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Chief Almighty Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Mightiest Tribe

Turning your humble band of tribal warriors into the mightiest tribe through warfare and diplomacy is the ultimate goal in Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. But getting there is a long and arduous process. It requires a very skilled chief, and one with a lot of patience. The game’s developers YottaGame did a great job in creating a high-quality real-time strategy building game. Because of this, expect to have very heavy competition in subduing the realm under your will. To help ease you up on this process, we prepared a beginner’s guide that will gear you up in the game’s early challenges.

To give you a better understanding of the game, it’s best to know what to expect. Being a strategy building game, you’ll spend most of the time constructing and upgrading buildings. As your settlement becomes more advanced, your fighters will become stronger and more game features will be unlocked. Apart from your tribe growing in strength, you will also build stronger relationships with clanmates, which you will have to foster through diplomacy and cooperation. The help you give to others will come in handy when it’s their turn helping you out, especially when hostile players start attacking you.

While the progression in Chief Almighty is generally linear and everyone will end up with roughly the same settlement towards the end, there’s merit in planning ahead on which buildings you should build first and where you should invest your resources. Our Chief Almighty beginner’s guide will help you in making these decisions. Remember, it’s going to be a really bumpy ride getting to the top, so you better be taking notes, chief.

1. Stockpiling Your Resources Early On

When you are starting out in the game, you’re likely not going to have any resource problems. Newbies have protection for a few days when they start out, so you won’t have to worry about other players attacking you and taking away your resources. This means you also don’t have to worry about running out of resources as you set up your tribe and build its foundations.

However, as your tribe grows bigger, the costs needed to build and upgrade will exponentially increase. To avoid having problems later on in the game, you have to invest your initial resources wisely.

how to gain more resources in chief almighty

Soon, this humble settlement will become an image of your success as a powerful chief

There are two resources in the game: wood and food. Wood is produced and stored in Lumber Mills, and food is produced and stored in Hunting Grounds. The way they’re used is very basic – wood is used for buildings, while food is used to train warriors.

To ensure that you’ll have enough resources to course you through the game, you have to invest heavily in Lumber Mills and Hunting Grounds. Make at least five of each of both, and upgrade them to the maximum level as fast as possible. This way, you will keep on making resources, even while you’re away from the game. While you will likely still face issues when it comes to resources somewhere down the road, having a reliable source for wood and food will make your development quicker in the long run.

2. Protect Yourself From Stronger Tribes

While having a lot of resources is a great idea, it also makes you a prime target for attacks. To deter enemies from attacking you, make sure that you have a high power level. To do that, you have to train as many warriors as you can. This means always training new warriors from your military buildings any time possible.

If you are focusing on your defense, make sure to train high defense units like Guardians and Javelineers. Having a high power level will make the surrounding tribes think twice about launching an offensive against you. You may retaliate against them, after all.

how to protect yourself from stronger tribes in chief almighty

New players are given protection, but such privilege won’t last long

When you do get attacked, you will be notified immediately. While the enemy force is moving towards your tribe, you still have time to bolster your forces for the upcoming battle. You can make sure that your garrison will have a strong fighting chance by focusing on defensive military advancements. Apart from that, you can also build a trap workshop and make lots of traps, and improve your walls to the maximum possible level.

Your diplomatic skills will also come into play in protecting your settlement from other tribes. Forming strategic alliances with your neighbors and joining clans will improve your chances of surviving the stone age. Clan members can send reinforcements to each other when they’re attacked, and can even help build structures faster.

Diplomacy matters because an effective clan is one that communicates well with each other. Joining a clan whose members are not active or do not coordinate their movements with each other will not help you achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the top chief in the game. Choose your allies wisely and do your best in helping each other out.

3. Speeding Up Your Development

At the start of the game, building and upgrading structures will happen almost instantaneously. It’s a conscious design decision meant to encourage you to build up your tribe on the early stages of the game while you still have your newbie protection.

chief almighty tutorials

You can also check out the in-game manual for an in-depth explanation of the game’s mechanics and features

But at some point in the game, you will be waiting around for long periods of time while upgrading your buildings. Here are some pointers on how to make your development faster so you can improve your power level more quickly.

Hire A Second Builder

The most efficient way of using your premium currency – gems – is by using it to hire a second builder. Doing so will let you build/upgrade buildings twice as fast as you normally would. Spending gems this way will speed up your settlement’s development by a significant amount. Take note that this upgrade is only temporary – only 8 hours each time you purchase the upgrade.

Allocate On The Growth Talent Chief Skill

Whenever you level up, you get to assign a new skill point to one of your chief skills. While many people would eagerly put their skill points towards military upgrades, it’s best for beginners to invest in Growth talents instead. From here, you can increase your building speed, instantly collect resources, or increase your resource collection speed.

