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Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats & Guide to Lead Your Team to Glory

Card Wars Kingdom is a new game from Cartoon Network based on the popular Adventure Time animated series, and while this is not the first official Adventure Time title out there, it’s the first trading card game based on the adventures of Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and all the other characters you may know and love. According to Cartoon Network, the game allows you to assemble a team of creatures, unleash spells, landscapes, and floops, and take advantage of an all-new card combat system, where smiting your enemies never felt so good.

All in all, there are hundreds of creatures to collect, the option to fuse those creatures to make them more powerful, and the chance to play as the aforementioned Adventure Time characters and others. You can play against friends, or form alliances that allow you to borrow helper creatures for your card battles. Those are only a handful of the game’s features, and while this one may be more casual than other TCGs, the learning curve, as usual, can be rather steep. So we won’t waste much more of your time as we now bring you our Card Wars Kingdom strategy guide for first-time or beginner players.

1. Work On Those Daily Missions

If you want to earn more basic currency (bones) and premium currency (gems), you’ll want to complete as many daily missions as possible. The missions may have different objectives, but most of them are quite easy, and you should have little problem completing them. For example, you’ll be asked to expand a specific amount of energy, and that, like most of the other missions, can be completed by playing the game like you normally would. These are missions that can be completed organically, but if you know what you should be striving for, you should be able to complete them faster.

2. Complete The Global Missions Too

Aside from the aforementioned dailies, you also have your global missions, which do not expire after a day and will always be there until you complete them. The catch, however, is that they’re a bit harder to complete, but you’ll be rewarded with more gems to make up for the higher level of difficulty.

3. Collect Free Rewards And Play Every Day

Card Wars Kingdom rewards those who play the game for at least a couple minutes every day, and by signing in at least once a day, you’ll get a guaranteed Skeleton Chest with various freebies inside. Likewise, you can go into the Treasure Cave and search for the Daily Chest, which will reward you with a new creature, albeit one that’s considered a common. It won’t be a rare creature, for sure, but take note that it’s absolutely free!

4. Cakes Should Match Creatures

You can feed your creatures with cake, but it’s important to feed them a cake that matches their element. Corn creatures, to cite an example, won’t benefit as much as they would if you gave them a Swampland cake; in this case, you should be feeding it corn cake. This same principle is also valid when talking about the fusion process; the creature you sacrifice for the fusion must have the same element as the target creature for best results.

5. Keep Playing Around With Different Deck Configurations

One specific thing that’s common with TCGs is the ability for you to experiment with different decks and see which one works for you and meshes with your play style the best. Indeed, that is one of the best thing about TCGs – the great flexibility they give you to come up with your own winning strategy and create your own deck. So what’s the best way to experiment, and what can you expect from the cards you’ll be collecting and playing?

When starting out in the game, King Jake lets you keep a pack of cards that come with their own play styles. Swampland cards, for example, work by inflicting negative status effects on enemies, and damage-over-time effects. Niceland cards, as the name suggests, focus on positive effects such as healing and general positive statuses. But there doesn’t have to be a specific theme or pattern when it comes to the makeup of your deck – you can include cards from different elements, and shake things up with different types of creatures. Be as versatile as possible and don’t be afraid to experiment, experiment, and experiment some more.

6. Work Around The Type Of Cards Your Creatures Possess

Some call it “synergy and strategy,” but we simply call it good strategy. Building off on the last tip above, you should always be aware of the cards your creatures possess – what do they do, and what can you do to build a deck around those cards? Let’s take the Niceland deck for example – as we mentioned, this deck is all about the power of positivity, and is rich in healing cards. You can also expect a lot of buff cards in the Niceland deck. There’s a card called Subliminal Strength that is worth seven points in magic attacks. That card has the Double Team property, which allows surrounding creatures to help out when it is played against a weaker card.

In terms of abilities, Niceland creatures specialize in magic, but have a rather mediocre drag attack. That could mean a whole lot of damage inflicted if you’re having three creatures attack.

7. When Should You Use Your Floop Card?

Look out for the purple meter underneath your character avatar – this will keep filling up as you keep playing spell cards. You’ll get a floop card once you’ve filled up the meter completely, and you’ll be able to play that card without any charge whatsoever. The abilities in floop cards are generally, and potentially game-changing, so you may want to hold off on using your flop unless you’re in a tight spot and need to make one big move to put away your opponent.

And this completes our guide for Card Wars Kingdom. In case you know other tips and tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

How can I level up creatures to level 50 ?


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

How do I set my card as a helper ?


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

you go to post office and go to the bottom and go to my helter creture and you can set witch one you want there