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Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Opponents

Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M is the latest action FPS game from Kingame Studio. Despite the overabundance of FPS games on both Android and iOS platforms, Bullet Angel still manages to provide a great mix of the features and game modes that fans of the genre love and enjoy, as well as new content that will certainly be an attractive element not just for veteran FPS players but for complete newbies as well.

We have immersed ourselves heavily enough in a vast number of FPS battle royale and team shooter games before but Bullet Angel is the first one where we experienced an aim assist feature sure to boost the confidence of players with zero experience.

Bullet Angel appears to be the first FPS game of its kind as well to capitalize on the avatar dancing feature that conventionally exists in FPS games to customize win postures or taunt opponents as dancing while in combat within the arena in Bullet Angel actually replenishes your lost health.

bullet angel xshot mission m guide

There are certainly a lot mechanics and features to explore and tinker with but Bullet Angel actually lets you dive into battle as soon as you start the game up. There is a quick and easy tutorial provided that guarantees to effectively equip even complete beginners on all the basic controls and objectives. Of course, it is best to choose the newbie option at the start of the game even if you are an FPS veteran.

If you are a complete newbie and want to stride swiftly across the beginner phase to score more wins sooner, we got you covered as our Bullet Angel beginner’s guide has everything you need to dominate your opponents!

1. Make Adjustments To The Control Settings

The initial minutes of your immersion into Bullet Angel is certainly designed to quickly give you a feel of the actual arena combat. As you go through the entire tutorial session that stretches across a couple of matches, you are highly likely to want nothing more than to jump quickly to the next match. There are rewards to earn every step of the way to give your avatar a cooler look, and you will find yourself more eager to rally forward as soon as you are able to.

Before continuing on to the next match, however, there is an important set of options you should peek into. What you should rather do before your next match is to make adjustments to the control settings and customize the controls, control sensitivity, and even the button layout to ensure that what you will have is more perfectly fitted to your preferences and play style.

For the most part, the default control configurations and layout are great and, surely enough, the developers spent a lot of hours to study and map out the default settings to suit all players in general. It is true, however, that no matter how efficient the settings were designed to be by default, it is expected that it won’t be perfect for everyone.

bullet angel xshot mission m control settings

Experienced and veteran players of FPS games almost always instinctively set everything in the control options first before diving into a match. It may take a while for a beginner to get the perfect set-up on the first go, but at the very least having awareness of what can be adjusted or changed is a step towards the right direction.

At the home screen. You can access the various settings through the gear icon at the upper right side of the screen. There are 7 different tabs that group different options by category and it is worth looking into each one to have the best settings possible for you as well as your device’s capacity. If your device seems struggling to smoothly run Bullet Angel, then you can lower some graphics and FPS settings on the basic menu.

Changing settings within the competition tab will certainly impact gameplay. There are visual changes you can make relative to your crosshairs and then there are aim assist options that can make shooting convenient for complete beginners although experienced and veteran players can opt to turn it off.

There are various button layouts to choose from and you can further customize each one using the custom button. The optimum sensitivity levels also vary from one player to the next. If you feel that something needs a tweak based on the initial matches you engaged in, you can make small adjustments here and give it a test run.

2. Consider The Initial Matches As Practice Matches

Making adjustments to the control configurations and other settings is just the first step towards your quest to become a dominant force in the arena. The initial matches filled with NPC opponents or bots might have given you the impression that all subsequent matches will be a cakewalk but the difficulty level will surely spike once you face other players in matches.

Surely enough, there will be players who will perform better and worse than yourself. You should be able to tell the better ones from the rest within each match and, beyond that, be able to learn from each one how to improve your performance in the subsequent matches. Although the learning part should not end at all, the initial sessions and matches you go through are critical to your development as far as skills and strategies are concerned.

The first few matches you engage in should be mainly focused on testing the control configurations and button layout that you tinkered with in the settings. What you should look into within each round is to determine if the adjustments and changes you made has led to a more suitable setup for you over the default configurations. If not, then you should continue to make adjustments in-between matches until you are certain that each setting is a perfect fit for your needs.

bullet angel xshot mission m leveling up

The initial game mode you will engage in is a Team Death Match mode, which is as basic as it comes but very challenging especially with random teammates. It is a 5 vs. 5 match with the simplest of goals, which is to score as many kills as possible within the time limit. Win or lose, you will still earn experience points and other rewards and the actual immersion into team combat should give you a good idea of what to work on for yourself and your team.

