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Boom Beach Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

In 2014, Boom Beach arrived and immediately became a hit among Android and iOS gamers alike. Made by Supercell, the same company that brought us Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is a combat strategy game that pits your forces against the Blackguard, which serves as the game’s resident bad guys. You’ll get to travel to beautiful paradise islands currently occupied by the enemy forces, while freeing islanders and exploring more and more with each level. While you may undoubtedly be familiar with the game due to its popularity and the fact it’s been around for months, we’ll be touching on Boom Beach tips for beginners, before moving on to the second part and dealing with more advanced tips.

1. Prioritize Wood Production

Wood production should be placed at a premium from the very start of the game. You’ll need a lot of wood to construct and upgrade your structures, and to get more wood, you’ll have to upgrade the Sawmill and do so often. You’ll also need to clear your share of trees to give yourself more wood, as well as get wood by attacking more islands. However, you should also keep your wood reserves reasonably low, so as to avoid losing wood when the enemy attacks.

2. Scout Your Enemy Carefully

Whenever your enemy attacks, you should be paying attention to how they do it. Look for a weakness in the Blackguard forces, and take advantage of those weaknesses, while also being wary of their strengths. And in relation to this, always be sure your command center is well-protected, ideally with mines or other buildings around it.

3. Start A Battle By Using The Gunboat

When you start a battle, you’ll have a chance to use a Gunboat, and we advise you to take that chance right away – use it to clear mines or simply to attack your enemy’s defenses, but not your enemy’s buildings.

4. Build The Perfect Base

Different Boom Beach tips listings will give you different pieces of advice when it comes to building the ideal base in the game, but we advise keeping your base protected by trees, with your base right in the middle and one side left open. Fill the open side with mines, in order to thwart your enemies as they arrive, and you’ll have a base that’s got ample protection, as well as a trap on one side.

5. Place Your Mines Carefully

Aside from setting up a trap for enemies by using the above strategies, there are other things to remember when setting up mines. You should place them far enough from your structures, which would typically result in enemies walking over them and getting killed in the process. And if you set up your base with more than one opening, be sure that you’ve got mines protecting all those entrances. As the Blackguard makes use of flares when directing troops, they could potentially go for the “safe” entrance and avoid the one with mines nearby – computer AI can be smart like that, so look out.