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Castle Creeps Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Outplay has released a new iOS and Android game called Castle Creeps TD, or simply Castle Creeps for short. And as you may have guessed, the “TD” in the official title stands for tower defense. The game serves as your chance to become an “everyday hero” and lead your troops to victory, bolstering your defenses and saving your kingdom from warlords, orcs, goblins, and other fearsome monsters. As you would in other tower defense titles, your tactical strategy skills will be tested, as you engage in numerous battles, build, upgrade, and repair your towers, and level up your heroes. You can also connect your game to Facebook and invite your friends to play, allowing them to share their magical powers and help you in the battles ahead.

Tower defense games often have a steeper learning curve than most other game genres, and this new game isn’t an exception to the general rule. But you don’t need to pull your hair out trying to learn this game. In fact, we’ve come up with pretty cool Castle Creeps strategy guide that should educate you on the basics of the game, while tackling a few more advanced tips that will also be of use to you if you’re a little further into the game than most.

1. Upgrade Your Towers

Your towers serve as the centerpiece of your defense – why do you think they call these games “tower defense” anyway? Keeping this in mind, you should be upgrading your towers whenever possible. You can go to the menu to perform these upgrades and improve their stats, allowing you to gain more of an edge over the enemy the next time you play. Even with this, you’ll still need to use Elixir to upgrade towers while playing a game – this allows you to improve their base stats.

2. Heroes Need To Be Upgraded As Well

Just like it’s a no-brainer to upgrade your towers, you should absolutely be upgrading your heroes as well. Although heroes and towers share common upgrade resources, the procedure of upgrading is different from what you’ll use with your towers. Upgrade your heroes once you’ve got enough resources and you see something that can be upgraded. Upgrade their equipment as well, as bonuses can really come in handy in this game.

3. Replay One / Two-Star Levels

There are some missions in this game where it may seem extremely difficult to get three stars the first time around. But that’s fine – content yourself with that one or two stars you earned, and replay the mission in question once you’ve upgraded your towers and heroes and raised their stats to a level where they could be substantially more effective. You’re going to be gathering more resources progressively and unlocking new heroes as well, so use all that to your advantage when replaying older missions.

Additionally, replaying missions could be a good way for you to learn about the different enemy types, and to take mental notes of where you should be placing your towers.

4. Specific Upgrade Strategies For Your Towers

We talked about the need to upgrade your towers earlier, but what should you do to get the most out of your upgrades? Our best recommendation would be to work on the upper levels of the towers before anything else. Chances are you won’t have level 1 towers on the map once you’ve reached the latter stages, which means it won’t be too sensible to upgrade the stats of your tower’s first level, and a complete waste of your resources. Sure, it’s cheaper, but it’s better if you stock up on your resources, and work on the level 2 towers first, getting them to Rank 3 so you can unlock their special abilities. After that, move on up to level 3, and work your way upwards. Level 1 towers can be kept at rank 2 until you’re flush with resources.

5. How To Use Your New Heroes Wisely

Castle Creeps will allow you to u lock more heroes as you move further into the game. Once you’re at Chapter 3 you’ll get one additional hero, then you’ll get another one at Chapter 6, with the requirement for each having to play the first mission per new chapter. So if you’ve got new heroes at those points, you can go back to the battles you’ve completed with one or two stars, then take advantage of the fact you’ve got two heroes, instead of a lone hero that may often seem overmatched. Combine that with your (likely) much-improved towers, and you’ll be fighting your way to a three-star battle with your new-look attack.

6. Basic Tower Defense Tips

You’re probably looking for some tips that relate to the “TD” aspect of Castle Creeps – once again, that’s good old tower defense. Where you should you place certain towers, and how can you do so in a way that can take out certain types of enemies? We won’t get to the serious stuff here, but we can at least keep it simple and offer a few basic tips.

When it comes to the Infantry Towers, set them up in a way that the Dwarves are able to stop enemies at a point where they can be hit by two or more towers. And make sure that you change your Infantry troops’ rally point accordingly – just tap on the Infantry tower and on the flag button, and make the changes you need to make.

Moving on to Bow and Magic towers, they can complement your Infantry Tower, so it pays to have them close to that tower for maximum effect. Don’t worry about the cannon, as it won’t do you much good against faster units due to its extreme lack of speed. Also, you can sell towers and replace them in a pinch – it’s not something you should always be doing, but in case of emergencies, it’s something worth considering.

7. Use The Sentinel Wisely

What is the Sentinel? In case you aren’t familiar with this in-game feature, this is the electrical tower that can freeze bosses or deal tons of damage out against their minions. It’s great as an offensive tool if you’ve got hordes of enemies to deal with, or a boss fight that seems unwinnable at first. It can be the difference between victory and defeat, though you have to take note that the Sentinel will only allow you a maximum of five charges, with a rather long cool down time so that it can recharge. That means you should use the Sentinel as prudently as possible, and save at least two to three charges for boss battles. If you can afford not to use the Sentinel, don’t use it.

There you have it! These would be our tips and tricks for Castle Creeps. If you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!