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Break Liner Tips, Cheats & Hints to Get a High Score

Don’t let the fancier splash page and longer title deceive you – Break Liner is a Ketchapp game through and through. This game is available for Android and iOS devices as of this writing, and the objectives of this game are to break the line and boost through space. Ketchapp describes the game as an atmospheric arcade experience, and the goal here is simply to push your rocket as far up as possible before you break yourself. Yes, this is another one of those endless arcade games from a company that’s made its name off of those games, and you may think at first that there’s nothing much to it.

Yes, that’s true – it’s not too hard to break through the white lines, bounce your rocket off the black lines, and not at all cross the red lines. But doing that as long as possible, beating your high score, and accumulating more diamonds can be quite challenging, and it could also be quite frustrating if you keep trying to beat that score to no avail. So what’s to do if you need help breaking your high score and earning more diamonds? Just read on, as we’ve got just what you need – a list of Break Liner tips and hints.

1. The Basics Of The Game

As we mentioned above, your objective is to break through the white lines (hence the title of the game), avoid hitting the red lines, and, if you see black lines, to bounce off of them. It won’t be too hard at first, as you won’t see too many red lines to avoid. But once you hit a black line, that line will turn red as you bounce off. And once you hit any kind of line that’s currently red at that time, your run will end instantly. Each white line you crash earns you one point as you seek to score enough points to make it to the following level.

2. How To Respond To The Other Types Of Lines

There are more than just singular white, black, and red lines in this game. A double white line with a black line in between can be smashed through, thus earning you two points in the process. A yellow line will earn you one diamond once you crash into it. But beware the glowing white line, as going through it will speed things up in the game.

3. Watch Ads To Get More Diamonds

It may sound hard to collect diamonds simply by playing the game, as you won’t always see those yellow lines appear. But if you see the opportunity to watch an ad video, go take that opportunity, as you’re going to earn a good 20 diamonds per video you watch. This chance wouldn’t always be available, so if you want to farm for diamonds, you can lose games as quickly as possible to force the game to display the videos more often. Take note that ad video opportunities knock completely at random – you may get them after a run where you made the next level, or a run where you weren’t able to get further than the first.

4. Which Orientation Is Better?

The game allows you to play in portrait mode or in landscape mode, with portrait being the default mode. You can see how well you do playing in landscape, though we’ve noticed it really isn’t anything to be excited about. Still, we recommend trying both orientations to see what works for you the best; simply watch an ad and switch your phone sideways before closing the ad so you can orient your next game in landscape mode.

5. Playing Without Ads

Your mileage may vary with the ads – you may be able to play well with the ads turned on, or you may find them a huge distraction. If you fall under the latter group, you can switch your phone to airplane mode or turn off your Wi-Fi so that those ads don’t appear randomly in the game and throw you off your rhythm. This might help you score higher if the ads aren’t to your liking, though the disadvantage of playing offline is that you don’t get any chance to watch ad videos.

6. How To Buy New Ships

Once you’ve got at least 200 diamonds, you can head to the in-app store to buy a new rocket ship. All of those ships cost 200 diamonds each, and as you may expect from a Ketchapp game, the only changes are aesthetic. They won’t change gameplay, and they won’t even change the backgrounds. They’ll even be the same size as each other, though some ships may initially appear to be smaller or larger than they really are. But they’re nice to collect, and they’re the only thing you can spend your diamonds on.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Break Liner is concerned. If you happen to know more hints for the game, let us know below in the comment section!