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Carmageddon: Crashers Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 6 Hints for Destroying Your Opponents More Often Than They Destroy You

Carmageddon: Crashers is a new iOS and Android racing game from Stainless Games, and the company is bold enough to claim that this new title is the “antidote to dreary drag strip racing games.” Yes, you’ve probably played more than your fair share of them, and if you’re familiar with the Carmageddon series of racing games, you should know that they’re totally different from what you can expect from CSR, Nitro Nation, and their ilk. And that’s because this is a “controversial” series where you’re encouraged to do as much damage as possible, as both cars start from opposite ends of the strip, and you race straight into your opponent. You can collect cars as you go along, as well as buy upgrades to customize them, and buy power-ups that could increase impact or do more damage to other cars AND fans alike. Now isn’t that a whole lot different from your run-of-the-mill racing game?

It may sound like good mobile gaming fun to take part in races where your goal is to deal out as much damage as you could. But there are techniques behind it all, and this game might not be as easy and straightforward as you think. That’s why we have compiled some useful Carmageddon: Crashers tips and tricks that we believe would be of valuable assistance each time you face up against another car with destruction on your mind.

1. Take On The Daily Quests And Complete Them

Carmageddon: Crashers comes with daily quests, which could give you a decent amount of cash if you complete them. This is the best way to make sure that your car is up to speed at all times, and once you’re able to complete all three daily quests, you will earn a loot box as a bonus reward. So what’s inside these loot boxes anyway?

Aside from cash, which is the common currency of the game, you will be earning gold bars for free — that’s the game’s premium currency. If you complete a daily quest, a cool-down timer would activate for the corresponding slot; once that timer expires, a new quest will become available for you to complete.

2. Focus On Upgrading Your Car

There are drag racing games where you only need a few upgrades to survive, and to ensure yourself of victory more often than not. But that’s not the case with Carmageddon: Crashers, as all the upgrades are vital in one way or another. There’s no skimping on upgrades here — to make the long story short, you need them all. So with that in mind, we advise you to invest in those car upgrades, so you can keep up with the pace and have yourself competing at an equal level or better against your opponents.

3. Which Upgrades Should You Focus On First?

When it comes to upgrading your car, you can opt to upgrade its basic stats, meaning Armor, Handling, and Power, or upgrade its Carma. There’s no question here — you should work on improving your car’s stats first by upgrading the key parts. And that would mean maxing each of the stats out, or coming as close as possible to maxing them out. Once you’ve done that, you can then move on to the Carma upgrades — they add a few points to each stat, but with emphasis on “a few.” Furthermore, you should be aiming for a car that performs well, far beyond being a car that looks great.

4. Should You Upgrade Or Buy A New Car?

This is somewhat in relation to the second tip on this guide, though we decided to list it separately, as we’re sure there’s more than a few of you who want to know whether it’s better to focus on one vehicle or buy a new and better one once it becomes available. We would go with the former option for starters — while you may be tempted to start collecting cars and save up money to buy the next, and better model, it’s better to stick to what’s tried and tested while you’re still new. But you will eventually have to buy new cars, as you’ll be needing them for the Owned events, which we’ll be explaining in a little bit.

5. How To Spend Your Gold The Right Way

Gold bars, as we had previously mentioned, are the premium currency of Carmageddon: Crashers, and you can earn this currency from the loot quests, as well as from each time you rank up in the game. So what can you spend on once you’ve got enough gold bars on you?

For starters, you’ve got your PUPS, which is the game’s shortcut for power-ups. These are temporary power-ups that are only good for one use, meaning you need to make the most out of them once you use them in a race. It’s not a bad idea to spend on occasion on PUPS, as these could be game-changers if you’re up against a tough opponent.

Arguably, we’d prefer that you spend your gold on Sponsors. This would give you a cash boost for all of your races, though also for a limited amount of time only. The most affordable sponsor will give you a 15 percent cash boost per race won, and the bonuses get higher progressively. That means you’re better off splurging on Sponsors than you are spending your gold on those one-use boosts.

6. Complete Owned Car Events

Although you can earn a solid amount of cash by playing the Grinder events (which evidently live up to their name), the best way to earn a ton of cash is to complete more Owned Car events. These are events where you need to own a specific car in order to compete, and while this would require you to add to your car collection, you’ll be rewarded with a bigger amount of cash. These are also limited-time in nature, which means you need to act quick and decisively when you see one available and happen to qualify for it!