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Chasers: Run in Town Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Help You Catch Them All

An endless running adventure and coin collecting spree; Chasers: Run in Town brings an enthralling runner experience to the screen of your smartphone. Developed by Game DNA, Chasers: Run in Town was released on 23 August 2016 and has since seen more than 5000 downloads and a high rating of 4.7/5. Chasers: Run in Town is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes Store. The game incorporates engaging graphics with a thrilling gameplay experience in a compact size of only 166MB.

Chasers: Run in Town is an endless runner game and follows in the footsteps of the legends of its genre like Subway Surfers and Temple Run. In fact, Chasers: Run in Town improves upon the already existing awesome gameplay of these legends, making for a truly immersive experience. The main concept of the game is similar to all runner games: collect as many coins as you can while skillfully dodging obstacles in your way.

However, a unique twist that Chasers: Run in Town introduces is the opposite role of the main character. Usually, in famous endless runner games, the main character is running away from a monster or robber but in Chasers: Run in Town, you are the chaser. You are following a group of goofy bad guys and robbers who have stolen a lot of coins and it is your job to stop them and collect the coins to return them to their real owners. This engaging concept makes for a very different gameplay and keeps players glued to the screens of their smartphones for hours on end until they are successful in catching all the bad guys.

Chasers: Run in Town is an immersive game and the tutorials at the start only serve to explain the mere basics of this endless runner. To achieve a great score and level up Chase fast, follow these tips and experience a wondrous improvement in your gameplay.

1. Swipe And Don’t Tap On The Screen

Chasers: Run in Town is an endless runner game and as you continue beyond a certain point the game speed starts to increase exponentially. This makes it very hard for you to keep up with your character and you mostly end up falling victim to one of the obstacles or a trick from the goofy robbers. At high speeds, most phones refuse to register that a tap has been made unless your device screen is kept pressed for a specific duration. While playing at later difficulties, it will be very hard for you to keep track of how long you have tapped the screen and most of the time you are going to mistime your taps causing you to crash into the obstacles in your way.

An easy solution to avoid this is to refrain from using tapping as your main method of input to the game. Rather keep your finger on the screen and swipe across the screen in order to perform different maneuvers with your character while running. It is also much easier to jump and duck while using your finger to swipe because these moves require a swiping action and since you will already be swiping, it will be easy for you to react. So reduce the frustration of not being able to tap at the right time and start swiping away!

2. The Coin Multiplier Is Your Best Ally

Chasers: Run in Town employs the all the favorite power ups from legendary endless runners and adds an extra flavor by making those power ups fully upgradeable. Each power up requires a certain amount of coins to be able for you to upgrade it to a new level. Collecting coins at the start is easy but it gets progressively harder as you move ahead in the game. Therefore, upgrading these power ups becomes quite a daunting task after bumping them up a few levels.

In order to make sure that you are putting your hard earned coin collection to good use, it is necessary to choose wisely between the 5 different types of power ups available to you. Your first focus should be on upgrading the “Coin Multiplier” power up. The multiplier increases as you upgrade it and this is the best power up to invest your coins because quite simply the more you upgrade it, the more coins you will earn. There is a basic coin multiplier and a power up that pops at random instances while you are running during the game. Upgrading the coin multiplier increases both of these and when upgraded to its maximum level, the multiplier churns out insane amounts of coins even for a very short run duration.

3. Using Shields And Magnets For Survival

Just like the coin multiplier focuses upon your financial gains, there are power ups that focus on your defense and abilities. The “Shield” does exactly what it means. It serves to protect you from the relentless onslaught of obstacles and the tricks of the goofy robbers.

Do remember however that the shield buff only lasts for a limited time and the circle around you will start flashing once it is time to return back to being a normal human being. Also, if you get hit while the shield buff is activated, it will protect you from the first hit but not from subsequent collisions with obstacles so be careful while navigating your way through the town in Chasers: Run in Town.

4. Magic Stones Are Your Secret Weapon

Chasers: Run in Town introduces a brand new feature in the endless runner genre. Now you can throw magic stones at robbers that are in front of you to eliminate them and get back the coins that they had stolen from your town residents. You can throw these stones by tapping on the robber and it is better that he is closer to you before you start throwing so that you have a solid chance of landing perfect shots.

Achieving all perfect shots on a robber will yield the maximum amount of coins and sometimes a bonus prize as well. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of magic stones and you do not want to finish them all trying to hit a robber and missing. Use calculated throws and you will get a lot of coins with some magic stones remaining in your pocket that you can throw at other robbers who stand in your way of Justice!