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Breakin’ Grounds Strategy Guide: 5 Cheats to Destroy Your Opponents’ Kingdoms

Breakin’ Grounds is a PvP strategy game developed by Crooz Inc., designed for the iPhone and iPad, with no Android version available at the moment. The game is said to be easy and engaging, and basically the premise of the game is to break ground with your armies in an attempt to steal resources from your foes and ultimately bring an end to their kingdoms. You’ll pretty much be getting a combination of city building and tower defense elements from this game. However, if you’re stuck somewhere and looking to get an edge on your opponents, we suggest taking a look at our Breakin’ Grounds strategy guide.

1. Build Your Town Wisely

As we said, Breakin’ Grounds has some elements of city building as part of its basic mechanics. When it comes to building your city, you shouldn’t go the all-out sprawling route and make as big a city as possible. Instead, you want a city that’s large enough, but with a spread-out layout that allows you to construct defenses that can protect even the most out-of-the-way buildings. Conversely, you shouldn’t make your town too small, and in any case, you should avoid making the center too small as that’s going to leave you vulnerable against enemy attacks from two directions.

2. Focus On Upgrading Your Castle First

There are different things you can have upgraded in this game, but they’ll be nothing if you don’t upgrade your castle. This would also allow you to increase the number of hit points for your castle, always important if your defenses aren’t strong enough yet and you don’t have enough structures protecting your city. One nice thing you can do is to upgrade your castle and add some terrain for some really awesome HP upgrades.

3. Play The Game Every Day, Even For A Few Seconds

Breakin’ Grounds is one of those games that offers rewards for frequent players, so we’d suggest that you play at least half a minute or a minute a day, in order for you to receive progressively better rewards for logging in. Missing one day is going to bring you back to square one, so make sure you’re online and logged in every day without fail.

4. Shield Bearers Are More Important Than Anyone In Your Army

The shield bearers, of course, will be your army’s line of defense, and you know how the old adage goes – the best offense is a good defense. Next in priority are the hammer troopers, whose job is to take your opponent’s defensive structures and buildings down. Lastly, you have your bomb birds, who can go in for the kill once the hammer troopers are done doing their work.

5. Be Creative With Your Strategy

One very common mistake beginner players make is to attack the defense of the opponent’s castle. That’s the most obvious strategy, and like in other things in life, the most obvious action plan is not the best one out there. This is especially true in Breakin’ Grounds, as it would invariably be better if you cut off terrain around the castle in order for you to outfox your opponent in battle. The simplest, easiest, and most obvious attacks, unfortunately, won’t cut it here.