The other main game mode is the Bomb Mode, which is very similar to the basic Counterstrike match concept of having terrorist and counter-terrorist teams. If you are the offensive team, then your goal is to plant a C4 on the target and destroy it within the set time limit. On the other hand, the defensive team’s goal is to ensure that the target stays intact for the duration of the match.

The Bomb Mode certainly puts your team synergy and coordination to the test, so if you are finding it a little too challenging to coordinate with random players, then you should start pursuing having in-game friends you can consistently play with and rely on in matches.

3. Improve Your Overall Skills Through Different Competition Modes

The Team Death Match and the Bomb Mode will surely give anyone countless hours of fun and excitement as well as enough experience to level up your skills and strategies. Bullet Angel, however, provides more unique game modes that are certain to provide every player with a wide variety of challenges and experiences contributing to their mastery of their skills and strategies.

The Competition Mode itself houses 6 different game modes. Besides TDM and Bomb Mode, there is a free-for-all Death Match, Arms Race, Ghost Mode, and a Special Weapons Combat. If you feel the need to improve your overall performance in Bullet Angel, whether as a solo performer or a team player, it is best to immerse yourself across the various game modes and pick up as many useful strategies as possible.

The free-for-all Death Match is like a battle royale game mode and it’s every player for himself or herself. The one with the most kills by the end of the match wins. As everyone is your enemy, this is the game mode that puts your solo player skills to the ultimate test. If you find yourself lagging behind in ranks across various other game modes, then you may want to hone your shooting and strategic skills here more.

how to improve skills in bullet angel xshot mission m

Arms Race is a unique game mode where the actual race is focused towards upgrading your weapons. It is another team match where each player gets a weapon for every kill he or she makes. Points are awarded for kill made with the last weapon upgrade and the team with the most points at the end of the match wins. Arms Race is a race after all, so a good start is critical for each team. Aggressive approaches are perhaps the best strategy to go with early on, ensuring however that enemies do not earn upgrades off of killing you.

Ghost Mode plays very similar to Bomb Mode except the terrorists are ghosts and invisible but can only use melee weapons. Moving as a ghost reveals your character to the enemies. As a ghost, it is very important to exercise patience and time your attacks rights. Team coordination and synergy are very important for both teams.

The Special Weapons Combat is like any other team match and the crucial twist is the limited weapon type you can use within the match. Currently, you can either engage in Special Combat utilizing only sniper rifles or a melee weapon. This game mode is a great one to immerse yourself in if you feel the need to level up your skills in using either type of weapon.

4. Learn More Advanced Tricks Through Arcade Mode

If you think that the contents of Bullet Angel’s Competition Mode is the entirety of what the game has to offer as far as game mode diversity is concerned, then you should be surprised that there are more game modes to enjoy and revel in under the Arcade Mode. In essence, these game modes are competitive as well but have bizarre but at the very least equally exciting gameplay mechanics to experience and enjoy.

The Mummy Mode is a totally unique game mode where players are randomly picked to become mummies. It’s basically mummies versus humans and mummies can turn other human players into mummies as well. The last surviving humans can evolve to become super humans and be a lot tougher to deal with but the mummies have strength in numbers and a variety of abilities at their disposal.

The AI Mission Mode could be an experience that takes you a step back into the initial matches where you and a team of other players as pitted against an array of cyborgs likable to T-800s from the Terminator franchise. There is a natural mindset to underestimate AI enemies especially if you are banking on the idea that they are as goofy and easy to kill like the enemies in the tutorial session. The Corps-Messo, however, are aggressive and tough, and if immersing yourself in this game mode will teach you an important lesson, it would be about never underestimating the opposition.

bullet angel xshot mission m advanced tricks

Chicken Run stands as among our top favorite game modes in Bullet Angel. It is a bit complex than the usual but fun and very addictive just the same. Chicken Run may seem just like any other 5 vs. 5 game mode but when players are killed, they become chickens instead. As a chicken, you are totally helpless and one shot or stab is all it take to eliminate you.

On the other hand, if you are a chicken, you become a little harder a bit and can fly to some extent. You should very much do your best to flee and get to a safe spot as a chicken and once you fully perform a dance, you can transform into a bizarre monstrosity called a Cockhan. Cockhans are touch to kill and can help any team turn the tide of battle. It’s like trying kill one another first, then run after the chickens, and finally run away from the Cockhans cycle.

