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Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Mobile gaming giant DeNA has released a new RPG in the form of Blood Gate – Age of Alchemy, an iOS and Android title where you’ll be “facing the darkness” in a unique world dominated by gore, magic, and madness. This is a puzzle RPG that combines elements of real-time combat and Match 3 based puzzles, and it comes with a total of 60 “levels of horror” where you can kill monsters, demons, and Plague Fiends. There are over 900 treasures to loot, three hero classes to customize (Warrior, Warlock, Fiend Stalker), and the option to team up with friends to raid some dungeons.

This isn’t the only game out there that combines the all-too-popular genres of Match 3 and RPG, but you may need some help learning the game if you’re just starting out. Which is why we’ve got this Blood Gate – Age of Alchemy cheats and strategy guide for you to refer to.

1. Speed Kills

Match 3 gaming typically does not have any time limits – you can take your sweet time to make sure you’re making the right moves. But the Match 3 mechanic in Blood Gate is decidedly different, because it’s all about speed, not about using the least number of moves. You want to make your attacks as fast as possible so you can launch as many of them as possible before getting hit.

2. Match From The Top To The Bottom

Another rather unusual element here is the fact that you have to make matches from the top to the bottom to make the most out of things. This way, you won’t get in the way of any combos closer to the bottom.

3. Spells Can Turn The Tide

Your spells could be the game-changing element needed for you to win a difficult battle. Unlock points should be used prudently, and you should always be on the lookout for a chance to use a spell in battle. If the color is filled up, you’re free to tap on that button and cast one of those potentially powerful and game-changing spells.

4. Get Emeralds The Easy Way

Emeralds are Blood Gate’s premium currency and are mainly used for buying chests, and gold is the standard currency you’ll be using in most purchases. We suggest shoring up your weakest spot with a chest, say, a weapons chest if your equipment really isn’t up to par. The easiest way to get emeralds is to connect your game to Facebook – that’s going to get you ten gems free of charge.

5. Replay Completed Stages

If you need to earn more coins, you can replay any one of the stages you already completed. This is what’s known in gaming parlance as “grinding,” and it’s a nice and easy way to get some gold pronto, with less effort than usual. But you can also go to the Elite version of those previous levels if you’re confident you could beat it. Of course, it’s going to be extremely tough to win an Elite level, but the rewards will be much better – a fair enough tradeoff.