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Breakout Ninja Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

A Ninja cannot be seen. If you see it, it’s not a Ninja. That’s the concise way Part Time Monkey described its new iOS casual game Breakout Ninja on the App Store. In this game your goal is to become the “number one out-breaking Ninja,” as you compete against friends or against yourself as you try to top your high score and defeat more enemies. There’s not much explanation beyond that, but the game does have simple, one-touch controls, and a number of stunts your ninja character can perform en route to avoiding, or destroying more enemies.

How long can you go in this game without getting killed by the bad guys? We should also add that this game is an endless runner in terms of its primary mechanic, but with the twist of a mini-game within a game – at least we can call it that, as you’ll be asked to tap the screen each time your character makes it to the center of several circles that appear on the screen. This will test your precision and your timing, and things will get more difficult as you progress through your runs. So read on and use these Breakout Ninja tips, cheats and hints to make your runs last longer through the right jump patterns.

1. Look Ahead Of You At All Times

Timing is the most important thing you need to get down pat in this game, and that means making sure your jumps are performed in such a way that you’re ensuring yourself of the best chance of making it to the next circle. In order to be prepared for whatever comes your way, look ahead whenever you’re playing, as this will help you when the game becomes faster and more difficult. This is also the best way to ensure yourself of those “perfect” jumps.

2. If You’re Not Sure, Then Jump Later Rather Than Sooner

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation where there’s no way that you can connect on a perfect jump. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to jump a little late, and not a little early. It may be possible to clear the first jump if your first leap comes a bit too soon, but if there are multiple jumps, that early jump might not cover the next one that follows. You certainly won’t be rated for a perfect jump if you leap late, but at least you’ll likely make it through unscathed and keep your run going a little longer.

3. Keep On Practicing

Not all your jumps will be perfect. That should be given the moment you start playing the game, as even expert players cannot score on perfect jumps 100 percent of the time. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you aren’t good at first, you can always keep practicing until you get your timing right, especially once the difficulty ramps up. And once the game does get harder, your focus should be on getting to safety, rather than connecting on a perfect jump and making it to the center of the circle, right on the dot.

And this wraps up our quick guide for Breakout Ninja. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message!