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Call of Antia Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Raise Power Fast and Dominate Every Battle

Call of Antia is a thrilling puzzle game from KingsGroup International, home to hit mobile titles such as Z Day: Hearts of Heroes. As a match-3 strategy RPG with a mix of base-building gameplay, Call of Antia offers players a wide range of adventures and activities to revel in, ensuring game progression regardless of how much time players can invest in it.

Match-3 puzzles combined with strategy RPG elements are nothing new and have been around for quite some time. What makes Call of Antia unique in its own right is the incorporation of a base-building mechanic to the mix, enabling players to gather resources needed to strengthen their warriors.

call of antia guide

While the mechanics of conventional match-3 puzzles are fairly simple compared to most other game genres, those same concepts applied in tandem with Call of Antia’s strategy RPG elements give rise to different kinds of strategies and planning applies to both the puzzle gameplay and the base-building part of the adventure.

Having a wild and unique mix of genres in one epic adventure can seem like an overwhelming introduction to complete beginners in mobile gaming. Call of Antia, however, comes packed with a tutorial that covers all the basic mechanics of the game. The starting levels are very easy to dominate but you can expect the level of challenge to increase with every step forward.

If you have just dived into the world of Call of Antia and looking for tips and strategies to help you cross every stage, our beginner’s guide has a bunch of tips and strategies you need to work your way forward fast and efficiently.

1. Let The Chapter Missions Guide You

With a long adventure campaign to conquer, a palace to continuously improve on, as well as plenty of side adventures and tasks to tend to, Call of Antia provides a means for players to make progress in a more organized fashion. While the tutorial session walks you through all the basics and drops quick notes whenever you uncover new features, the chapter missions make it even more convenient to track your progression across different metrics and aspects of your journey.

Not only that, chapter missions also provide rewards for objectives you clear, which includes an overall reward for completing each chapter.

call of antia chapter missions

The chapter missions can be accessed through its icon at the lower left side of the screen. Each chapter carries with it a list of objectives you need to clear before progressing to the next chapter. In a sense, the chapter missions serve as an extension of the tutorial session, immersing you further across all matters you need to tend to beyond what you may normally recognize. There can be instances where you clear an objective before even unlocking the chapter that specifies it, leading to a readily claimable reward once reached.

As a beginner, you should consider visiting the chapter missions window often and target an objective one at a time. While objectively pursuing progress is already a benefit of its own, the rewards you can obtain for completing objectives and each chapter will greatly help strengthening your favorite heroes in preparation for the challenges ahead.

2. Maintain A Balanced And Synergistic Team

There are a lot of things to consider that contributes to what makes Call of Antia an exciting adventure. The match-3 puzzle element that carries with it special tiles that create powerful attacks against enemies could be one, but the strategy RPG element and team-based roster certainly takes the cake. Having each match you make energize your team of heroes to ultimately unleash their powerful skills is a core feature and having a plethora of heroes to mix and match, each with their own unique skills, make for a cleverly unique gameplay.

While it is possible to win a battle regardless of which characters you choose to be a part of your 5-unit team, Call of Antia is designed in such a way that synergy among your heroes weighs even a lot more than their individual strengths. The gacha method of acquiring or recruiting heroes in Call of Antia makes it a challenge to nab the heroes you want. There is, however, an added layer of fun and excitement to work with whichever characters you draw as you discover numerous ways to make them work and blend well together.

call of antia defense team

Although rarity grades or star levels of characters are more likely the primary way of categorizing them, as well as determining each hero’s individual strengths, Call of Antia provides 3 other factors to consider when building your ultimate team. These are the elements or elemental affinities of each hero; their roles or classes; and the factions they belong to.

There are 3 basic elements and 2 special elements in Call of Antia. The importance of these elements relate to the color of tiles you match to empower heroes, and equally or even more importantly, the rock-paper-scissors mechanics that determine an element’s advantage over one element and disadvantage against another. The advantage actually increases damage by 100% and a disadvantage reduces it by 50%, which are both very significant in beating enemies and clearing levels.

The basic elements are fire (red), nature (green), and water (blue). Fire is strong against nature but weak against water; nature is strong against water but weak against fire; and water is strong against fire but weak against nature. The special elements of light (yellow) and dark (purple) have no elemental connections to the basic elements and are both strong and weak against one another.

call of antia elements

Considering the 5 elements and that your team is composed of 5 heroes, the best and almost too natural way of forming a team is to consider one hero to represent one element. If you have 2 or more heroes of the same element, they will both benefit from matched tiles of their corresponding color. However, you can always expect the puzzles to represent all 5 colors, which means that if one or more colors are not represented in your team, then some tile matches you make will yield no energy for your team.

