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Clicker Heroes Cheats: 5 Fantastic Tips & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

You may be familiar with the game Clicker Heroes, a title that was, and still is quite popular as a casual PC title. Now, that it’s available for mobile, you can get it for your Android or iOS device, and play this unique RPG that also comes with a good deal of endless clicking mechanics. So what do you do here? For starters, you can tap to attack and kill monsters to get more loot, add new heroes and level them up, and of course, travel through new worlds to find treasure. The game claims to have over a thousand zones, where you can defeat epic bosses and monsters, and also unlock new skills and take advantage of the game’s social features.

Clicker Heroes may not be the simplest game to learn and to play if you’re just starting out. But we’ve come up with a number of Clicker Heroes cheats, tips and strategies that you can use to get as far as you could – and we do mean far, as this title, once again, is also an endless clicker!

1. Be Aware That The Game Isn’t Really Endless

Truth be told, Clicker Heroes ends once you reach Stage 140, and once you get there, you can then start from scratch and enjoy some new features. For example, you can get some valuable assistance from Ancients, then unlock more of these and level them up as you go along. Yes, the game may start feeling endless once you’re close to the halfway mark of those 140 stages, but there is an end, apparently.

2. Pay Attention To DPS When Buying A Hero

It’s actually a better idea to buy a new hero with a lot of damage (DPS) than upgrade one with low starting DPS, because the former is easier on your in-game wallet. Make sure you always look at how much DPS you’ll be receiving for the hero you buy, and if you should go for upgrades (and you would), wait until you’ve got a lot of coins so you can get the best possible upgrade for your hero.

3. Upgrade Your Hero Wisely

Speaking of the upgrading process, there are several schools of thought regarding the best strategies to employ when upgrading a hero. Most of the time, it would be a good idea to upgrade your highest-powered hero after waking up in the morning, as you’ll likely have a lot of money accumulated from the time you were sleeping. Keep working your way downwards to your lower-end heroes, because you’ll need all the help you can get.

4. Get A Good Supply Of Hero Souls

You can gain more Hero Souls by killing bosses, and it may actually be a better idea not to touch the game until you’ve beaten out the Level 140 boss. That’s right – killing the Level 140 boss may be the best way to get a good supply of Hero Souls.

5. Be Patient When Trying To Beat Level 140

Level 140, as we said, is the last level available in Clicker Heroes, and just to set your expectations, it may take you more than a day to complete it. This is the last and most difficult level, after all, so you’ll want to set aside a lot of time if you want to beat it.