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Chrono Strike Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Gosu Group’s new Android and iOS title Chrono Strike is a 3D fighting game where you face up against what the company calls an “endless” army of killer robots. Like in many other games, you will have a chance to assemble your own team of heroes, as you beat more than 100 levels of enemies. Gosu adds that the controls in this game are “easy to learn but hard to master,” as we’ve heard several times before from game makers, and that there are different types of enemies with their own unique fighting styles. In all, you will be leading your team of five heroes, and training them to become better and unlock their abilities, all in hope of saving humanity from extinction.

Chrono Strike combines elements of hardcore and casual gaming, which means the learning curve arguably isn’t as steep as it is in other similar titles, but are you up to the challenge of saving the world and saving humanity? Whether you’re up for it or not, we recommend reading this Chrono Strike strategy guide that should help you in completing more levels, and completing them with the perfect three stars.

1. You’ve Got To Be Precise

The mechanics of the game largely favor a precise, accurate approach, and not randomly firing away at the enemy, even if there’s no enemy to fire at. If you do the latter, your character will freeze up, leaving them open to attacks from the enemy. So how should you go about things when firing at the bad guys? First off, you’ll have to wait until you see the arrows lighting up. Next, tap in the correct direction to unleash your attack. Rapidly and frantically tapping won’t get you anywhere in this game; be controlled, be accurate, take your time if you can afford it, and get rid of more enemies by taking the patient approach.

2. Focus On Combos

Another key mechanic in Chrono Strike is the combo system – you want to string those combos together and make them as long as possible. Successfully attacking the enemy adds to your combo counter, and the higher your counter is, the more coins you can earn once you’ve completed the level. Again, we should go back to what we said above; missing an attack won’t just cause you to freeze up, it will also reset your combo counter. See what we meant when we said precision is important? But aside from that and stringing together long combos, you should also do your absolute best not to take any damage in a level, in order to get three stars.

3. How To Earn More Coins

Coins, as you may surmise, are the game’s primary form of currency. And as a general rule, you can earn more coins by doing well in a level and getting three stars; two will give you solid earnings, but you want to get three stars to truly maximize your earning potential. And here’s how the game calculates how many coins you earn after a level.
First of all, Chrono Strike will count the number of coins you earned from enemy drops; that means you should try to take out as many enemies as possible. Next, your highest combo will be taken into account, with longer combo strings translating to more coins. Finally, the game will look at your health at the end of the level. It’s always best to get through a level in one piece, with no damage whatsoever, though damage is oftentimes inevitable.

Once those three variables are totaled, the game will then multiply that by the speed multiplier at the time you completed the level. The higher the multiplier, the more coins you’ll earn once everything has been tallied up.

4. Make Sure Your Heroes Are Upgraded

You want to upgrade your hero, but what’s in it for you? Consider your starting hero Tempest, for instance. After she finishes her first quest, she will get a new suit, which comes with improved stats and more upgrade options. This suit can be upgraded if you’ve got the right fragments (see below), so go get those fragments in order to make Tempest and other in-game heroes live up to their potential. And aside from the suit fragments, talent cores can improve your suits’ stats greatly, so go get ‘em as well.

5. Complete More Quests To Upgrade Your Heroes

As we said above, it’s important that you do what you could in this game to make your heroes better. This can be done by crafting new suits and making new talents, but you will need to have suit fragments and talent cores respectively for the crafting process. So where can you find these all-important items? You can find them in the quests, so complete as many of them as possible, and check the main menu whenever possible for a list of available quests.

6. What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading?

While we’re still on the topic of upgrading, let’s look at some of the key benefits to upgrading your heroes. For starters, you can expect better stats – attack power, speed, ability to dodge enemy attacks, you name it – they can improve through consistent upgrades. If you want to complete more levels and complete them with three stars, it is imperative that your heroes be up to speed at all times.

7. Pay Close Attention To The Indicators

Once you start facing the more troublesome enemies in the game, you’ll want to focus more on the indicators found underneath them. Use these indicators as cues to tell you if you should go for multiple attacks or not. The indicators may also tell you if an enemy will move from one side to another after taking damage; a lot of the enemies in Chrono Strike can be quite shifty. But it’s actually quite simple if you remember which color corresponds to which direction – yellow arrows mean they’re shifting left, while blue arrows mean they’re shifting right.