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Chroma Squad Tips, Cheats, Tricks: 3 Hints Ever Player Should Know

Chroma Squad is a funny tactical RPG game from Bandai Namco, that is based on several popular shows like Power Rangers. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game will allow you to cast your own sentai crew with their own traits. Chroma Squad is a strategy game so there will be a lot going on in each battle. Make sure you check out our Chroma Squad tips and tricks to help secure your wins!

1. Focus On Teamwork

You will need to finish an episode every time while making sure you the audience is happy. You need to please the crowd as much as you can. The audience number will be shown at the top right corner of your screen. This number is very important because at the end of an episode it will be converted into good old cash and fans for your show. So you should make them happy. To increase this number, you need to focus on using teamwork. Any team action will do. Team acrobatics or team attacks will give you a nice boost in audience. You’ll also need to avoid bad things, like letting one of your members go down. Make sure to finish off the boss in that episode with a finishing move to increase viewership further. Don’t forget you need to wait for the finish prompt before using it, though. Using a finishing move without killing the boss will make you lose some numbers.

2. Choose The Right Actor

When the game starts, the squad will be moving into a new studio. You need to pick out actors for the right roles. This plays a huge part in the game since the selections will be permanent so plan things out first. Each actor has his own good attributes, and some bad ones too. Take that into consideration when making decisions.

There will be different roles to fill in so you need to understand these first.

The Lead Role is going to be your main star here. The passive skill of the lead star grants them 50% more health, making them the best choice to charge in, with the rest of the team behind them. When using the lead role, it is best to gain the enemy’s attention as much as possible. Their starting ability is Lasso which helps a lot in gaining the agro from the enemies. It pulls enemies towards the lead role. For this role, it is best to choose an actor that has counter rate boost like May Yeerum, or a health boost like Mr. Beaver.

The Assault role is next. This role will be your main damage dealer. The passive skill of this role grants an additional 30% attack. The best actors for this will be Mao Shinmei that has increased attack and critical rates.

The Techie role’s passive skill grants them skill regen whenever they use a skill. They are focused on long ranged weapons and active skills. The best actor for this is J blues for his passive skill, regen. This will allow you to spam skills as much as you want.

The Scout Role is another utility type role. The passive skill grants the user +1 movement. The starting ability is stunning pose which is very useful. It stuns enemies in a small radius around them. Scouts are good to send in to setup a fight. Evan Tyson is a good choice for a scout as it gives them a good damage boost.

The Assist Role is last on the list. The passive skill is skill regen and they heal nearby teammates whenever they use teamwork. Their active skills like healdouken are insane at healing. Choose an actor with a good skill regen to maximize its benefits. Defense and health bonuses are ideal too.

3. Crafting

After finishing the first episode, you will unlock the option of crafting a gear. Defeating enemies will sometimes reward you with materials you can use in crafting. Gears gives positive buffs on your characters so make sure to abuse the crafting to bring out your characters’ full potential. For finding materials, choose an actor that has a boost in item drops. Equip your characters to cover for what they are lacking. This will help them stand on their own. Plan things ahead and make sure to equip everyone with the best gear you can make.

Raising ratings and luring in fans will be tough work but with the help of our Chroma Squad tips and tricks, you will be raking in viewers really fast.