring you to strategize. If you need some help in that regard, we shall now be showing you some useful tips in this Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons strategy guide.

1. Replay As Many Levels As Possible

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, especially in the RPG genre – farming. What is farming, pray tell? For those unfamiliar with gaming jargon, this means replaying levels you’ve already completed in order to earn yourself additional experience points and/or gold. In Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons, farming for XP by replaying previous levels is a great way, not only to prep yourself for a tough level, but also to get additional weapons and potions for that particular level.

2. Pay Attention To What You’Ll Be Getting Per Level

Some levels may reward you with weapons once you’ve completed them, while others will give you potions as a gift for successfully acing them. There is an order when it comes to the type of rewards per level, so take note of this, especially when time comes for you to redo a previous level you’ve already finished.

3. Mix And Match Potions Against Multiple Enemies

If you’re in a level where you’re up against more than just two bad guys, it would behoove you to have a number of potions at your disposal. But you wouldn’t want to use them yet against the first enemy. If your health runs low, then take a healing potion prior to taking on the next enemy. And if you’re on your third or fourth enemy, that’s when you should use a defense potion, with the attack potion being used for whichever is the last enemy in the battle.

4. Enhance Your Weapons And Armor By Fusing Weaker Items

This is another common element in RPG gaming; it’s possible to make your equipment more effective by fusing them with weaker items. In Clumsy Knight vs. Skeletons, the first slot should go to the stronger item, while the second, and right slot should be for the weaker item.

5. Combine Bad Items With Better Items

Unfortunately, not all items in this game will be of help to you. However, if you combine these harmful items with the right ones that can reverse their effect, you can fuse them to come up with something that can really help you. This time, though, the first slot should be for the bad item, and the second slot for the good one.