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Battle Islands: Commanders Tips, Cheats, Hints & Tricks to Conquer Your Enemies

Battle Islands: Commanders is a spin-off of another WWII game called Battle Islands. This head to head combat game from 505 Games lets you battle it out with players from all over the world. It boasts of real time player versus player combat that uses a vast array of units. Wage war against your friends, or build an alliance to trade units with them. The choice is yours. If you want to ensure victory in every battle, however, then you should check out our Battle Islands: Commanders strategy guide for some help!

1. Collect Different Units

The game gives you the role of a commander. That means you will not be doing battle on your own, you will be commanding units to fight for you. The quality of your units will determine half the battle so make sure you have a good variety of them to prepare you for any situation. There are several ways to collect units and you should take advantage of each one.

The first option for collecting units is to collect the free supply crate every two hours. It’s simple and it’s free so don’t pass up the chance to collect whenever you can. The second option is to win in battle. Winning will reward you with another supply crate. Lastly, you can get supply crates as well when you collect enough stars from battles.

2. Assemble Your Army

Now that you have collected a few different units, there’s no point in using just one, right? When you build your battalion, make sure you take into consideration the different types of units that your opponents may have. Experiment with different types of units and formations. There is no super formation that will guarantee a win against all opponents. That is why you should have a few formations prepared in anticipation of the different opponents you will encounter.

Review the strengths and weaknesses of your units and try to build a well-balanced team. A medium tank may be good at taking out structures but that’s pretty much all they are good for. Send them against infantry and they would be sitting ducks. Bazooka units, on the other hand, can be useful in piercing through heavy defense. Make sure you know what your units are good for in order to maximize their use in your formation.

3. Test Your Formation

No matter how excited you are to crush your enemies, you need to make sure first that your formation is as good as you think it is. The good news is that the game offers practice battles for you to test your formations on. Just tap on the target icon below the Ranked Battle button. Practice battles will allow you to experience an actual battle without worrying about consequences. If you feel you have seen enough, you don’t even have to see to the end of your battle. You can leave at any time without getting penalized.

When practicing with a new formation, it is not enough to just win one battle. You want to see how your formation will fare realistically so you should test it a few times. This will help give you a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of your formation. One battle will not be enough to give you different scenarios with your formation. It will also give you an idea of what kind of strategies other players have. Seeing how your strategies fare against several other strategies will help you make the necessary tweaks for when you finally play in a ranked match. Practice as much as you can, and play a ranked battle once you are confident in your strategies.

4. Stay On The Offensive

Winning the war is all about overwhelming your opponents and forcing their hand. This is how you would want to play in every battle of this game. Attack first and stay on the offensive as much as you can. Do not give your opponent room to breathe. Do not wait for them to make the first move because even if you figure out their strategy, you will be too busy scrambling to defend.

You want your opponent to be the one defending. Overwhelm them with attacks and force them to send out their strong units just to stay in the game. Forcing your opponents to show their hand will help you control the tide of battle. Prepare yourself for these stronger units because once you wipe them out, there will be nothing left to stop you.

Crush your enemies and emerge victorious in Battle Islands: Commanders! Just follow the strategy guide we gave you and you will surely succeed! Do you know any other hints for the game? Be sure to let us know in the comment area!