Invoke Spirits In The Temple Of Wisdom Under Development

Invocation to the gods give you great effects for as long as the invocation is active. As a beginner, you should make use of the development invocations. This will give you a lot of benefits in the interest of improving your settlement, including faster building speed, reduce warriors’ upkeep, and faster energy recovery speed.

Always Upgrade Your Tribe Center

More buildings will get unlocked when you upgrade your Tribe Center to higher levels. The Tribe Center’s level also determines the maximum level your buildings can be upgraded to. To maximize the yield of your resource-gathering buildings and to give you access to stronger warriors, prioritize upgrading your Tribe Center whenever possible.

Follow The Story Objectives And Newbie Quests

If the game becomes too overwhelming, you can always just follow the story objectives and complete the newbie quests. They’re designed to set you up and introduce you to the game’s core mechanics and features. The rewards from these quests should also help you manage your resources and develop your army during the early stages of the game.

4. Maintaining Your Army

Fighting is a core part of Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. So far, all we’ve discussed was how to develop your settlement and protect yourself from hostile elements. But all that preparation is only to make sure you’re ready when the time comes you have to take the offensive. The biggest goal in the game, after all, is to conquer the whole realm.

But building an army is just the first part of mustering your military might. The more important aspect of military management is the maintenance of your army. A poorly-maintained army will not be able to stand a chance against powerful invaders, and are even less likely to overcome tough defenses.

how to manage your army in chief almighty

Knowing your warriors’ strengths and weaknesses is key to winning battles

Firstly, we have to discuss the concept of upkeep. Upkeep refers to how much food your warriors consume. If your upkeep is higher than the amount of food you can create, your warriors will starve to death. While we did say that you should keep on training new warriors whenever possible, you also have to take care not to have too high of an upkeep.

Since you have to feed all of your warriors, you have to be discerning on which warriors you should keep within your army. When you upgrade military buildings, you will unlock stronger versions of your units. Make sure that you update your warriors, dismissing the weaker ones to make space for the upkeep of stronger warriors.

Maintaining your army also requires you to take good care of your warriors. Aside from feeding them, you also have to heal the wounded. When your warriors go to battle, they could either die or be wounded. Casualties from the attacking side will die, while casualties from the defending side will only be wounded. Those who end up wounded may be brought to the Healer Hut so they can recover their lost health. Increasing the level of your Healer Hut will make healing faster for all your warriors. Not healing wounded warriors can lead to their deaths. Getting attacked while they’re wounded and being included in the tally of casualties will do just that.

Finally, you can increase the size of your army by upgrading your Altar of War. It’s always better to have more warriors compared to your enemies. Basically, having a bigger, stronger army will be your key to success in Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. Build a sizeable army and treat them well – and your warriors will reward you with glory.

5. Heroes And Beasts

Another way to improve your power level and bring you more success in battles is by getting and upgrading your heroes and beasts.

Heroes are unlocked once your Tribe Center reach level 3. Heroes can be obtained by collecting enough of their fragments through events or by purchasing them. They can be one of three types: Battle, Growth, and Support. They have stats that improve your Power Level and affect the performance of your army the hero is accompanying.

chief almighty hero

Ruan, one of the heroes in the game

You can also station heroes to your garrison, bolstering your defenses when an enemy lay siege to your settlement. Finally, your heroes can learn different skills that instill different benefits to your settlement, both in and out of battles.

Beasts are like Heroes, minus their benefits outside of battles. Sending a beast along your army will instill bonuses to your warriors – going to war with a savage but dependable monster boosts morale and terrorizes enemies. Beasts can be raised after finding and hatching monster eggs you find along your journey.

6. The Ebbs And Flows Of Life In The Stone Age

Just like any multiplayer game of this scale, Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC is ultimately a game of endurance. To win the game, you have to outlast everyone else in the realm. If you truly want to win in this game, you will have to stick to a schedule and steadily grow stronger. You will also need a lot of patience – being disciplined enough to know when not to bite more than what you can chew. Don’t be reckless in attacking enemies, know the limits of your own army, and bide your time.

how to earn more rewards in chief almighty

Play the game daily to have a better chance at winning this long war against the other chiefs

Winning will take a lot of work – but in the end it will all be worth it. The satisfaction of beating everyone else on the realm says a lot about your power, determination, and cunning. Becoming the one true Chief Almighty is something only a select few can ever achieve. And so, we await until you claim that title for yourself, chief. Good luck on your wars and battles.

And this ends our beginner’s guide for Chief Almighty. We hope you liked this article, and if you have anything to add to this list of tips and tricks, please let us know in the comments below!

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