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Clashy Colors Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Get a High Score

Clashy Colors is a new casual mobile game from one of the rising stars of the genre – Josiah Jenkins – and Squad Social LLC. It’s a purely endless game with four different modes (Clashy, Spinny, and Droppy, as well as another one that isn’t mentioned), and the gameplay is as simple as what you’d expect from a Josiah Jenkins title. Just tap your device to make the block jump, and watch as the color switches to either blue, red, yellow, or green. Tap once again to pass through the same color gate, and follow the pattern; as the game’s makers explain, the block has to be the same color so that it strikes through the wall, and if it isn’t, then your run is over.

As there are four different endless modes, that’s four different formats for you to chase your high score in. Can you reach the 100-point mark in all of them? It won’t be easy at first, but with these Clashy Colors cheats, tips and hints, we can at least help you get a higher score faster, and make it easier for you to beat your old record.

1. What To Do When You Miss The Right Gate

Tapping on the screen would typically change the color of your block in Clashy Colors; you will then have to direct it to the matching color gate. But what happens if somehow you miss that gate? It’s not exactly the end of the world; you can let the square drop and re-launch it. Once you’ve launched it a second time on the same group of gates, you need not worry anymore; the square won’t change colors, so that should give you an easier time when making it pass through the correct gate the second time around.

2. Watch Videos For More Stars

The game comes with only one type of currency – stars – and it’s easy to stock up on them. Simply watch an ad video, which shouldn’t last more than 30 seconds, and you’ll get 25 stars per pop. Aside from that, the points you earn per run will count as one star per point, but if you want to load up early while you’re still figuring out the ins and outs of the game, videos are the best way to go. You can even keep watching videos once you’ve gotten the hang of Clashy Colors, as that’ll be a more consistent way to add to your star total.

3. New Characters, Same Gameplay

The stars that you earn in the game can be used to buy new characters, but you’ve probably heard this from us a few times too many – those new characters won’t come with any special powers or varying attributes. They just change the way your default block looks, as they may have different-sized targets. But you may have an easier time with the smaller targets, so choose those ones when using your stars to pay for new characters.

4. You Can Kill The Ads If They Get Too Bothersome

We’re not fans of asking people to play games offline if the option is available – ads, after all, allow independent developers to earn money through their titles. But one pain point with Jenkins’ games that we’ve observed is that he tends to make the ads a bit too intrusive. That’s the case in Clashy Colors, and while you can make the ads go away by tapping on the top right of your screen as you play the game, it may be a good idea to play the game with your Internet turned off if you’re playing with the intent of getting a high score. Of course, you’ll still want to keep your Wi-Fi or cellular data on and play the game as usual if you’ve somehow gotten used to the pop-up ads.

5. How Do The Different Levels Vary?

Clashy is the primary Clashy Colors game – it’s the “classic” mode if you may, without any special twists or turns to expect along the way. Spinny and Droppy, as we’ve observed, both borrow from similar iOS and Android games in terms of mechanics. The fourth “Endless” mode appears to have the most uniqueness for those looking for an alternative to the classic Clashy mode. Jenkins and Squad Social, however, may add more modes with subsequent updates, so there’s always a chance there will be more ways to play this game apart from the four modes already available.

These would be our tips and hints for Clashy Colors. If you know other hints to get a high score, feel free to let us know in the comment section below!