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Buddyman: Kick 2 Free Tips & Cheats: 5 Awesome Hints to Become the World’s Greatest Superhero

Crazylion Studios’ Buddyman: Kick 2 puts you back in control of the ultimate superhero of the 21st century, Buddyman, though you’ll only be able to do this if you own an Apple device, meaning an iPhone or an iPad. The kick appears to be the main thing here, and your job is to give him some very tough training and experiment on him with all manner of weapons, and progress through the game without having to pay a penny. That’s right, the game is listed with the word “Free” at the end of it, and that should be a big relief to mobile gamers the world over. So if you want Buddyman to fulfill his destiny as the world’s greatest superhero ever, check the following Buddyman: Kick 2 Free tips, tricks and cheats for more details.

1. Tap And Hold When Using Melee Weapons

When it comes to using firearms, specifically melee weapons, it’s as simple as tapping and holding. Then again, you also have to make sure you’re aiming occasionally when using other types of weapons, but when using melee weapons, tap-and-hold is all you’ll need to do to wreak havoc on Buddyman while “training” him. You can also drag your weapon anywhere on the screen, especially if you’re using the bat and spiked ball.

2. Upgrade Your Weapons Regularly

For each time you level up, you’ll earn one star point, and that’s what you will then use to upgrade your weapons. That’s going to improve both the strength of the weapon and the number of coins earned by the weapon when it hits Buddyman; the latter will be especially important in missions where Buddyman has to earn a certain number of coins.

3. Tilt Your Phone To Keep Buddyman In Line

When Buddyman gets damaged, he’ll be flung in all sorts of directions, and that could make it hard to have him wield those weapons and use them. However, you can tilt your phone left and right to send Buddyman a certain direction; even when he gets hit, he’ll be gravitating toward the corners. Furthermore, this is also going to help him with melee weapons, as tilting allows you to keep Buddyman next to those weapons.

4. Enter Super Kick Mode

Each time Buddyman gets hurt, his health meter goes down, and when the health meter is empty, that costs your character one life. That’s represented by a skull that appears on the Super Kick Meter on the left side of your display. Once that meter is completely filled by skulls, that’ll put you in Super Kick Mode, which allows you to gain a lot of coins and experience while striking Buddyman like never before.

5. Complete Missions To Get More Coins

The most effective way to earn coins is also the simplest, and that’s to complete the missions. There’s no way to avoid this, as coins can be used to unlock some of the more premium weapons; take note we said “some,” because others will require you to use the game’s premium currency of diamonds.