Another important classification of heroes, and equally important points to consider in building your ultimate team, relates to the role each one has on your team. There are offense units or attackers, healers, and support units. Offense characters do damage to enemies with their special skills and will either target one unit or all enemies on the screen. Healers do not usually deal damage to enemies but are important to increase the survivability of your team with their HP restoration skills.

Last, but definitely not the least, are support units that have a wide variety of skills. Some support units can also damage enemies but add unique effects to their attacks. Skills that improve the team’s performance, debilitate enemy units, or even change tile colors all fall within a support unit’s potential skill effects.

call of antia factions

Beyond your team representing each available element and at the same time ensuring a balance of roles considering all 3 basic classes, you should also consider taking advantage of faction bonuses. There are 13 distinct factions in Call of Antia and each hero belongs to one. Different factions have different bonuses that apply when 2, 3, or 4 members of your team are on the same faction.

For example, the Naya Church Faction grants 20% increased damage to enemies with weaker elements if you have 2 or more faction members in the team. Damage is further increased to 40% if you have 3 members and 50% if you have 4 or more members.

3. Expend Energy In The Campaign

Call of Antia provides a lengthy story campaign that will most certainly take time and effort to beat completely. The story is divided into 28 chapters each with its own set of stages within. There can be more than 1 battle in a stage as enemies come in waves between 1 to 3, for starters.

There are tough yet exciting boss battles as well. One thing to take note of are the recommended power levels shown at the pre-battle screen. You do not necessarily have to meet the recommended level but it certainly makes the challenge easier to complete.

call of antia battle

There are first time completion rewards available with each stage as well as stage objectives that earn you stars. Although you do not have to necessarily complete each stage with a 3-star rating on your first dive, securing it later is important. Stars earned across all chapters and stages earn you gems as extra rewards, claimable at the upper left side of the campaign map screen.

A 3-star rating on a stage also forms part of the requisite for you to instantly skip the stage on repeat battles through the use of the auto win function. Note as well that within each chapter, beating certain stages will unlock treasure chests that you can tap on for extra rewards.

call of antia first time rewards

With each succeeding stage in the campaign having a higher recommended power level than the previous one, you may have some hesitations to move forward. Keep in mind that Call of Antia RPG focuses more on strategy than on power when it comes to beating challenges, so there are always workarounds for stages that have much higher power ratings than what your current team has. Sometimes, even a simple change in your team’s formation can help. Timing the use of your ultimate skills and strategizing on how you match tiles are always important.

If it so happens that you still have plenty of excess energy but cannot move forward in the campaign, you can always replay stages you have not secured a 3-star rating in or farm specific resources needs to upgrade your heroes. It may take a few campaign chapters before you get to the point where you would need to farm for specific ascension materials. In any case, you would want to avoid having maxed out stamina as energy as that will not increase beyond it cap.

4. Keep Your Builders Busy

While managing your heroes and going through adventures across match-3 puzzle challenges are at the core of what determines your progression in your journey, you also need to tend to your kingdom to help speed up and sustain your heroes’ growth.

There are different structures to visit within your kingdom but only 5 require upgrades. You have 2 builders available, which means you can perform construction and upgrades 2 at a time. For best results, you should consider keeping both builders busy.

The castle stands as your main structure in your kingdom and should be upgraded prior to all other structures. Though the other structure’s upgrade capacity are primarily dependent on the castle’s upgrade level, subsequent upgrades on the castle will also depend on upgrade levels of the other 4 structures in addition to progress made in the main campaign. The house, camp, mine, and quarry are essentially equally important and prioritization with regard to their upgrades depend on your needs that can change from time to time.

call of antia quarry

The house is a unique structure that enables you to deploy heroes on quests to earn some extra rewards. Higher house levels enable more quests to become available at a time as well as unlock higher grade quests that give better rewards.

As an idle source of different resources, most especially raw meet needed to upgrade your dragons, you have to ensure that all available quests for the day are accomplished. Do not worry about the heroes you deploy as you will still be able to use them in battle and would never fail or get hurt in their quest.

The rest of the structures within camp generate specific resources you will constantly have a need for. The quarry produces stones and stones are basically materials you need to be able to upgrade any structure within your kingdom. The mine is an added source for gold, which is the basic currency in Call of Antia.