Grenade Combat is exactly what you expect it to be. It is still a 5 vs. 5 team battle but with infinite grenades. Engaging in this game mode will certainly boost your skills with the grenade as you may not have as much extensive experience in utilizing them in all the other game modes.

5. Gather Friends And Join A Clan

Playing any of the available game modes in Bullet Angel can be very fun and addictive even if you play with random people. Random players make random teams that can have very little synergy or team strategy. As the challenge grows bigger with a team that lacks cohesion, pursuing the top ranks and dominating every match you engage in moving forward requires that you find your very own team you can play consistently with.

One of the easiest way to find members of your squad or be part of one is to gather as many in-game friends as you can. It would be a huge advantage to actually have friends in real life you can count on and have skill levels and expertise you are familiar with. If not, then having plenty of in-game friends is the next best thing.

By tapping on the friends button at the bottom of your screen, you can add friends quickly and easily. You may want to try and invite players whom you have engaged in a match with especially if you feel that they can help you score more wins or are simply fun to play with.

adding friends in bullet angel xshot mission m

As online games have long since had clans, guilds, alliances, factions or similarly-named player groups to extend and amplify its social features, so too has it become essential for every player to form part of one. There is always an option to create and lead your own clan but as a beginner, it is best to familiarize yourself with the mechanics and responsibilities attributable to managing a clan.

Clans in Bullet Angel are not just a great source of additional friends to form squads with. Activities engaged in as a member of a clan earns points for the clan that leads to earning rewards for everyone. There are clan tasks as well that work very much like missions. Accomplishing task objectives unlock treasure chests that contain resources.

6. Accomplish Tasks To Earn More Rewards

Equipment skins and costumes you unlock and collect in Angel Bullet may all be exclusively for aesthetics but they bring more life and excitement to gameplay. There are plenty of resources to earn following each participation in any kind of match but there are still plenty to earn via the completion of tasks. Bullet Angel gives you plenty of regular tasks to accomplish to help propel the rate of your account and character’s growth and development. You can check the lists out by clicking on the task button at the left side of the home screen.

bullet angel xshot mission m tasks

There are daily tasks, which are the easiest bunch to accomplish and should very much form part of your daily routine. Each task completed earns you resources as well as points that lead to unlocking even more rewards at the top of the page. There is a growing road as well that provides chunks of rewards based on your milestones relative to account level. You will mostly earn rewards here with each match you partake in early on but reaching higher levels will become more challenging the further you progress.

Just the same, what is recommended is that you peek through the list of tasks to have it serve as your guide towards what to spend a bit more time in. In time, you will surely be familiarized well enough with all the usual objectives and breeze through their completion without breaking a sweat.

bullet angel xshot mission m rewards

Relative to the usual tasks, there are plenty of special events in Bullet Angel that you should take advantage of. The event icons are typically lined up at the upper right corner of the main screen and would also have indicators on them notifying you of unclaimed rewards. Relative to these special events, one of the limited events you should take advantage of is the Novice Carnival.

The carnival provides a set of objective that spans for a set of 7 days. You have 14 days to accomplish all the tasks to claim the ultimate rewards at the bottom of the page. You may not be able to see objectives for the subsequent days but if you accomplish them beforehand, they will be unlocked with prizes ready to be claimed.

7. Learn To Play Defensively

It is almost a given in FPS games that newbies tend to play a little more aggressive than the usual. In some cases, an aggressive tactic is appreciated and even encouraged but if you have yet to secure a firm grasp of the mechanics and controls, it is best to play a little more defensively.

There are numerous stages to play in across various game modes and regardless of where you have the match in, there will always be a plethora of obstacles where you can take cover in. Reloading as well as dancing should only be done behind covers so make a habit of it early on. If not, at the very least ensure that there is an ally ahead of you to provide covering fire when needed.

bullet angel xshot mission m defensive strategies

Part of a good defense, and offense as well, requires familiarity with every surrounding. As a player of any competitive FPS game, it is always recommended to memorize the layout of each level as much as you can. Knowing the ins and outs, hiding and camping spots as well as potential ambush points can help tilt the balance of matches to your advantage.

Bullet Angel is certainly brimming with content to ensure that players who dive into it will have more than enough reasons to keep diving in. We are certain that more contents and features will be added following future updates but for now, this is where we wrap up our Bullet Angel beginner’s guide.

We certainly hope you found the tips and strategies we shared to be useful and that you enjoyed every bit of it as well. If you happen to chance upon unique tips or tricks you deem worthy of sharing, feel free to let us know  about them in the comments below!