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Bouncy Bits Cheats: 6 Excellent Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

According to game developer Playside, its new game Bouncy Bits is the “hardest game in the universe,” the hardest “since that bird that flapped.” It’s an endless bouncer game, so to say, where you can unlock up to 70-plus Bits and play in five environments. While Playside doesn’t say much in terms of the game’s actual description, it makes no bones about how hard the game is, mentioning that at least twice on the descriptive blurb. Sounds intimidating already? Well, it doesn’t have to be, as we’ve collected a couple of Bouncy Bits cheats, tips and tricks to help you get a high score.

1. Timing Is Everything

When you tap on the screen, that allows your character to go down. This makes it very, very important to make sure your timing is right. Being off-timing will result in your character landing on top of the very obstacle you were trying to avoid. If not, you’ll likely be hitting the obstacle nonetheless. It takes a lot of practice, but developing expert timing in Bouncy Bits will serve you well regardless of where you are in the game.

2. Bounce Low Underneath High / Floating Obstacles

One bonus tip you can remember is to always bounce low when you’re trying to avoid obstacles that are either high and/or floating. It’s all about common sense here.

3. Keep On Playing Over And Over To Collect More Coins

The farther you go in Bouncy Bits, the more coins you can earn. The more coins you earn, the more Bits you can unlock. This is where playing and replaying the game can come into play – in the world of mobile gaming, this technique is better known as “grinding.”

4. Know The Value Of Bit Boxes

Common Bit Boxes, as you may expect, are equivalent to the least coins – only 50. A Rare Bit Box will get you a hundred coins even, while an Epic Bit Box is worth a whopping 500 coins. So how do you know which Bit Box is common, rare, or epic? Unfortunately, there’s no way – it’s all random.

5. All Characters Perform In The Same Way

You can call this a hallmark of casual games like Bouncy Bits. Yes, you can collect up to 70-plus different Bit Boxes, but the thing here is that the only difference is in terms of their appearance. This isn’t like your average RPG or strategy game, where different characters have different attributes. Regardless of which Bits you’re using, they all perform the same. Rare and Epic Bits have fancier trails behind them, but that’s about it.

6. Play The Game Without Ads

Of course, we know about ads and how they can be distractions to most players. Then again, those ads help the developer earn, so you want to leave your cellular or Wi-Fi connection on when playing at times. But you can always turn them off by playing offline or switching your phone to airplane mode, for the least distractions possible.