Although you will have an abundance of it at the early part of your adventure, increasing upgrade costs and regular shop visits will eventually tell you that you need more of it all the time. Last but most definitely not the least, the camp constantly produces EXP potions, which are what is needed to level up your heroes.

5. Limit Upgrades To The Best Characters

The gacha system of recruiting heroes in Call of Antia makes it very challenging to obtain the heroes you actually want. Rarity grades or star levels make 4 to 5-star heroes the most valuable but expectedly the ones more difficult to obtain as well.

While Call of Antia is an example of a game where you would want to reroll for the best heroes before you start your adventure, we actually do not recommend rerolling as it takes quite some time before you can gather enough gems to do a 10x pull early on.

Likewise, having a stronger hero means being able to awaken them, requiring extra copies of the specific heroes themselves. With this, it makes it viable to invest in 4 and even 3 star heroes as the chances of awakening them are higher, making them comparable with their higher grade counterparts.

call of antia characters

Just like in any other strategy RPGs that host a plethora of heroes for players to collect and upgrade, it is always best to exercise prudence when it comes to enhancing and upgrading heroes. Even if you feel you have an overabundance of some basic resources like gold and EXP potions, you can expect your supplies to quickly dry out once your heroes hit the higher levels.

Gems, which are a premium currency and stands as the most difficult resource to amass, ought to be used to focus on banners that contain the heroes you need to recruit or awaken.

Levelling heroes up stands as the most basic way to increase their power. You only need EXP potions and gold to level each hero up. There are level caps tied up to every hero’s ascension level which, when reached, must go through ascension first to increase the level cap anew. Ascension upgrades require different sets of resources dependent on the ascension level and the elemental affinity of the hero.

You can earn the materials mainly through the campaign stages and would have to farm extra copies later on. If you are missing certain materials, you can simply click on them to see where specifically you can obtain more of them.

After you complete chapter 4 in the campaign, the equip feature will finally be unlocked as you start earning weapons on subsequent stages in the next chapters. Though you can only acquire weapons with lower star grades in the campaign, there are various ways to obtain higher grade ones from the shop as well as special events. Weapons have different boosts, with 3-star ones endowing a skill to its wielder and 5-star ones having special effects on top of the added skill.

call of antia character upgrade

Weapons can be levelled up using essences as well. You can level up equipment through the character screen as well as the blacksmith inside your kingdom. At the blacksmith, found at the left side of your kingdom, you can also forge new weapons. Weapon forge shards can be obtained from treasure quests, alliance wars, and special events. Having enough shards guarantees a weapon of specific star grade.

Perhaps the most challenging way of strengthening heroes is awakening. Awakening requires extra copies of heroes that are converted in hero shards. Each awakening process imbues the hero with a unique passive and the number of awakenings for each hero depends on their star grade.

A fully awakened 3-star hero can become more powerful than a 4-star one who has not undergone any awakening boosts. In this sense, investing in top heroes does not necessarily have to be limited to 4 or 5-star ones, especially if you have not required them yet.

To some extent, delimiting upgrades on heroes mean that you should at least maintain 5 of your main team members up to the task. We feel it is okay to invest in even 3 star characters up to the point where you have obtained higher grade and more powerful ones to replace them. Of course, simply having a new 4 or 5-star character does not justify an immediate and absolute switch as the new hero will have to be upgraded as well and considered for synergy.

6. Do Not Rely On Auto Battle And Hints

There are helpful features typically showcases in match-3 puzzle games and turn-based strategy games, respectively, that are also available in Call of Antia. The first come in the form of hints, enabling some sets of tiles to glow just a few seconds after you stay idle in a game. The second is an auto mode feature where the A.I. takes over all the tile-matching and skill activation for you to try and defeat enemies on the stage.

call of antia auto battle

While both of these features offer great convenience and ease, we recommend that you avoid relying on both especially on challenging battles that you take on. Even if you feel like a complete newbie or somewhat inexperienced strategizing around the match-3 aspect of the game, its RPG element, or both, you can still perform better than auto mode and the absence of hints. For starters, there are no time limits within which you must make a move, giving you plenty of time to really consider all the alternatives.

Hints are helpful but you should never be convinced that it is the only option, more so the best one. Hints unravel one possible move, regardless of whether it will be effective against the enemies ahead or it will set you up for a huge combo. Planning ahead and choosing the best move takes a while to master but you will more certainly get the hang of it sooner if you are used to choosing each move yourself.

call of antia hints

The auto battle mode, is expectedly even more convenient than simply following a hint as the battle would go on with you completely spectating it. Auto battle mode chooses whichever moves are available and will never consider any move better than others.

