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Call of Duty Mobile Getting Controller Support Soon

When Call of Duty Mobile first launched, players were able to use their favorite controllers to play the game. Support for controllers were immediately pulled the next day since it gave some players an advantage against those who only had touchscreen controls. Naturally, a lot of players were unhappy about this change. After much thought, Activision has confirmed that they will be bringing back controller support.

call of duty mobile controller support

Before everyone celebrates the return of controllers to Call of Duty Mobile, there are a few questions that have yet to be answered. The game publishers said they will be changing a few things to ensure balance.

Ultimately, what they are trying to resolve is how they will integrate controllers in matchmaking. As of this writing, nothing has been specified, although similar games have tried creating separate lobbies for players who use controllers.

Despite the absence of controller support, Call of Duty Mobile has been faring well in the market, gathering millions of downloads in the brief time it has been around. Those who continue to play the game even without controller support will be glad to know that content updates are also on the way, including a new zombie mode that pits players against the undead.

Call of Duty Mobile is available for download over at the App Store and Google Play.