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Charming Keep Cheats, Tips & Guide: 9 Hints for Earning More Money with Less Effort

We’ve got more clicker games for those who are fans of the genre, to add to the many such games we’ve covered in recent days. Mighty Games Group’s Charming Keep is a game where your objective is to build the greatest magic tower this side of Atlantis, buying low and “spelling” high, going on “charming” rescues of princes that cost money and magic, and fulfilling your duties as chief executive of Charming Keep, Inc. You can also complete various quests, expand your company while trying to “build the most Charming Keep,” and even “guilt laugh at terrible puns.” It’s quirky, it’s idle, and it’s a clicker game that should allow for more stress-free gaming at your own pace.

It may often seem as if there’s nothing to these games, but clicker games often have their own unique mechanics that you can’t find elsewhere. There are things you need to do before spending most of your time idling away, and you will encounter situations where you should be anything but idle. So what’s the deal with this game, and how do you play it? Read on, as we now bring you our exclusive Charming Keep strategy guide, with tips and tricks that should guide you every step of the way.

1. Each Floor Generates Coins In Different Intervals

You may be wondering about how the profit-earning works in this game, meaning how soon you can go back to a floor in your keep and collect some coins. Generally speaking, lower levels mean faster wait times before you can earn coins. In the early stages of the game, you’ll have to tap on the gold bag so you can collect your earnings, though you’ll be pointed to new ways of doing this that can save you some time.

2. Get The Helpers As Soon As Possible

Getting the obvious out of the way, the helpers are at the heart of success in Charming Keep, and it’s important that you try and get them before focusing on other things in the game. You can’t enjoy success while idling away if you don’t have helpers, as it’s their job to automatically collect income from your shops. Earning income automatically and with zero effort is essential to a good play-through in idle clickers, so make sure you’re taking the first step by getting some helpers.

3. Choose The Rarest Helper And Match To Their Shop Type

Once you unlock a new level in Charming Keep, you will be asked to choose from three shops when recruiting helpers. You want to go for the rarest available helper, but before you do that, you should be carefully checking each of the three shops. You’ll know a helper’s rarity based on their shield and icon color – wooden helpers, obviously, are the common ones, silver are in the middle of the rarity scale, and gold helpers are the rarest of them all. Also check the data next to each helper – that’s going to show you which one gives you the biggest bonus.

4. Upgrade Your Shops To Earn Bigger Bonuses

In order to make a ton of gold in this game, you should regularly be upgrading your shops. Make sure that you’re doing this on a consistent basis so that you can maximize your earnings. Additionally, you will get production speed boosts once you reach specific in-game milestones not just with one store, but with all of them. These milestones would be leveling them up to levels 25, 50, 100, and so on, so keep those in mind so you know when you can get those oh-so-helpful speed boosts.
Pay close attention to the game’s notifications, as Charming Keep will let you know if there are new upgrades available – when you see the exclamation point, you’re free to go ahead and upgrade. And when it comes to allocating your upgrades, it’s best to level things up as equally as possible.

5. Watch Ad Videos For More Profits

This is one of those many, many games that reward you for watching ad videos, and it goes without saying that it’s best to play this game with your Wi-Fi or cellular data turned on. Watching an advertisement allows you to double your profits for exactly four hours. These bonus profits could help you make faster progress in the game – just go to the x2 icon on the upper portion of your screen, and sit through those 30-second videos.

Aside from watching advertisements in-game, you can watch them after you log back into Charming Keep after being away for a while – say, right after you wake up. Likewise, you’ll be able to double your offline profits if you watch these ads. And as a bonus tip, we would strongly suggest that you do not spend diamonds to skip ahead on certain things, as you can also watch ads in order to expedite progress or skip ahead.

6. Earn More Money By Tapping On The Critters

Looking at the bottom of your screen, you will occasionally see some critters jumping around. Don’t ignore them – instead, tap on them so you can earn a decent amount of money. You can earn more money from tapping critters if your shops are leveled up substantially. Tapping on critters is a great way to earn money in Charming Keep, so pay close attention to the bottom of your screen. You’ll never know when help comes your way in the form of these critters.

7. About The Spell Casting Mechanic

As this is an idle clicker with a fantasy setting, there’s a lot of spell casting to be done in this game. Casting spells allows you to earn more profit quickly, and that means you should be casting your Keeper’s spells from time to time. It’s important that you cast spells on occasion, but also important that you choose the store that stands to gain the most from your spells. Let’s look at a simple example of how this works – if you choose the 30 second profit boost spell, you wouldn’t want to cast it on stores that take a minute to generate profit. That’s going to essentially waste your spell, thus requiring you to “look before you leap” in such cases.

8. When Should You Switch To A New Keep?

One of the most difficult things to figure out in Charming Keep is when you should move on to a new keep from the old one. Some schools of thought suggest that this should be done as soon as possible, meaning the moment you’ve made it to the tenth floor of your current keep. That’s also going to unlock a new keep and allow you to push forward to the next stage. But you should ideally be doing this at a time when the bonuses you earn from the saved prices are at a consistent enough level for you to afford it.

With the goal of rescuing princes and princesses kept in mind, it would be best to switch to a new keep when it becomes too expensive to rescue another prince, in relation to your current production. In simpler terms, that’s the time when the waiting time before you make the required amount of money becomes unbearable.

The game will still allow you to focus on production and increasing your bonuses once that’s done, so don’t worry too much if you realize you’ve made the switch too soon. You can go back to a keep you’ve already completed, tap on the last-level prince’s shield, and switch from Bonus mode to Earning mode. That will allow all your buildings to work toward producing more money, though you’re going to lose any bonuses you’ve been receiving from that keep.

9. Complete Missions On Previous Keeps

The game’s quests, or missions, offer some nice rewards, such as new spells and other freebies. But how can you go about completing them faster? We would recommend going back to those keeps you’ve already completed. Make sure you return to Earning mode for this, so that you can have your shops generate the items needed for quest completion, instead of using money as a substitute. That will allow your keep to continue producing coins, help you upgrade faster and make quicker progress in the game, but not distract you from fulfilling the requirements of the missions and crafting whatever needs to be crafted.

This completes our detailed game guide for Charming Keep. If you know additional hints for the game, that we should include in this guide, let us know in the comment section!