As far as the heroes’ individual skills are concerned, as well as the dragon summoning, auto battle also means activating them as soon as they are able to do so. While convenient, subscribing to auto battle means setting aside all strategic options you can utilize for each match.

7. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

Guilds, factions, clans, alliances, and all other player groups have grown to become a core feature in most online games and not just limited to genres like MMORPGs and strategy games. While Call of Antia has plenty of single player content to revel in, the existence of an alliance and being a part of one opens up opportunity for added features and benefits at no extra costs.

call of antia alliances

Once you reach chapter 5 of the campaign, you will instantly be able to join an existing alliance or even put up your very own. For beginners, however, we recommend joining an existing alliance first to gain more knowledge about how it functions as well as the added responsibilities accorded to its leader. You can access the alliance feature through its icon at the lower right side of the main screen and joining up can be instant as well.

Once a member of any alliance, you can already benefit from additional perks such as rewards from the Divination Hut, where you get to pick cards for random rewards. Be sure to partake in the Alliance War whenever it is available as you get Alliance Points from every Alliance activity you engage in as well as additional perks from the Alliance War itself.

call of antia hints

There is also an alliance chat available within the alliance window. Be sure to grab it as an opportunity to socialize with your fellow alliance members as well as have an additional avenue from whom you can ask game advices from.

8. Engage In Every Game Mode Within The Explore Feature

The main campaign in Call of Antia will certainly keep you engaged for several hours over, especially squeezing in camp upgrades almost every step of the way. Beyond all that, however, Call of Antia still hosts plenty of extra game modes to revel in, unlocked within the explore feature following milestones achieved in the story campaign.

call of antia arena of heroes

There are various game modes that you should engage in once they become available. Although we will no longer delve into each one in detail, what is important to take note of is that every game mode with limited access on a daily basis should definitely be taken advantage of.

One of the first game modes you will unlock is the arena, where your team of heroes will be pitted against another player’s team. Be sure to expend all the free chances to compete as ranking up in the leagues bears its own benefits. It can be understood that newer players will hesitate engaging in PVP matches. In Call of Antia, however, the earlier experience within the arena makes it very easy. Arena matches are also not real-time, which means that you will only be taking on the opponents’ teams on A.I. while you can strategize to your advantage.

call of antia arena attack

As pairing in arena matches depend on your league rank, you will be guaranteed to take on weaker players for a while. As you climb the leagues, though, you can expect the challenge to rise as well. You can also use arena tickets to engage in extra matches. It is important to climb up the ranks sooner and enjoy bigger benefits resulting from the rank rewards.

9. Accomplish Missions And Events For Additional Rewards

Every stage puzzle you complete in the campaign earns you instant rewards and several structures within your base camp generates resources over time. While the sources of items are seemingly sufficient to hold your growing needs, Call of Antia provides even more ways for you to earn additional resources.

call of antia daily missions

The first half of these come from missions, which you can access via the missions menu at the upper right side of the home screen. There are daily missions and main missions to accomplish. Daily missions are made up of simple objectives that very much relate to the usual activities you engage in on a daily basis. Main missions, on the other hand, resemble achievements that serve as milestones across every aspect of your progression.

Given that daily missions are easy to accomplish; it is recommended to clear the objectives outlined in the tab. There are chest rewards you can unlock based on the number of objectives you cleared and the top rewards are always a welcome addition to your inventory each day. Some main mission objectives will take time to complete but it helps to regularly check the targets to see which ones you are closer to reaching.

call of antia thundor's arrival

The game also holds numerous special events that work very much like missions. Be sure to be on a constant lookout for new events as some merely require you to log in for rewards. For the most part as well, objectives set in these special events relate directly to the usual activities you engage in as well as the missions.

Call of Antia certainly has more content to discover and revel in on your own but, for now, this is where we end our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we provided will suffice to ensure a sustainable growth and progression for you in your adventures. If you have spent some time in the game and have stumbled upon some useful tips yourself, feel free to drop us a line!


Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

Hi, can you help me. I have loads of stuff in my Inventory but can't seem to use any of it. If I buy an item needed to ascend a character it does not always go to the character sometimes it goes straight into Inventory. Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you


Sunday 6th of February 2022

Is there any way to reset heroes I have upgraded?


Friday 4th of February 2022

Good guide for the basics, I've been playing a bit and can't work out how to ascend weapons. Do you know this?


Sunday 6th of February 2022

@Tarissa, To ascend weapons, you need to have one of the same star level that is not in use.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

Very good guide!!!